Torrey DeVitto (Meredith) Dishes on Season Five of The Vampire Diaries

Fans of TVD’s sexy medical practitioner Meredith will be happy to learn that Season Five will see more of her as the show plays out Elena’s introduction to life as a vampire. Looking mighty glam, Torrey DeVitto shares that scripts for the new season are pointing Meredith in interesting new directions. Might those new storylines include a dalliance with a vamp? Stefan, perhaps? It would be cool to see Torrey play opposite real-life hubby Paul Wesley but I’m guessing producers are going to be busy focusing on the Elena-Stefan-Damon triangle now more than ever. Can’t wait until October 11!

The Vampire Diaries Season Four Premiere is Set for October 11

Stefan, Elena and Damon will be adjusting to Elena’s new life as a vampire in the new season of The Vampire Diaries, which starts October 11.

Hey TVD fans, mark your calendars for Thursday, October 11 to greet our Mystic Falls favorites when they return from their summer break.  The CW has announced its fall season premiere dates and we’re going to have to wait a while longer than usual but I’m sure it will be well worth the wait!  Here’s the scoop on The CW’s new lineup start dates….

The CW Network will strategically roll-out its 2012-13 season this October with the premieres of three new series, returning favorites on new nights and one final season of Upper East Side drama.

Rachel Bilson returns to Bluebell, Alabama as Dr. Zoë Hart in the second season premiere of HART OF DIXIE on Tuesday, October 2 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET).

The CW’s newly revamped Wednesday kicks off on October 3 with The Winchester boys and the season premiere of SUPERNATURAL (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET).

On Monday, October 8, the most famous zip code in America, 90210 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET), returns with a brand new season, followed by the final season of OMFG drama on GOSSIP GIRL (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET).

On Wednesday, October 10, The CW presents one of the most anticipated shows of the season, ARROW (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET), starring Stephen Amell as the popular DC Comics character.

On Thursdays, The CW’s top-rated series, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, returns for another season of bloody-good drama on October 11 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET), followed by the romantic new series BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET), starring Kristin Kreuk as a homicide detective and Jay Ryan as a doctor with a very dark side.

On Tuesday, October 16, new drama EMILY OWENS, M.D., starring Mamie Gummer as a surgical intern who discovers, much to her dismay, that working in a hospital feels an awful lot like high school, takes up residency in the 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET. timeslot.

Maggie Q returns to action as NIKITA, Friday, October 19 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) following AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL: COLLEGE EDITION, which premieres on August 24, as previously announced.


The Vampire Diaries stars party at The CW’s Upfront presentation.


Pictured (l-r): Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan (“BEAUTY AND THE BEAST”), Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW, Jensen Ackles (“SUPERNATURAL”), Torrey DeVitto and Paul Wesley (“THE VAMPIRE DIARIES”) at The CW Upfront Party.

The Vampire Diaries may have closed up shop for the summer but its stars are out and about, thankfully. Our favorite vampire brothers showed up at The CW’s upfront presentation of next season’s slate of shows (which of course includes TVD). Ian and Paul looked adorable as always. Paul squired his beautiful wife Torrie, who plays Dr. Meredith Fell, and Ian posed with fellow CW hunk Scott Porter, who stars in “Hart of Dixie.” As a Melrose Place fan, I’m glad to report that two of the reboot’s former stars, Katie Cassidy and Jessica Lucas, are returning to the CW schedule in “Arrow” and “Cult,” respectively. The two beauties enjoyed a photo op with hunky “Arrow” star Stephen Amell. Enjoy the pics!

Ian Somerhalder (“THE VAMPIRE DIARIES”) and Scott Porter (“HART OF DIXIE”) at The CW Upfront Party.

Katie Cassidy and Stephen Amell (“ARROW”) and Jessica Lucas (“CULT”) at The CW Upfront Party.

All photos courtesy of The CW Network, LLC.

The Vampire Diaries May 10 Season Finale: Is Elena now a vampire?

Will Matt Davis return to The Vampire Diaries next season?

