The Salvatores set a trap for Katherine and there’s a new werewolf in town on The Vampire Diaires.


Have we really seen the last of Katherine? Don't bet on it!

Murder at the Masquerade Ball!

October 28 – Unbeknownst to Elena, half the population of Mystic Falls has banded together in a grand scheme to end Katherine’s reign of terror by killing her at the Lockwood family’s annual Masquerade Ball benefit for the homeless. Katherine, of course, has a crafty plan of her own and it involves a hot witch named Lucy who looks like Eva Mendes. Lucy owes Kat a big favor and her magic powers would come in handy during the confrontation she expects after she corners Caroline and orders her to tell the Salvatores to turn the coveted moonstone over to her. Lucy asks whether Katherine hopes to use it to reverse “the curse.” What curse could she be referring to? Matt, the ticking time bomb under Katherine’s influence, helps Alaric, Jeremy and Elena bring Jenna home to recover after stabbing herself on a vengeful Kat’s orders. Jeremy heads to the ball to join the Salvatores, Caroline and Bonnie put their plan into action. Those annoying drunk girls who partied with Tyler and Jeremy a few weeks back, nearly activating Tyler’s werewolf curse, are both at the ball and will play pivotal roles in the night’s events. Hint, hint. Drunk girl #1, well, to be fair she’s not so drunk this time, provides Katherine a convenient murder victim to prove to Stefan – right on the dance floor — that she means business! Upstairs, Jeremy helps Bonnie set up a room where she casts a spell that will figure in the team’s plot against Katherine and the two slowly begin to bond. Bonnie starts to notice that Jeremy is growing up nicely.

Will Bonnie and Jeremy become a new couple?

Next, Caroline plays bait for Katherine and tricks her into entering the bewitched room. Suddenly Kat cannot exit the room and the Salvatore brothers jump into action armed with wooden stakes. Although Damon succeeds in stabbing Katherine, Elena, who had arrived on the scene to stop Jeremy from getting further involved in the battle against Kat, starts to feel Katherine’s pain and bleeds from the wounds the Salvatores inflict on their malevolent maker. Bonnie realizes that Elena’s been linked magically to Kat and sends Jeremy to stop the Salvatores. A smug Katherine taunts Damon and Stefan who are helpless to retaliate against her lest they hurt their beloved Elena. Hmm, I sounded like Katherine in that sentence. I promise I’m not taking sides; Now back to the recap. Downstairs, Caroline puts a stop to Katherine’s plot involving Matt by punching him unconscious before he nearly provokes Tyler into attacking him. Unfortunately, Katherine had a sleeper agent in Drunk Girl #2, who stabs Tyler and dies from a blow to the head after Tyler shoves her away. Sure enough, Tyler immediately gets those spooky, glowing wolf eyes. Ironically, Drunk Girl #2 was the same one who nearly activated his curse when she fell down the stairs at his house. Caroline confides in Tyler that she knows his secret. Will the werewolf pup and baby vampire grow closer through their similar circumstances?  Bonnie confronts Lucy about the spell that bound Kat and Elena and they team up to turn the tables on an unsuspecting Katherine by removing Lucy’s spell and hexing the moonstone so that it immobilizes her.  It turns out that Lucy is Bonnie’s cousin and a nice witch after all. Before leaving, she tells Bonnie to accept her responsibility to help fight evil in Mystic Falls with her awesome powers. I hope we see Lucy again. She’s cool. Jeremy gives Bonnie a ride home. Are they Mystic Falls’ newest twosome? Elena’s not ready to pick things up again with Stefan despite Katherine’s defeat. Kat wakes up as Damon seals her in the vampire tomb she had avoided centuries ago. She pleads with him, warning him that Elena is in danger and she can help the Salvatores keep her safe, to no avail. Next thing you know, Elena is kidnapped by a masked man on her way home!

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New behind-the-scenes shots from The Vampire Diaries masquerade ball episode!

