The Vampire Diaries October 27 Episode Recap: Are Bonnie and Jeremy over?

Have lingering feelings for Anna cost Jeremy his relationship with Bonnie?

October 27 – Just in time for Halloween, “Ghost World” is a rather “spirited” edition of The Vampire Diaries as deceased loved ones haunt the Mystic Falls gang after Bonnie breaches the doorway between the living and the dead. Damon regains consciousness to find himself chained to a chair and tortured by the ghost of Mason Lockwood in the exact fashion that he killed Mason last season. Although Mason enjoys sticking it to Damon – literally – he’s popped up for a more noble reason. He wants to protect his nephew Tyler from a life of servitude under Klaus and knows of an old Lockwood family legend – that family history has a million of ’em – regarding a weapon that can be used to kill an Original Vampire. Mason toys with Damon, leading him to the cellar on the Lockwood family grounds and letting him get impaled by a booby trap set up to protect the secret weapon. While Mason pulls Damon’s strings, the other residents of Mystic Falls receive ghostly visits that stir up old emotions. Anna is acting like she and Jeremy can make a go of it as a couple even though she’s, well, dead. What’s worse is that Jeremy admits to Elena that he still loves Anna. Elena’s not pleased by this turn of events, but she enlists his help in conjuring the presence of Stefan’s bestie Lexi in hopes of pulling him out of the darkness of his Ripper persona. Lexi’s in rare form, overpowering Stefan and strapping him to a chair in the Salvatore dungeon — everyone in town seems to have one of these — while she tortures him to make him feel again and reclaim his humanity. While Jeremy is off kissing Anna, Bonnie’s magic brings forth the spirit of her witch grandmother – played by Jasmine Guy of the ‘80s sitcom It’s a Different World— who demands she correct the imbalance she caused in the natural order of things by resurrecting Jeremy.  The Original Witch’s talisman must be destroyed! But where the hell is that damned thing? At the Founder’s Day celebration, a band of vengeful vampire ghosts settle some old scores with the descendants of the Mystic Falls founding families – targeting Tyler’s mom Carol among them – but Caroline leaps to the rescue. 

Mason paid Damon back from beyond the grave.

Jeremy discovers that Anna, who doesn’t want to be sent back to her lonely place on the other side, has the necklace. Luckily, Elena manages to guilt her into giving it up.  Jeremy returns it to an angry Bonnie, who tosses it in a fireplace, sending all the spirits back to Ghost World. Grandma Jasmine is proud of the Bonster. Lexi runs out of time in her intervention with Stefan but urges Elena not to lose hope. Anna is reunited with her mother as a reward for returning the talisman. Mason fades away just as he discovers the key to finding the weapon to use against Klaus. Damon, who can’t enter the space in the cave without being invited, summons Alaric. Ric is amazed to find a wall covered with ancient hieroglyphics that tell the story of the Original Vampires – Klaus’ Viking family. This is the point where we learn more about what led to Klaus being such a crummy dude. That’s great and all, but I still want to know what happened to Katherine when Michael bit her! Any ideas?

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The Vampire Diaries October 20 Episode Recap: Mason Lockwood Returns!

Stefan is frighteningly good at pretending not to care for Elena. Or is he not pretending anymore?

October 20  – A number of cat-and-mouse games play out on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries “Smells Like Teen Spirit” but it’s hard to tell who are the cats and who are the mice. Stefan and Rebecca, left behind by Klaus to watch over Elena and Tyler, respectively, are making nuisances of themselves in the lives of our Mystic Falls gang. Stefan bullies the students at the school track and Rebecca makes moves to take over Caroline’s place as the resident golden girl, perhaps even in Tyler’s heart. Alaric gives Elena self-defense classes to toughen her up. Spooked by Stefan’s coldness – he compels young women into playing a twisted round of Twister while he feeds on them – Elena concocts a plot to put him out of commission. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one plotting in Mystic Falls. Vicki convinces Matt to perform a ritual that brings her over to the world of the living. The catch is that she is on orders from the Original Witch to kill Elena so that Klaus can’t make any more hybrids. When Matt tries to stop Vicki from carrying out the witch’s orders, she clocks him with a wrench. She intends to stay among the living at any cost! Anna warns Jeremy that Vicki is up to no good but a jealous Bonnie turns to Matt to find a way to zap Vicki back to the land of the dead and lonely. Vicki stalks Elena at a bonfire where Elena is setting a trap for Stefan. Damon arouses Elena’s jealousy by flirting with Rebecca, who sees right through the ruse. Elena succeeds in luring Stefan into the path of Alaric’s crossbow filled with vervane-tipped darts. Just when they pack his unconscious body into Ric’s truck, however, Vicki traps Elena inside and sets it ablaze. Bonnie once again comes to the rescue and casts a spell that whisks Vicki to the site where she and Matt banish her back to the land of the dead. Despite his fear of being alone, Matt won’t allow his sister to hurt others. Judging from the growing online chatter about a possible hookup between him and Bonnie, I suspect he may not have to deal with loneliness much longer.  Jeremy, meanwhile, is growing closer to Anna, with whom he manages to connect physically after sharing that they can’t stop thinking about each other. Is this the beginning of the end for Jeremy and Bonnie?  

