The Vampire Diaries April 28 Recap: Damon Suffers a Werewolf Bite!

Has Damon gone too far in his quest to save Elena from Klaus?

April 28 – The day of Klaus’s ritual has arrived and there are so many crazy plot twists in tonight’s episode that it’s hard to tell who’s a vampire and who isn’t by the time it’s over. Damon realizes more and more that he can’t bear to lose Elena and is cracking under the pressure of the coming deadline. Elijah has a plan to protect Elena by giving her an elixir that will make it seem like she dies during the ritual, which requires a witch to activate Klaus’s werewolf side with magic while a vampire and a werewolf are killed and Elena, the famous doppelganger, is drained of her blood by the Klauster. Damon doesn’t believe the elixir will work and demands that Elena let Bonnie sacrifice herself by taking on Klaus again with her super magic. When Elena refuses, Damon resorts to force-feeding her his blood. Stefan pulls him off her and the brothers fight with Stefan ending up stabbed by his volatile sibling. Alaric, who’s been released by Klaus, brings Stefan some blood bags but it’s too late to reverse what’s going to happen to Elena. When she dies, she’ll come back as a vampire! Stefan takes a tortured Elena on a nature hike to give her a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be a vampire. He gently gets a sobbing Elena to admit that she doesn’t want to become a vampire… like him. Damon, meanwhile, takes action to foil Klaus’s master plan. Klaus’s warlock hexes Mrs. Lockwood to call Tyler back to town and tosses her over a staircase railing to land her in the hospital. Caroline has an awkward reunion withTyler outside the hospital while Jules gives them a moment of privacy and the two are captured by Klaus’s warlock and witch. When they come to, they’re chained in the tomb where Katherine was previously imprisoned and, fearing it’s their last moments on earth, confess to each other their mutual affection. Might a werewolf-vampire romance still be possible? Don’t count Matt out just yet, folks. He hesitates to fully believe that Caroline is all bad despite what Sheriff Forbes may say. Realizing that the Mattster still has feelings for her daughter, the law woman relieves him of his double-agent duties. After Klaus warns Damon that he has most of the components of his ritual in place, Damon recruits Alaric to help him gain access to Klaus’s lair and find out from the captive Kat where he’s keeping his vampire and werewolf. The warlock is standing guard at the tomb when Damon shows up and the two start to tussle but Matt shoots the warlock before he can finish Damon off. Damon kills the man-witch and knocks Matt out before freeing Caroline and Tyler. While Damon is busy putting a wrench in Klaus’s plan, the Original Vampire grows suspicious that Katherine is no longer under his control. As a test, he orders her to stand in sunlight and Kat endures the agony long enough to fool him. As Damon leads Caroline, Tyler and Matt to safety, the full moon rises andTyler’s transformation kicks in at an alarmingly fast rate and he attacks Damon.

Have things changed forever between Elena and Stefan now that she's confessed she'd rather be human?

Caroline and Matt lock themselves in the cage Mason set up in the Lockwood basement just in time to escape a snarling Tyler preparing to pounce in wolf form. Stefan tells Damon that Klaus arrived to pick up Elena and the hot-headed Salvatore brother makes a beeline to confront Klaus. When he cockily informs the ancient baddie that he has freed his vampire and werewolf sacrifices, Klaus reveals that he had a back-up plan all along. He doesn’t need Tyler because his witches also swiped Jules at the hospital. Klaus knocks Damon out and just as it appears Damon will be standing in for Caroline, he wakes up to learn from Katherine that Jenna has been turned to serve as the vamp sacrifice for the ritual being set up by Klaus’s back-up witch (who turns out to be Luka’s missing sister)! What’s worse, Klaus passed Damon over for the honor because Tyler managed to bite him during their scuffle in the forest! Will Damon meet the same fate as Rose?

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The Vampire Diaries May 12 Sneak Preview Pictures: The Season Finale!

Elena and Damon emerge from a dangerous encounter.

