The Vampire Diaries February 24 Recap: Isobel Returns!

Jonas' quest for vengeance took a terrible toll.

February 24 – It’s a night of death and destruction in Mystic Falls as The Vampire Diaries signs off for a five-week break until picking up dangling stories on April 7. I’m definitely not happy about going so long without a fresh dose of sexy vampire mayhem but at least they left us with a doozy of a cliffhanger. At Damon’s house, Katherine celebrates her release from the tomb by toying with the Salvatore brothers while pretending to be Elena, who is not pleased to discover that her twisted vampire twin is back in action. Katherine admits to Damon she knew that using the dagger against Elijah would kill him but was willing to sacrifice him instead of Stefan in order to get out of the tomb. The Salvatores are unnerved that Kat can impersonate her saintly doppelganger with such ease and determine that she’s more dangerous than ever. Before dealing with Katherine, however, the boys have to survive the night! Elijah’s warlock, Jonas, is determined to deliver Elena to Klaus in exchange for his daughter’s release and although Bonnie and Stefan offer to team up with him against the supervamp, he opts to revive Elijah instead and sends Luka to Damon’s house in astral form to remove the dagger from Elijah’s body. Luckily Katherine senses his presence and stops him. After a fierce struggle, Damon shows up and fries Luka to a crisp with a flamethrower.  A desperate Jonas returns Luka to his body but his magic is unable to revive his dead son!

Who knew Caroline could sing? She's amazing!

At Elena’s house it’s girls’ night to commiserate. Bonnie has no powers and is fretting over how to tell Elena she’s playing kissy face with her baby brother. Caroline feels guilty about not telling Matt she’s one of the undead. Elena is in mortal danger… as usual. Aunt Jenna arrives and joins the gals to vent about Alaric’s hesitance to share more details about the fate of his supposedly dead wife Isobel. She won’t have to worry about this much longer, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. To perk up the mood of their pity party, Caroline suggests they hit The Grill and listen to the new band Matt brought in to improve business. Things take a brief turn for the better there when Caroline wows the crowd – and Matt – by serenading him to show how much she loves him. Her gambit works big time and Matt plants a big one on her on stage while the crowd cheers. Elena, meanwhile, gives Bonnie and Jeremy her blessing. Their smiles turn to screams when a revenge-seeking Jonas crashes the party looking for Elena and starts trashing the place with his magic. The Salvatores and Caroline distract him so they can get Elena out of The Grill but their plan takes a devastating turn when Jonas subdues Caroline and slashes Matt’s neck with a broken bottle. Caroline has no choice but to feed her blood to Matt to save him, revealing her secret to him in the process.

Will Jenna have to compete for Alaric's love now that Isobel is back in town?

Jonas shows up later at Elena’s home and mistakes Katherine for Elena giving Kat an opening to fatally bite him. Jonas’ last act before dying is to grab a remorseful Bonnie and return her powers. She later shares with Jeremy that Jonas also clued her in on a way to stop Klaus. As night descends on Mystic Falls, the gang unwinds after dealing with the maniacal mystic, but the mood varies in each home. Matt awakens from his near-death experience to learn the truth about Caroline’s new life and it stirs up bad memories of his sister Vicky’s fate.  Consider them kaput again. While Jeremy and Bonnie love things up, Katherine’s latest effort to seduce Damon falls flat. He may need her to vanquish Klaus, but he sure doesn’t want her. Kat’s mood should perk up considerably when she learns that Elena’s prodigal mother Isobel has arrived at Jenna’s doorstep. Is that the sound of another Katherine Pierce plot I hear hatching in the background? Tune in April 7, folks!

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The Vampire Diaries February 17 recap: Katherine is freed from the tomb!


Stefan's friend Lexi appeared in a flashback to his savage days.