Can Tyler resist his hybrid urges... and Rebecca's temptations?

Tyler and Caroline make up after having an argument over his new allegiance to Klaus. He’s been sired by the Original Vampire and is having trouble resisting his new urges, especially the young woman Rebecca serves up as his first human feeding. Damon gently tends to Elena’s bruises, his face temptingly close to hers as he assures her his flirtation with Rebecca was just an act. It’s obvious his display with the bloodsucking blonde got under Elena’s skin and it’s just as evident that he’s thrilled by this realization. Team Damon scores! The same can’t be said for Stefan, who cruelly taunts Elena for holding out hope that he will return to the side of the good guys. Exercising her new-found girl power, Elena stabs him in the gut as payback! Katherine, who’s been trying to rouse Michael the undead vampire hunter with human blood, gets a surprise of her own when she discovers that he prefers the blood of his own kind as he abruptly pulls her close to feed on her! Just as I thought I couldn’t be more shocked, Damon is attacked by a resurrected – and thirsting for revenge — Mason Lockwood!  Has Klaus succeeded in creating another hybrid?

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The Vampire Diaries October 20 Episode Preview Pictures: Smells Like Teen Spirit


On the October 20 episode, the Mystic Falls gang  are still reeling from last week’s Klaus attack, except for Tyler, who’s turned into a happy-go-lucky Alpha wolf after becoming a super-charged hybrid.  Damon is annoyed by a new houseguest (Stefan, perhaps?), and everyone is surprised by the arrival of a new student in Alaric’s history class.  Matt asks Bonnie for help when he realizes he made a serious mistake.  Is seeing dead people not as much fun as it seemed at first thought? Meanwhile, Stefan keeps close tabs on Elena as ordered by Klaus. Now let’s see… Elena’s feelings for Damon are deepening since Damon is being nicer now that Stefan is back to being a Ripper for Klaus the hybrid, but now that Klaus has ordered Stefan to watch over Elena and her priceless hybrid-makin’ blood, Stefan is gonna be spending loads more time with Elena, who is not diggin’ his snotty new personality… or is she? Awkward!

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The Vampire Diaries October 13 Episode Recap: Klaus turns Tyler into a hybrid!

Klaus discovers that Elena is more valuable to him alive.

October 13 – A new twist emerges in the hybrid curse mythology, Klaus the hunter becomes the hunted, and Matt spends a lot of time dripping wet –not that it’s a bad thing– on a slam-bam episode of The Vampire Diaries called “The Reckoning.”  On the eve of Senior Prank Night, Matt is working up a sweat at the Mystic Falls High gym and is surprised by Caroline, Tyler, Elena and Bonnie, who are setting up some mischievous surprises to celebrate their senior year. The pranking turns to panic, however, when Klaus leads an assault on the school after learning that Elena’s still alive. Rebecca shows that she’s cut from the same nasty cloth as her brother by stabbing Stefan in a jealous fit over Elena and capturing Caroline and Tyler after interrupting their heated makeout session. As the lone werewolf present, Tyler is chosen as Klaus’s newest candidate for hybrid conversion while Bonnie is challenged to fix the glitch in Klaus’s process in time to save Tyler’s life. Tick tock! The clock is ticking for Elena, too, when Klaus regains control over a rebellious Stefan and forces him to slay two of the episode’s disposable extras while Elena watches in horror. Matt and Bonnie race to find a way to save Tyler. Sensing that the ghost of Vicki has been trying to contact him, Matt decides to pull a Jeremy by drowning himself in the school pool to be revived by Bonnie with the power to contact the dead. Bonnie dives in like a champ and rescues him without using witchcraft. I just love that gal! She kicks ass. A soaked Matt may have done a stupid thing but his ploy worked. Vicki shows up and tells him about Elena’s role in the failure of the hybrid ceremony. Vicki looks beautiful and happy to see her brother again, but is there something sinister lurking behind her toothy smile as Anna had suggested to Jeremy?  

Tyler is half werewolf and half vampire now, so he's twice as hot!