I just love how The CW teases us with a tantalizing write-up of an upcoming episode while leaking photos that shed zero light on the juicy parts. I realize it’s not cool to give away everything and spoil the surprise of plot twists while they happen but I think they should at least give me something to work with! LOL. In true Vampire Diaries fashion, the May 12 season finale features a social event that brings the community together in one spot for some innocent fun while life-or-death situations play out in the shadows. In this case it’s a screening of the classic Civil War-era film “Gone with The Wind” in the town square. I’m guessing that the episode juxtaposes scenes from the film with Damon’s memories of Katherine in 1864. The only action shot sent out by The CW shows Damon and Elena emerging from some seriously dramatic encounter. It looks like he may be injured. Did they just have a confrontation with Klaus and his goons? There are going to be a few lives hanging in the balance and the scoop has it that Stefan pays a terrible personal price for his attempt to prevent a tragedy while Sheriff Forbes makes a deadly mistake trying to keep everyone safe.  Finally, the consequences of Klaus’s sacrifice ritual come to a horrifying conclusion.  I’m scared already!

 Photos courtesy The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The gang have a nice picnic before their showdown with Klaus.


A great close-up of handsome Jeremy.


Damon and Elena's drama plays out against a raging fire onscreen.


Is this Stefan and Elena's final embrace?



The Vampire Diaries April 21 Recap: Klaus is a vampire-werewolf hybrid!

The Salvatore brothers are getting more combative over Elena’s safety.

April 21 – The writers of The Vampire Diaries took a page from the 2006 Kate Beckinsale movie Underworld Evolution to explain Klaus’s real reason for wanting to break the curse of the moonstone by sacrificing Elena and it’s a doozy. Let’s just say the guy’s more than just the ultimate vampire. First things first, however. Elena has resurrected Elijah and turns over the dagger that killed him in order to gain his trust. She even tells Stefan to let her work with Elijah. They need each other to stop Klaus, she reasons, and Elijah accepts her offer to team up. Damon, however, isn’t as quick to let Elena endanger herself by trusting Elijah and he’s royally ticked off that Stefan forbade him to interfere. The Salvatore brothers are feeling increasingly competitive in their differing takes on protecting Elena and a showdown seems inevitable. Elijah’s retelling of Klaus’s history reveals the story of another pair of siblings who were in some ways similar to the Salvatores. He and Klaus turn out to be brothers from a family of seven siblings. The two met Katherine doing a British accent inEngland in 1492 and Klaus took a predatory interest in her while Elijah nursed a silent crush on “Katerina.” In the present, Klaus continues to inhabit Alaric and his “bad haircut” while his warlock leaves to retrieve his true body.  He pays Jenna a visit and in a super tense scene tells her that vampires exist. Stefan shifts into vamp mode and overpowers him (apparently he’s vulnerable in Ric’s body), snarling at Jenna to get out of the house. A spooked Jenna confronts Elena about keeping her in the dark about the vampires. While Klaus was stalking Jenna, Damon and Andy drop in on Katherine and give her vervane to help her resist Klaus’ mind control.


Will Andy's love for Damon be the death of her?

Andy’s the one who should be taking the stuff. Her growing affection for Damon is putting her in harm’s way and Damon doesn’t know how much longer he can keep himself from killing her. When Damon and Stefan have yet another scuffle over protecting Elena, a frustrated Damon nearly drains her. Andy is a masochistic girl who can’t accept that she’s a poor substitute for Elena. The Salvatores’ pushing match reminds Elijah of the point where his relationship with Klaus soured over competition for Katherine. History, it seems, was repeating itself. Elijah reveals to Elena that the moonstone curse is a fabrication of theirs. The real curse is on Klaus, who turns out to be a vampire-werewolf hybrid because his mother had an affair with an original werewolf. Elijah’s father killed Klaus’s lupine sire, setting off the ancient war between vampires and werewolves. Witches, who always seem to be interfering in vampire matters, made Klaus’s werewolf nature dormant and he’s hell-bent on reactivating it through the sacrificial rite for which he needs Elena so he can create a race of super hybrids like himself. But first he needs his body back. As Katherine looks on, Klaus’s goons perform a ritual that brings the vampire original back to his, well, original self. “Now that’s more like it,” he says with a devilish smirk.

