Damon confesses his love for Elena (sort of) on The Vampire Diaries

Elijah's the big, bad new vampire in Mystic Falls. He dresses well, too.


Damon is finding it harder to conceal his growing love for Elena.

November 4 – Where does the CW find all these gorgeous creatures? By creatures I mean young actors who look like they should be walking a runway. As if The Vampire Diaries didn’t already have enough pretty young things of the villainous and heroic variety, tonight’s episode introduces us to a brand new baddie who spells bad news for Elena. He’s tall, chiseled and has poufy hair that rivals that of the Salvatore brothers, and that’s quite a feat! The writers are delving deeper into the past of the Mystic Falls vampire lore with Katherine safely tucked away with the moonstone in the crypt (for now, anyway). The new crop of vamps include a pair named Rosemarie and Trevor who have been on the run from this hottie named Elijah for hundreds of years. Trevor had compelled the masked man who swiped Elena at the end of last week’s masquerade ball episode then killed him after he had delivered her. When Elena comes to in an abandoned house in a different town, she learns from Rosemarie that as Katherine’s doppelganger, she’s the key to breaking a curse that is bound by the moonstone everyone’s running around trying to get their hands on. I’m guessing it cures vampirism. The worst part is that Elena needs to be sacrificed in order for this curse to be broken. While Elena shivers in her boots waiting for this Elijah dude to show up, Bonnie joins forces with Jeremy and casts a tracing spell using a few drops of his blood to track Elena’s location on a map. Talk about blood ties! Damon and Stefan immediately embark on a road trip to rescue Elena during which they bond over their shared concern for her. Damon won’t admit his true feelings for Elena and Stefan shares that he’s been feeding on her blood to strengthen himself. “How romantic!,” says Damon with a jealous sneer. Back in Mystic Falls, Bonnie uses her magic to let Elena know the Salvatore brothers are on the way to rescue her, but the spell knocks her unconscious. Jeremy’s concerned over the toll her escalating use of magic is taking on her body but Bonnie makes him promise to keep her weakness a secret from everyone, especially Damon. Caroline, meanwhile, is keeping tabs on Tyler, who thinks she’s another werewolf. He learns differently during a scuffle with her in which she overpowers him and, composing herself after baring her fangs, tells him sweetly that she’s not like him. Still, their supernatural secrets form a powerful bond between them that promises to get tricky since Damon forbade Caroline to reveal their vampire identities to Tyler lest he take revenge against them for what Damon did to Mason. Time will tell where this twist leads. In any case, I like the chemistry between them although I’m sure Matt won’t. When Elijah shows up at the house, Trevor trembles while Rosemarie negotiates with him for their freedom in exchange for Elena. Elijah is intrigued and pardons Rosemarie but beheads Trevor. Always read the fine print in a vampire’s promise, folks! Just as Elijah tries to whisk Elena away the Salvatores show up and team up against the powerful ancient vamp in a well choreographed attack that succeeds in staking him. Damon gazes lovingly at Elena as she runs in his direction… right into Stefan’s waiting arms. After Elena is reunited with Jeremy and Bonnie, the Salvatores agree to maintain a truce in order to keep her safe from the bad vamps coming out of the woodwork to sacrifice her. Damon visits Elena and, in a heart-tugging scene sure to make Team Damon fans swoon, finally confesses he loves her only to wipe the memory from her mind with his tear-filled eyes before returning her vervain necklace. Stefan, meanwhile, gets a visit from Rosemarie who warns him vamps will continue hunting Elena to turn her over to an ominous-sounding guy called Klaus. Might he be the king of vampires, named after Klaus Kinski who played Count Dracula in the 1979 remake of the classic vampire film Nosferatu? For now the Salvatores and Elena have more pressing concerns; namely, Elijah, who isn’t quite as dead as everyone thinks!

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Will Rosemarie go after Stefan now that she's lost her companion Trevor?


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