February 17 – He may be Elena’s biological daddy, but Jonathan Gilbert is one major jerk. Weaselly, as Damon likes to describe him, is most appropriate because he scurries about poking his nose in everybody’s business, claiming to have Elena’s best interest at heart (that is SO debatable), and generally causing all kinds of chaos along the way. Last week we discovered that he’s been plotting to free Katherine from the tomb and tonight’s suspenseful episode let us in on his plan.  There’s a lot of flashing back in time as the Salvatore brothers and Elena delve into the boys’ early days as vampires after being turned by Katherine. Elena reads the diary of Jonathan’s ancestor, which details his horrific slaying by none other than Stefan. In an ironic case of role reversal, it turns out that Elena’s sweet-natured boyfriend was quite the bad boy back in the old days, killing innocents with voracious glee as a reluctant Damon pleaded with him to rein in his savage nature. It wasn’t until Stefan’s dearly departed bestie Lexi came on the scene that he took a turn toward becoming one of the good guys. Still, his walk down memory lane gives Elena the shivers.  Her Prince Charming has the potential to be the Prince of Darkness.  Jeremy sets up a candlelit magic “practice session” with Bonnie after she’s confronted by an angry Luka about what transpired during his drug-induced blackout at her doing. Later, just as things are heating up between the young Romeo and his magical Juliet, Luka’s angry dad Jonas bursts in and drains her of her powers. Will Jeremy still be hot for her without her magic? Damon visits a famished Kat and she seemingly inadvertently confirms Jonathan’s claims that the dagger dipped in oak ash will indeed kill an Original vampire. Fearing that she’ll be stuck in the tomb forever if Damon kills Elijah, she begs him not to do it. Damon, of course, becomes even more determined to end the well-coifed fiend. Elijah creeps out Alaric by spending way too much time with Jenna sharing his knowledge of Mystic Falls history. He lost one lover to vampirism and is not about to risk having that happen again! 

Damon realized the gang goofed!

Damon plots to have Elijah over to Jenna’s for dinner with the gang, including Damon’s newscaster bimbo Andy, not knowing that he would destroy himself by using the dagger against the Original, a fact Jonathan conveniently left out of his explanation to further his vendetta against the Salvatores and their kind. Luckily for the blue-eyed bad boy, Stefan alerts Ric to Jonathan’s plot and Ric does the honors himself and Elijah goes bye-bye. Not so fast! Elena comes across a passage in the diary saying that the small print in all this vampire mythological mumbo jumbo says you gotta leave the dagger in the Original for him to stay dead — which Damon & Co. fail to do so next thing you know Elijah is back in action and drops by the lake house to collect from Elena. The two engage in some tense negotiations and Elena stabs herself, forcing Elijah to again promise not to hurt her loved ones in exchange for keeping her intact for the sacrifice to Klaus. Catching Elijah off guard, she stabs him with the dagger. Damon suggests they leave it in the newly dead bad guy this time.  The smug vampire’s mood changes quickly when he returns to his pad to discover an equally smug Katherine making herself at home. It turns out Jonathan’s ruse to get Damon to off Elijah was the key to freeing Kat from her tomb. The Kat is back! It’s about time.

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Vampire Diaries February 17 Sneak Preview: Damon sets a trap for Elijah!

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) seems hesitant to enter a room. Does he sense a trap?

Guess who’s coming to dinner? A tall, dark and nasty supervamp named Elijah, that’s who. Blah! Hopefully nobody will gag on their food – or their internal organs! The CW hints at a new confrontation between Elijah, who’s spending a scary amount of time around Jenna under the watchful eye of Alaric, and Damon, who just learned from John Gilbert the secret to killing Originals. Damon lures Elijah to a dinner party at Jenna’s place along with Ric and Damon’s new fling, TV reporter Andie, played by guest star Dawn Olivieri of Heroes and True Blood fame.  It turns out that some last-minute information will throw a wrench into Damon’s plot. So what else is new??!!  Might the sneaky John have omitted some crucial bit of information from his remedy for killing Originals? Hmmmmm. Meanwhile, the Bonnie-Luka storyline takes center stage as Luka has a heart-to-heart with his warlock father Jonas, who’s been protecting Elena’s chums on Elijah’s orders, but is creeping out Bonnie – and me — big time. Bonnie’s not digging the warlock father-and-son act intruding in her life and perhaps Luka is having second thoughts about his dad’s plan for her. Stay tuned, folks!

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Alaric (Matthew Davis) is watching Elijah closely.

Jonas and Luka have a chat. Do they disagree about Bonnie?

Have Damon (holding the moonstone!) and Stefan moved Katherine to a new prison or is that Elena in that scene?