As the saying goes, OMG! The producers of TVD promised fans a boffo season three ender and boy, did they deliver! You needed a scorecard to keep track of who died, who survived and who took over whose body as the Mystic Falls gang tried to outmaneuver Bad Ric in his hunt to end the Originals bloodline by destroying Klaus. Elena was at the heart of the episode more than ever as she veered between the present danger of Ric and dreams that flashed back to her “normal” life before meeting the Salvatore brothers. TVD fans got to see Sara Canning looking pretty as ever as Aunt Jenna and we finally got a glimpse of Elena’s parents. TVD’s writers brought Elena full circle in more ways than one as the pressure of deciding between Stefan and Damon caused her to retreat into her subconscious need to have her mom around. Matt remembers the good old days and gives her some solace as he and Stefan watch over her while Damon races to hide Klaus’s body from Bad Ric, who stays one step ahead of them all. Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes warn Tyler and Caroline that Ric outed them to the Town Council and they need to skip town. Ric next confronts Meredith at the hospital and tells her he is reporting her misuse of vamp blood. He tells Jeremy he should reveal the whereabouts of Klaus’s body in order to keep Elena away from vampires once and for all. Jeremy lures him into a trap hatched by the gang, which includes a newly arrived Elijah. That guy keeps showing up like a bad penny and it’s hard to figure out whose side he’s on. When Damon and Bonnie find Klaus’s coffin, Bonnie gets some alone time with the Klauster, supposedly to enjoy his predicament, but we know that she’s up to something. Ric tracks down Damon and starts looking for the coffin. When Damon and Rebekah try to escape with it, he tosses them aside and drives the enchanted stake deep into Klaus’s heart! Damon tells Becky to run and distracts Ric. As news spreads of the Klauster’s apparent demise, all the vamps in Mystic Falls check themselves to see if they’re going to drop dead next. The only one who seems to be in real danger, however, is poor Tyler, who forces Caroline to flee while he undergoes another painful werewolf transformation that may be his last now that his maker is dead.

We finally got to see Elena’s beautiful mother in flashbacks.

Elena confides in Matt that Stefan helped her regain the will to live after her parents died during her sophomore year. Matt decides to drive her straight out of town but she gets a call from Damon and she reminds him she met Stefan first and despite her feelings for Damon it’s him that she feels she should be with. Another flashback reveals that it was actually Damon she met first and he compelled her to forget their meeting. Elena tells Matt to return to Mystic Falls but they’re run off the road and into a lake by Rebekah standing in the middle of the road. The lake is the same one where Elena’s parents died and Elena flashes back and forth between her two brushes with aquatic death. As before, Stefan shows up to rescue her but she insists that he save Matt first while she seems to succumb to a watery grave!  Alaric, who’s beating Damon to a pulp, doubles over in pain just as Elena is drowning. Bonnie reveals that Tyler is actually Klaus, whose soul she deposited in the young werewolf’s body before Ric staked his real one. This would explain why the vamps aren’t dropping like flies. Klaus may be alive, but as Jeremy discovers, Alaric isn’t. Since Ric and Elena were bound in life by Esther, they’re bound in death as well. Don’t cry for Elena just yet, though. We learn that Meredith had treated her for a brain hemorrhage with — you guessed it — vampire blood. Elena suddenly awakens. Is she a vampire now? Will she remember that she met Damon before Stefan and will it matter? Are Tyler and Matt dead? And where the hell is Katherine? Tune in next fall when The Vampire Diaries returns for season four. Night Bites is taking a break for the summer. See you all then!

The Vampire Diaries April 26 Episode Recap: Alaric’s Fate is Revealed!

Elena gave Stefan a chance to catch up to Damon in the race for her heart.

The annual decades dance at Mystic Falls High School is the backdrop for the death of a longtime TVD friend and the birth of a creature that makes Klaus look like a lightweight in the newest episode of The Vampire Diaries “Do Not Go Gentle.” Esther reveals to Bad Ric her plan to turn him into a super vampire whose mission will be to destroy the Originals with the remaining stake, which she makes indestructible by enchanting the melted metal of Ric’s protection ring. She reclaims her body by having Ric dagger Rebekah’s, reversing the body-swap spell. Poor Becky’s gonna have even bigger mommy issues after this latest indignity. The only thing Esther needs to complete Ric’s transformation now is Elena’s blood so you know she’s going to be making an appearance at the dance. Caroline teases Elena about her makeout session with Daman during their roadtrip and convinces her to invite Stefan to the Roaring 20s dance since it should be his turn to romance Elena.

Klaus has bigger problems than Tyler now that Alaric's a super vampire-killing vampire.