The CW has released some fun behind-the-scenes pictures from tomorrow’s big masquerade ball episode and they look juicy!  Everyone is looking tres chic in formal disguises. Nina Dobrev looks a bit like Catwoman in her get up. They don’t call her Kat for nothing! There are a few plot twists to look for.  A very tall woman who supposedly knows Katherine arrives on the scene. TV Guide described her as a witch and from some of these shots it looks like she’s gonna lay some heavy stuff on Bonnie. As we know from last week’s cliff-hanger, Katherine is setting Matt up to be a victim for Tyler’s easily provoked temper so that his werewolf curse kicks in. TV Guide reported that two characters will meet their maker in the episode so I’m wondering if Matt is one of them. He hasn’t been getting a lot of screen time lately since Caroline became a vampire and broke up with him for his own good, so maybe the producers are getting us used to living without him. That would be a pity.  I like his chemistry with Caroline. Stay tuned, folks!

Nina Dobrev gets help putting on her catlike mask.

A lighthearted moment for Paul Wesley. Dancing with beautiful Nina must be a pleasure!

Is the tall newcomer to Mystic Falls a friend or foe?

Is this Matt's swan song?

Katerina Graham and Steven R. McQueen look hot in formalwear.

The new witch on the block has a serious chat with Bonnie.

Damon kills Mason on The Vampire Diaries!

Damon freed Mason from his curse the hard way.

Mason Loses His Heart Over Katherine

October 21 – Nina Dobrev gets a workout in the opening moments of this episode doing double duty as Elena and Katherine in concurrent love scenes with Stefan and Mason, respectively. Elena and Stefan are relishing their ruse on Katherine that they’re estranged while Mason keeps the whereabouts of the moonstone a secret from Kat. His affair with the villainous vamp is unmasked when he bumps into Bonnie at the setup site for the annual Mystic Falls masquerade ball. Is it my imagination or does nearly every other episode of The Vampire Diaries revolve around some annual festival? According to executive director Kevin Williamson in TV Guide, it’s because there’s nothing else to do in a small town like Mystic Falls plus such events are a good excuse to bring the entire cast together in one location – usually with disastrous results. Such is the fate of Mason, who is kidnapped by the Salvatore brothers with Bonnie’s mind-zapping help. Jeremy, still hoping to become part of the team working against Katherine, stops by to help out but doesn’t have the stomach for the savagery of Damon’s torture tactics on Mason to find out Katherine’s plans. Mason endures agonizing branding by Damon, who tires of the werewolf’s delusions that Kat loves him and rips out his heart. Stefan, meanwhile, tracks down the moonstone to a well on a tip from Bonnie and jumps into it, landing in a pool of vervain Mason set up to keep the stone out of Katherine’s hands. Luckily for him Bonnie shows up with Caroline and they lower Elena into the well to get him out. Elena gives Stefan more of her blood to save his life. Sheriff Forbes is proud of Caroline’s newfound strength and maturity, but her daughter compels her to forget she’s a vampire nevertheless. When Stefan finds Damon cleaning up after offing Mason he pleads with his smug brother not to taunt Katherine to no avail. Kat retaliates by compelling Jenna, who had been spying on Elena and Stefan for her, into stabbing herself to prove how vulnerable Elena’s loved ones are. The act succeeds in breaking up a heartbroken Elena and Stefan (kudos to Paul Wesley for some fine acting in the scene. He can do a lower-lip tremble like few others). Katherine’s not finished, however. Outraged at losing her werewolf henchman, she plots to replace him by activating Tyler’s lupine curse using her latest puppet — Matt!

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The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: War at the Masquerade Ball!

It’s gonna be a knockdown, drag-out fight on the Masquerade Ball episode of The Vampire Diaries this week with lots of fang-baring, hissing and body-tossing going on.  Jeremy is getting further into his new role as the wannabe vampire slayer tagging along with the Salvatore brothers and Elena as they try to put a stop to Katherine’s reign of terror. Katherine, of course, is always up for a good fight and enlists the aid of a friend named Lucy (played by guest star Natashia Williams). I wonder if Lucy is a vamp, too? It looks like Katherine plans to activate Tyler’s werewolf curse by compelling Matt into becoming his first victim. Can Caroline step in to save the day again? Check out the sneak peek below. I love the Lady Gaga “Show Me Your Teeth” soundtrack. Very clever.

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The Vampire Diaries gets the cover of TV Guide.