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The Vampire Diaries April 28 Sneak Preview Photos: Tyler Returns!

Stefan and Elena share a romantic day in preparation for the coming showdown with Klaus.

Things are heating up in Mystic Falls as we get closer to the season finale of The Vampire Diaries next month. On the April 28 episode, Damon will  go to extraordinary lengths to save Elena from Klaus’ wicked plan to break the curse of the moonstone.   Stefan doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Damon regarding his strategy for keeping Elena safe and the vampire brothers have a renewal of the conflict between them that made the show so juicy in the first place.  Yay! The other big news is that Tyler returns to Mystic Falls after receiving a disturbing phone call, just in time for the next full moon marking the arrival of the sacrifice ritual. Is he being lured back by Klaus?  

Photos courtesy The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Vampire Diaries’ Klaus: Who is Joseph Morgan?

In anticipation of Joseph Morgan’s first scenes as Klaus on The Vampire Diaries this week, I did a search to find, well, not much information about this handsome actor from The United Kingdom. My usual go-to site, IMDB, was shockingly skimpy on the details of his personal life, but it appears Mr. Morgan has built quite a reputation as a TV star with a penchant for period pieces. He’s kind of the BBC’s version of a CW hunk. Now I guess he’ll be the CW’s version of a BBC hunk. LOL! His credits include Mansfield Park, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Henry VIII, Ben Hur and Oliver Stone’s over-the-top Angelina Jolie-Colin Farrell epic Alexander. A detailed description of his credits can be found at  IMDB, however, does divulge that Joseph was born in Swansea, Wales, sometime around 1980. Like I said, not much detail, but they did post great pictures. Check ‘em out here.

The Vampire Diaries April 14 Episode Recap: Bonnie has a showdown with Klaus.

Elena is lucky to have a friend like Bonnie.

April 14 – How do I love Bonnie? I love her t-h-i-i-i-i-s much. I have always liked her. Initially I thought she was a bit of a grouch, especially where Damon was concerned, but I could appreciate that she was the voice of reason among the gang in Mystic Falls. Elena is the optimist, Caroline was, and kind of still is, the loony one, but you could always count on the Bonster to bring everyone back to Earth by rolling her eyes and sucking in those razor-sharp cheekbones she was blessed with. In tonight’s episode Katerina Graham took center stage and socked it – quite literally – to everyone around her, particularly her favorite target Damon and her dangerous new foe, Klaus. The oldest of the Original vampires eases into Alaric’s body – which he doesn’t care for too much – and questions “Katerina” about ways to get to his prey – Elena. Matt Davis, who I always say is underused, has a field day playing Klaus’s snooty personality. In fact, he sort of comes across like a male version of Katherine. The Salvatores set up their home as a safe haven for Elena by turning over the deed to her and she has to reinvite them in so they can look after her. With the magically muscled-up Bonnie by her side, Elena feels perfectly safe and goes to school. What the gang doesn’t know is that their teacher is possessed by a homicidal ancient vampire. The scenes where Klaus-as-Alaric is in the same room with Elena are spine-tingling! Even worse are the ones where Klaus casually strides into the Salvatore house to conveniently learn their plan to use Bonnie as the ultimate Klaus-killing machine. Bonnie is only too happy to demonstrate her awesome power by sending Damon flying across the room and Klaus is duly spooked. His warlock promises to protect him with a spell while he lures Bonnie into killing herself by using too much of her augmented magic. The trap would be set at a ‘60s dance taking place that night at school.

Can Sheriff Forbes overlook that her daughter is a bloodsucker?