Are you Team Damon or Team Stefan? Does it matter?


February 3 Vampire Diaries Recap: The Salvatore brothers have a showdown with werewolves!

Jules and her wolf pack nearly killed the Salvatores. Bad doggies!

February 3 – This episode was action-packed! The vampires and the werewolves finally got down to some serious butt-kicking and it all revolved around the interspecies friendship between Tyler and Caroline, which by episode’s end doesn’t survive the turmoil. Tyler confronts Caroline about her role in Mason’s murder and she confesses knowing that Damon and Stefan were involved. When a betrayed Tyler storms off Caroline warns Stefan so he can intervene before Tyler endangers himself by retaliating against the Salvatores.  Stefan pays Tyler a visit to reason with him but the junior wolf calls Jules for help and she recruits her newly arrived hunky mate Brady. The two kidnap Caroline and lock her in a cage, where the vampire-hating Brady tortures her with wooden bullets and liquid vervain. Meanwhile, John Gilbert finds Mystic Falls a most unwelcoming place as everyone from Elena and Jenna to Damon and Jeremy give him grief about his return. He tells a threatening Damon that he’s back to protect Elena from super vampires Elijah and Klaus. Neither Damon nor Elena believe the weasely Gilbert — with good reason — but Damon relents in leaving Elena in John’s care while he attends to Caroline’s predicament. Damon and Stefan are the picture of cool when they show up with Tyler in the woods after Jules demands to swap Caroline for Tyler. The crafty Jules has planned for reinforcements and the Salvatores face off with a band of roughneck werewolves in an adrenaline-pumping scene that has the supernatural creatures running at superspeed, doing backflips and fending off sharp wooden objects. The sexy vamps win the first round and just as it appears the wolves are turning the tables on them, Luka’s dad Jonas, who’s still bothering Bonnie, knocks them unconscious with a piercing, high-decibel spell. He tells the Salvatores he’s honoring Elena’s deal with Elijah to keep her friends safe.  Nobody’s revealed what the terms of that deal are just yet, but it gives me the shivers just thinking about what she promised him to save Stefan & Co. It’s got to be big.  John Gilbert may just have a hint since he shows up at Damon’s and tells him the Originals can be killed by stabbing them in the heart with a dagger dipped in some mystical ashes. Apparently Elena’s bookish mom Isobel discovered this fact during her obsessive research into vampire lore while searching a way to become one herself. John then gives Elena a charmed bracelet that once belonged to her adoptive mom. Elena’s touched, but still suspicious of him. Tyler visits Caroline, who is understandably upset that he stood by while his fellow werewolves nearly killed her and the Salvatore brothers. Their friendship is over, she screams. She later fibs to Matt that she’s hanging out with Bonnie, not knowing that he can see her flirting with Jeremy at the club.  Luckily for Caroline, Stefan brings Bonnie and Elena to comfort her over her trauma with a sleepover. Dejected over Caroline’s rejection, Tyler turns to Jules and Brady, sharing with them that Mason had returned to Mystic Falls to find a moonstone. Suddenly, the werewolves aren’t in such a hurry to get out of town. The question is whether John Gilbert is after it, too, since he shows up at the tomb where Katherine is biding time and tells her that he’s working on a plan to spring her from her prison! Looks like everybody was right about Mr. Gilbert. Then again, he may be luring Katherine into a trap so he can avenge her maiming of him at the beginning of the season. What do you think?

New Vampire Diaries Preview: Werewolves lock Caroline in a cage!

Just when I thought the folks at The Vampire Diaries were going to speed up the love triangle between Caroline, Matt and Tyler, they throw us a curve ball and turn the studly werewolf against his vampire crush.  The new preview for tomorrow’s episode shows Caroline getting caged and Tyler cross-examining her about his uncle Mason’s death. Could Tyler be in on Caroline’s caging? Jules recruited Tyler to her side by pointing an accusatory finger at Caroline and her fellow vampires. Now I wonder how Caroline will escape her predicament and, when she does, will she forgive Tyler for turning against her?  Damon, meanwhile, keeps a close eye on John Gilbert as John cozies up to his daughter Elena. John had better watch his step because Damon had a taste of fresh blood recently and is back in bad boy form. Any false moves could be his final ones if he hurts Elena!

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