Make sure to pick up this week’s issue of TV Guide. As a nod to Halloween, our favorite Mystic Falls love triangle Stefan, Elena and Damon are featured on the cover to promote the masquerade ball episode on October 28.  I wonder if anyone is dressing as them this weekend? They don’t look scary to me. More like frighteningly sexy! Sorry for the smudged scan, folks. I got really excited when I got it in the mail and did not handle it with care!

What will Bonnie discover about Mason on the October 21 episode of The Vampire Diaries?

Word from the CW has it that Katherine is setting her sights on a new victim in the October 21 episode.  My money’s on Jeremy, who joins Damon and Alaric’s plot to take on Katherine despite Elena’s efforts to keep him out of the line of fire.  Does that kid have a death wish? Oh yeah, that’s right. He does. Bonnie, meanwhile, gets some time in the spotlight when she discovers some new information about Mason and shares it with Damon. That’s a recipe for disaster if I ever saw one!  See the sneak preview pictures below and tune in on October 21.

Jeremy joins the fight against Katherine. Will he regret his decision?


Can Bonnie's discovery about Mason help Damon outsmart Katherine's attack wolf?

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Mason is working for Katherine on The Vampire Diaries!

October 7: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 

Caroline came through for Elena and the Salvatore brothers!

I’m so bummed to learn that Mason isn’t who he appeared to be after all. He had me fooled that he was one of the good guys! But I’ll get to tonight’s big reveal later in my post. First up, we learned that Caroline’s mom Sheriff Forbes definitely wouldn’t react positively to the news that her ditzy daughter is now a ditzy vampire. At least the reason Mama Forbes found out bodes well for Caroline’s character considering she’s been wavering on the line between good and evil ever since she vamped out. Well, as Stefan pointed out, getting vampirized heightens a person’s personality traits and Caroline was pretty self-centered to begin with. Her relationship with Matt brought Caroline outside her selfish cocoon and made her vulnerable to Katherine’s threats against him in last week’s episode. I was very proud of her for making the right decision to reveal herself to her mom in order to save the Salvatore brothers. OK, that’s my cue to get to the details. Knowing that Caroline was spying for Kat, Stefan and Elena pretended to be on the outs and staged a public spat.

Mason has fallen under Katherine's spell!

Mason, meanwhile, was intent on unmasking Damon to get him off his back. At Tyler’s behest, he explained how the Lockwood werewolf curse is activated when an affected family member causes the death of a person, whether intentionally or accidentally, as he had done in the past. Tyler, of course, has a near-miss involving a drunk girl falling down the stairs at his house later that day. He confronts Jeremy, who admits he knows about the Lockwood curse. Tyler confides in his frenemy that he’s keeping the moonstone from Mason because he doesn’t trust him. It turns out Tyler has good reason to be suspicious of his uncle. In his efforts to out Damon to Sheriff Forbes at a party to celebrate the opening of a new Mystic Falls park, Mason spikes the lemonade with vervain, which practically chokes an unsuspecting Damon. When the Salvatores corner Mason in a secluded area, they’re shot with wooden bullets by Sheriff Forbes and her deputies. When Damon won’t fess up to Liz about how they can walk in sunlight, she orders her deputies to stake him and Stefan, but Elena and Caroline stop them. Well, it’s more like Elena got captured and Caroline single-handedly saved the Salvatores by slaughtering the deputies who were just doing their jobs. Liz can barely look at her daughter’s blood-splattered face. Despite Liz’s bigotry, Damon decides to let her live and promises to erase her memory of finding out her daughter’s a vamp. Elena’s impressed. Stefan’s brush with death convinces him he needs to resume drinking human blood to man up and face the threat of Katherine. Elena’s disappointed in him, but changes her mind when Damon points out that it’s the only way to have a fair chance against the Kat. Like a certain telepathic waitress on another vamp show that shall remain nameless, Elena offers up her own blood to nourish her lover and it is quite a sexy scene. Ahem. Spooked by the accident with the girl, Tyler gives the moonstone to Mason, who in turn hands it over to his secret accomplice, Katherine! The wolf is in cahoots with the Kat. What a dog!

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