Stefan and Elena sense that something’s up and Jeremy continues to fret about the warning the dead witches sent Bonnie about using her power to kill Klaus. Everyone is pretty much wound up tighter than Joan Rivers’s last facelift. Everyone except Caroline, that is. She’s on cloud nine because Matt asked her to the dance. Poor girl doesn’t realize that her handsome escort is fully aware that she’s a vampire and is serving as a spy for her concerned mom, Sheriff Forbes, who’s trying to buy more time to figure out how to deal with the fact Mystic Falls is crawling with supernatural creatures. This is a subplot that I suspect will percolate for a while. For now, it’s time for a showdown with Klaus, who plays mind games with Elena and her army of bodyguards by sending her creepy messages through clueless classmates whom we’ve never met before (i.e., day players). After the gang has fun changing partners and having cryptic conversations on the dance floor, Klaus puts his plan in motion by compelling a gang of boys to attack Jeremy and distract the Salvatores while he lures Elena and Bonnie into his trap. Sure enough, Bonnie defends her BFF and unleashes a torrent of magic on Klaus, sending poor Alaric’s body crashing against the walls and breaking the bones in his limbs. Klaus’s warlock spell does a good job of protecting him while Bonnie’s mystical attack drains her life force until she drops dead. Or does she? A frantic Elena begs Stefan to save her but he says it’s too late. Damon tells his brother to take Elena home while he deals with Bonnie’s body and informs Jeremy what happened.

Damon will ALWAYS choose Elena for better or worse.

When Damon arrives at home a grieving Elena slaps him. He then informs her and Stefan that Bonnie had cast a spell to make it seem like she had died to fool Klaus. She’s alive and well! Stefan still doesn’t appreciate that Damon had left him and Elena in the dark about his contingency plan with Bonnie. A smug Damon responds that he’s happy to play the bad guy — of course – as long as he’s the one making the tough decisions that keep Elena alive. Stefan is left speechless… and slightly emasculated. When Elena apologizes to Damon for slapping him he reminds her in no uncertain terms that he will ALWAYS put her above all others. And yes, folks, Ian Somerhalder’s reading of that line was as hot as you can imagine. Elena is visibly moved (and Team Damon is swooning). Next thing you know, Elena heads to the basement and removes the dagger from Elijah’s body. I didn’t see THAT coming!

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The Vampire Diaries April 21 Sneak Preview: Joseph Morgan debuts as Klaus!

Klaus will charm the innocent Katherine in a Vampire Diaries flashback to 1491.


The April 21 episode of The Vampire Diaries is called simply “Klaus.”  Take a wild guess why. The ominous ancient vampire who’s been hanging over everybody like a dark cloud for months finally makes an appearance and boy, what an appearance it is! The new sneak peek photos leaked by The CW show Klaus, played by Joseph Morgan, in a very glamorous flashback scene set in 1491 that promises to shed light on his first encounter with Katherine and will explain why he’s intent on getting her back. Daniel Gillies returns as Klaus’ henchman Elijah. We know that Alaric is being used as a vessel for Klaus thanks to Isobel’s machinations in last week’s episode. The late great Issy was a complicated lady. She loved interfering in other people’s lives and ended up losing her own because of her meddling. Once she had delivered Elena to safety and handed Kat to Klaus on a silver platter — along with the moonstone — she had served her purpose to him. I’m wondering how Klaus is going to transition to present-day Mystic Falls in his own (rather handsome) body. Does Alaric have to die in order for Klaus to return in his own physical form? Is that why we have shots of Jenna crying? Then again, Jenna’s such a dormat she could be crying over ruining a cake recipe or something like that. LOL. The CW reports that Stefan and Damon will be ticked off that Elena has defied them both to make a new ally and take control of the plan to out-maneuver Klaus.  The Salvatores don’t agree on how to protect her and it generates tension between them. We like that! Stefan has his hands full trying to keep a confused and frightened Jenna safe and we finally learn the origin of the moonstone curse.  It should be a cool episode that shows us how Kat behaved before she was such a, well, vamp.

Photos courtesy The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Will Elijah set the stage for Klaus' seduction of Kat or is he competition?

Elijah and Katherine react to something. Is it Klaus' big entrance?

Joseph Morgan cuts a dashing figure as the rakish supervamp Klaus.

Nina Dobrev looks stunning in period gowns and her hair done in ringlets.

In the present, Elena consoles her aunt Jenna.

Who's prettier, Damon or his reporter girlfriend Andy?