Caroline may be firmly in Team Stelena’s camp, but she’s got her own love triangle to worry about. Tyler shows up at the dance decked out like a gangster and he and his blonde flapper make a cute couple on the dance floor, until Klaus cuts in and makes another play for Caroline’s heart. Hurt by her rejection, Klaus swears to her that she will never be satisfied with a small-town life with Tyler when she could have the world by his side. Caroline keeps mum about the fact that Klaus’s sire bond with Tyler has been broken to protect Tyler, but the look on her face reveals that Klaus may not be so off base in his statements as she would hope. Damon discovers that Ric hasn’t been taking the magical meds that Bonnie whipped up to keep his alter ego in check and alerts Dr. Fell. He clues in Stefan and Elena and suggests they kill Bad Ric to put Alaric out of his misery. Jeremy won’t stand for it. Esther shows up at the dance and whisks Elena away to “save” Ric, but the Salvatore brothers are unable to cross a line of salt that Esther has placed around the school to keep the vampires captive inside while she cooks up her latest dish of revenge. Elena refuses to contribute her blood for Esther’s cauldron so Esther just waves her hand and takes it. Bad Ric gulps down the concoction despite Elena’s pleas not to do it and Esther stabs him to initiate his vampire transition. Back at the high school, Klaus threatens Jamie in order to force Bonnie to break Esther’s binding spell but Esther’s power is peaking and the Bonster can’t weaken her resistance. Jeremy and Matt, meanwhile, surprise Esther armed with a rifle and crossbow but the powerful sorceress takes control of them. Just as she’s about to force them to kill each other, a rescusitated Ric stabs Esther from behind, releasing the vamps from Mystic Falls High. Klaus takes his treacherous mother’s body while the gang gathers to bid farewell to their noble friend Alaric, who has decided not to complete the vampire transition and die a dignified death as a mortal. Jeremy and Elena are heartbroken as is Bonnie, who is comforted by Jamie. Meredith gives Ric sedatives to ease his pain while Damon maintains vigil, giving his unlikely pal a last drink of booze in his final moments. But just as it appears that Alaric will go peacefully into the night, Esther’s spirit (who just won’t quit) summons Bonnie to go to him and feed him her blood, instantly completing his dreaded transformation into a bloodsucking, super-Original vampire hunter! Or something like that.

The Vampire Diaries May 3 Episode Preview: Before Sunset


Will Klaus succeed in skipping town with Elena?

It looks like the May 3 episode of The Vampire Diaries will have its share of OMG moments, as usual. The stakes are high for the Klauster as he plots to skip town with his favorite doppelganger, Elena, but an unexpected enemy offers resistance to the hybrid. Abby shows up to help Bonnie cast a super spell that requires Jeremy’s help, too. Could it involve reaching out to dead people? It sure looks like a major smackdown will take place judging from these pics. Also, Stefan and Damon have a major heart to heart about the future.

Bonnie looks great in her 30s get up.

How will Jeremy's gift figure in Bonnie's latest plans to protect Elena from Klaus?

Klaus and Stefan will face off yet again.

It looks like an all-out war will erupt.


The Vampire Diaries April 26 Sneak Peek video!

Alaric is gonna continue to get more screen time next week (Yay!) as this sneak peek footage from The CW shows. Looks like Ric is planning some time out of town after his run-in with Esther-as-Rebekah in the cave. Damon has a bad feeling about Alaric’s plan. I do, too. Is it really Bad Ric pretending to be Good Ric to lure Damon into a trap? Tune in next week, TVD fans!

The Vampire Diaries April 19 recap: Heart of Darkness


April 19 – Several characters from the past made return appearances, a new allegiance was forged and Damon made some serious progress in his bid to win over Elena’s heart in the latest episode of TVD, “Heart of Darkness.” The Salvatores and Elena decide they need to get to Jeremy in Denver before Klaus now that Klaus has discovered his whereabouts. Stefan suggests that Elena and Damon will hit the road alone while he stays home to watch over Alaric and wait until his evil alter ego reemerges with the secret to the location of the dagger that can kill Klaus. Stefan thinks Elena needs some time alone to assess her feelings for his brother. Bad idea! When Damon and Elena find a studly Jeremy at a batting range, they explain to him that they need to trace the lineage of each Original vampire since killing an Original will destroy all the vamps he or she sired. Getting in touch with Rose, through Jeremy’s gift, is their next step. Naturally, danger follows Jeremy wherever he goes and a friend he’s expecting turns out to be Kol, who’s thirsting for a rematch with Damon. Damon manages to outmaneuver Kol and the three hide out at a local motel. Jeremy manages to conjure the spirit of Rose in her cute little shag haircut and she reveals that her sire was not Klaus but a woman named Mary Foster, whom Damon refers to as “Crazy Mary.” She also clues Jeremy in on the developing bond between his sister and Damon. Elena is touched to learn how Damon compelled the dying Rose to imagine herself spending a final day in the sun as a human rather than feel the pain of her impending death. Elena realizes that, although well hidden, Damon still has his humanity. This is very bad for Stefan, folks. We all know there’s nothing sexier than finding the soft side of a bad boy vampire. That night, a vigilant Damon watches over Elena, shirtless of course as his chiseled body shines in the moonlight. Damon is uncomfortable when Elena brings up his good deed for Rose, but reaches out to her, sensing that it’s brought them closer. Although torn, Elena can no longer fight her attraction to Damon and the two melt into a steamy embrace as they devour each other in passionate kisses! This ain’t no chaste “Twilight” scene, folks. Team Delena cheers. Team Stelena hisses. Our collective screams are interrupted by Jeremy, of course, with the news that Mary Foster is living in Kansas. When the trio arrive at her home, they discover it’s more like she’s dead in Kansas, staked by Kol, who beats Damon up but inexplicably doesn’t kill him. Afterward, Damon senses Elena pull away from his caress and discovers that she expects him to do something to ruin their new bond. Realizing their trip was a test of her feelings, Damon’s disappointed, hurt and tells her he won’t make it easy for her to choose Stefan over him. The choice between the Salvatores is one she will need to make on her own. As the trio head back home, Damon and Elena stew in uncomfortable silence while Jeremy gets another visit from Rose, who explains to him that Damon deserves his chance to win Elena because he challenges her in ways Stefan does not. Image

Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Rebekah clash over competing ’70s and ’30s themes for the upcoming decades dance (another excuse to put the cast in cute costumes I’m sure) and Matt sides with Becky.  What the Beckster doesn’t realize is that Matt and Caroline set up the argument to distract her while Caroline sets out to meet a returning Tyler.  When Matt drops Becky off at her home, she discovers her mom Esther there. Mother and daughter have a tense confrontation that ends with Esther collapsing. Klaus arrives and Becky tells him their mother is dead. Is she really? Tyler, randy as ever, has a vigorous naked reunion with his voluptuous vamp but is disturbed to learn that his life is on the line if his sire Klaus is offed. He’s even more upset to discover that Klaus is putting the moves on his gal and Caroline may not be totally immune to his attentions.  Alaric goads Stefan into beating the crap out of him to set loose his dark side and indeed, Bad Ric emerges and tells him that the stake with Klaus’ name on it is in the cave where vamps can’t enter. Trouble is that Klaus and Rebekah are in the living room and know it, too! Rebekah takes Bad Ric down to the cave to retrieve the dagger while Klaus and Stefan have a little chat. Klaus plays it all big and evil, trotting out the usual threats against Stefan and all those he holds dear, but Stefan sees right through his theatrics. He knows Klaus doesn’t really want to kill him and Klaus counters that it’s only a matter of time before The Ripper returns to his side. In the cave, Bad Ric decides he doesn’t want to return the dagger to his captors, but Becky does him one better by stepping into the cave! She’s actually Esther inhabiting Rebekah’s body and she wants to team up with Bad Ric to get rid of the Originals once and for all!

The Vampire Diaries April 19 Episode Sneak Peek Video: Elena & Alaric chat.

Howdy. It’s been ages since I’ve posted and, well, it’s been ages since we’ve had a fresh episode of TVD to get excited about. I practically forgot where we left off. Just kidding. The focus lately has been on poor Alaric’s split personality and this preview scene from The CW shows Elena having a heart-to-heart with Ric about her impending road trip to Denver with Damon to get Jeremy before Klaus can get to him. It seems Stefan suggested the trip as a way for Elena to work through her feelings for Damon. Hmm, now let me see. Elena alone on the road with red-hot Damon Salvatore’s smokin’ bod, irresistible smirk and sexy eyebrows on a long trip across the country? How might they pass the time? Bad idea, Stefan! Don’t miss the first of the final four episodes of the season tomorrow night!