The Vampire Diaries April 7 Recap: Someone Dies and Klaus “Arrives”


Isobel's return to Mystic Falls was mercifully short-lived.

 April 7 – It’s hard to tell which side of the fence Isobel is sitting on during her whirlwind visit back to Mystic Falls. With all the backstabbing, neck-biting and plotting Issy does, she’s easily one of The Vampire Diaries’ most complex characters ever. Jenna is freaked out by Isobel’s appearance and hurt that Elena knew she was still “alive.” Alaric socks John in the face. It’s about time! Elena, who can barely stand the sight her father John, is less than thrilled to see Issy back and doesn’t buy her story that she’s trying to help protect Elena from Klaus. She has good reason to be suspicious. Isobel drops in on Kat and the two immediately start plotting. Kat swipes the moonstone while Issy pays a visit to Alaric that ends with a warlock knocking him out with magic as she walks away with a tortured look on her face. What’s she up to? Elena is set to accept a donation to a fund named after her adoptive mother Miranda at the Lockwood residence and Issy shows up.  She attacks John to distract the guests from the ceremony, giving Katherine a chance to switch places with Elena. Issy has another plan in mind, however, and whisks Elena away, leaving Kat – and the moonstone — to the mercy of her powerful warlock crony. Issy takes Elena to visit her own gravesite and apologizes for being such a crummy mother, then removes her protective necklace and is instantly vaporized by sunlight. Elena admits to Stefan that she felt sad for her nutty mom and decides to give her shifty dad John a chance to redeem himself. Just don’t turn your back on him, girl! Bonnie, accompanied by Jeremy and Damon, sets out to tap into a huge reserve of magic from the spirits of 110 witches who were burned to death in an abandoned house. Standing inside it, unlike Damon who’s driven outside by the vamp-hating spirits, Bonnie conjures the witches’ powers and shows Jeremy her souped-up skills in a windy scene straight out of a Halle Berry scene in the X-Men flicks. The down side to the power upgrade is that using it to destroy Klaus would kill her, too! Jeremy can’t dissuade Bonnie from fulfilling her destiny even if it means sacrificing herself. What a gal!

Alaric is possessed by Klaus! Will the experience make him less boring?

Caroline desperately searches for Matt to keep him from telling anyone about her secret. He confronts her mom Sheriff Forbes about his sister Vicky’s mysterious death. Later, he demands Caroline wipe his mind clean of the knowledge. What she doesn’t know is that Sheriff Forbes had given him vervane and knows that Caroline’s a vamp! What will she do now? Team up with Matt to use her daughter as a secret weapon against the town’s vampire community? Damon and Stefan decide they have their own weapon in Bonnie since Kat doesn’t know that Bonnie has her powers back — in spades!  Little do they know that they’ll need her powers very soon. Kat wakes up to the sight of the warlock casting a spell that channels the spirit of Klaus through Alaric’s body!  Does this mean Matt Davis will be getting more screen time? 

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Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek Photo: Klaus appears on April 21!

Joseph Morgan debuts as the devilish and delectable Klaus on April 21.

OK folks, I know that the news of actor Joseph Morgan’s casting as the much-anticipated villain Klaus broke a while back, but here’s a sneak peek at the handsome Mr. Morgan in full costume in a flashback scene set to air on April 21. All I have to say is: My, what thick, wavy hair you have Mr. Ancient Vampire Baddie! It’s about time you showed up. LOL! I have more behind-the-scenes pictures to share in my next post (hint: Katherine looks gorgeous in her period gowns, plus a certain dead villain with great hair and a British accent makes a return appearance in the flashback). Until then, enjoy the view here and don’t forget to tune in tonight when The Vampire Diaries FINALLY returns with a fresh episode. Did that sound grouchy? Sorry. I’m just famished for fresh VD as I’m sure you all are. Tonight, we feast!

Photo courtesy The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Katherine & The Salvatores plot against Klaus on April 7 Vampire Diaries.

Katherine convinces Damon and Stefan not to tell the newly arrived Isobel that she’s out of the tomb. Her argument sounds logical but nothing she suggests can be good for Mystic Falls. Need I say more?

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