The Vampire Diaries March 22 Episode Recap: Damon finds wood from the Original Tree!

Will Sage's betrayal of Damon cost her the love of her undead life?

March 22 – Damon plays cat and mouse with Sage and Rebekah in a kinky triangle that leads to a series of doublecrosses. Alaric, meanwhile, wrestles with his major Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex, putting his loved ones in great peril. Meredith submits Ric to an MRI to determine if there’s a physical cause of his murderous episodes and during the procedure his dark side proves a tricky one as it takes over discreetly, waiting just below the surface to pounce on his next victim. While Ric’s normal half is seemingly in control, he asks Elena to find his wedding band to use as a device for Bonnie’s enchantment to control his murderous alter ego.  Bonnie is having trouble supporting Abby as she transitions into being a vampire, even with Caroline’s help. Abby can no longer feel the bond witches have with nature and walks around like a husk of her former self. When Caroline brings Jamie around to see her, Abby’s vampire urge kicks in while they embrace and she bites him! Abby explains to Bonnie that the many deaths and resuscitations Alaric has endured have chipped away at this psyche, allowing the same psychotic rage that doomed Elena’s ancestor Samantha Gilbert in 1912 take hold of him. Although she’s proven helpful to her daughter, Abby is disgusted by her new undead life and leaves town despite Caroline’s pleas to stay for Bonnie’s sake. Alaric gives Elena all his personal financial information in case the latest efforts to save him from his killer personality end in tragedy. Elena is alarmed to remember that Ric gave one of his protection rings to Jeremy. Is her baby brother at risk of developing a killer personality to match his killer good looks? Stefan, still awkward around Elena after she saw him feed uncontrollably on an innocent girl, helps her piece together the mystery of her ancestor’s fate. Turns out Samantha killed herself in the loony bin and victims of the curse of the protection ring don’t necessarily stop having deadly blackouts because they took it off. Cue Alaric’s latest shift to the dark side, folks.

It turns out that Dr. Fell is a good gal after all. Or is she?

As Meredith fixes some coffee, Ric confronts her about being a Mystic Falls council member, the organization whose founding families he has targeted in his killing spree for failing to protect the town’s citizens from vampires! Meredith successfully evades Alaric’s lunges and locks herself in the bathroom, but notices a gash he inflicted on her just before she got away. When Elena drops by, Ric attacks her as well but is overpowered by Stefan, who controls his bloodlust and saves Meredith from bleeding to death. When he comes to, Damon tells him they’re going to send him to detox from his experience under the treatment of an enchanted remedy Bonnie prepared to keep his alter ego in check. Time will tell if her spell proves strong enough. Damon has been keeping busy with a new project: tracking down the remaining wood from the ancient oak tree that was the source of power to kill the Original vampires. He suspects that Rebekah is hot on the wood’s trail and raises an eyebrow when he spots the bloodthristy blonde bombshell at a ceremony commemorating the restoration of historic Wickery Bridge. Does every spot in Mystic Falls have historical significance? Damon spots a contemporary Sage snooping about, too. After the two she-vamps have a bitchy confrontation, Damon learns that Sage is in town to track down her beloved maker, Finn. She convinces Damon to work his charms on Becky and exploit her feminine weakness to learn her secrets. This leads to a booze-fueled encounter in which Damon and Becky hit the sheets again. While Rebekah snoozes in the afterglow, Sage plays mindreader and discovers her plans to find the wood from the Original tree and dispose of it before the good guys can use it to kill Klaus and his siblings. Sage shares this information with Damon — naked in the shower, of course — but sneaks out on him with Rebekah, determined to prevent him from using the wood to end her precious Finn. Sage knows that the Originals are bound by their mother’s witchcraft and cannot let Damon act against any of them. Damon is peeved to find Rebekah enjoying a bonfire from the wood in Wickery Bridge. He can’t hurt Sage for her betrayal — she’s much older than him — but promises to start with Finn when he finds a way to destroy the Originals once and for all! As the residents of Mystic Falls close out another fun-filled day, Elena calls Jeremy to check up on him. He’s still cute as can be whether or not he’s a raging psycho hunk. Bonnie finds it in her heart to forgive Elena and a smirking Damon shows Stefan a sign he salvaged from Wickery Bridge with just enough wood to create a set of deadly stakes meant for each of the Original siblings. Time to throw down, folks!

Photos courtesy The CW Network, LLC.

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