In another pulse-pounding scenario, Klaus compels Stefan to drain Elena when the gym clock counts down to zero. In a heartbreaking scene for members of Team Stefan, Elena pleads with him to fight his bloodlust to no avail. Elena later comes to in the hospital hooked up to an IV harvesting her blood.  Acting on a hunch, Klaus stops Stefan from killing her and feeds a vial of her blood to Tyler, who successfully converts into a were-vampire. The process gives Tyler a buoyant sense of power. Klaus deduced that the Original Witch lied about the doppelganger needing to be killed for the hybrid curse to be broken so that Klaus would never to be able to create a race of hybrids and would spend eternity alone. Rebecca teases Klaus about his fear of ending up alone. Maybe he should try being a nicer guy? I’m just sayin’! Just as it looks like things are looking up for Klaus, Damon returns from a road trip with Katherine with news that the mysterious dude who trailed Klaus in Chicago, Michael, is back on the prowl. Klaus hightails it out of Mystic Falls but leaves Stefan behind to watch over Elena – or more specifically, her valuable hybrid-makin’ blood. Katherine borrowed Jeremy, stuffing him in the trunk of the car she and Damon were driving, to tap into his ability to speak with Anna, whose mom knew the secret of the mysterious Michael. Inexplicably, Michael is a vampire who is also a vamp hunter and is jonesing to kill Klaus (then again, who isn’t?).  Damon rescues Elena from the hospital and eases her pain over Stefan’s betrayal, vowing to never leave her alone. Swoon! Meanwhile, Kat and Jeremy find Michael’s tomb and wake him. Will Michael the vampire hunter be a danger to our favorite sexy vampires?

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The Vampire Diaries October 13 Episode Sneak Preview Pictures: The Reckoning



The action on the next episode of The Vampire Diaries takes place on Senior Prank Night before the new school year begins at Mystic Falls High School. Caroline has the school spirit and wants to share it with Elena, Bonnie, Matt and Tyler, but with Klaus and Stefan back in town, I have a feeling the night’s pranks will take a seriously dangerous turn.  So what else is new? Damon turns to Jeremy to tap into the other side to find a way to stop Klaus. Let’s just hope they find a way to stop him before he forces Stefan to drain Elena like this week’s commercials are showing.

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Bonnie is back in action and beautiful as ever.


Caroline tries to rally the gang's spirits for Senior Prank Night.


Caroline rallies the gang's spirits for Senior Prank Night.


The gang come under attack at school.


Will Matt see some action on Senior Prank Night?

The Vampire Diaries October 6 Episode Recap: Klaus and Stefan return to Mystic Falls.

Who is the vampire hunter trailing Klaus? Can Katherine and Damon find him?

October 6  – The Salvatore brothers, who’ve been swapping good vampire/bad vampire roles lately, show a welcome return to form as we learn more about a plot Stefan is working on to stick it to Klaus and Damon runs amok in Mystic Falls after feeling pressured to assume his brother’s saintly mantle in his absence. While Stefan and Klaus take Rebecca shopping in Chicago for a contemporary – and slightly slutty – new wardrobe, Elena struggles to settle back into life in Mystic Falls after Stefan’s apparent rejection. Damon doesn’t make it easy for her with his teasing of her attachment to the necklace Stefan gave her. Caroline and Alaric are leery of the flirty new chemistry between Elena and Damon. They need to worry more about how Elena’s new necklace is bringing Gloria closer to learning the reason why Klaus can’t make new hybrids. Using Rebecca as a vessel to trace the necklace’s whereabouts, Gloria spooks Elena and Bonnie, who has just returned from a boring summer vacation. Her tracking spell makes the necklace burn Elena’s skin and shows Gloria visions of them talking about Stefan, making her suspicious of Klaus’s reluctant henchman. Sensing that Gloria is close to discovering Elena’s role in the hybrid curse, Stefan attacks her but she stops him cold with a mind zap that paralyzes him with searing pain. Gloria’s got her own agenda! She wants the necklace, a talisman of an Original Witch, for herself, and subjects Stefan to her “old school” voodoo torture techniques using vervane to unlock from his essence the images of Elena threatened by Klaus during his sacrificial ceremony back in Mystic Falls. Just as Gloria celebrates learning this juicy bombshell, Katherine shows up and kills her by stabbing her in the neck! She wants to team up with Stefan in his plan against Klaus but he says no deal. He only tells her that there’s a vampire hunter hot on Klaus’s trail who is enough of a threat to make the powerful hybrid worry. A dejected Kat will need to find another partner in crime. Back in Mystic Falls, Jeremy’s dead girlfriend #2, Anna, finally makes contact with him and warns him about dead girlfriend #1 Vicky’s spectral visits. She senses a dark presence in ghost Vicky. Mind you, that girl was always on the bad side of things when she was alive, which is why I miss her. A lonely Anna tells Jeremy that he can see her because he wants to, which can only mean that he still loves her. Jeremy, however, chooses to be with his current girlfriend Bonnie, leaving Anna brokenhearted in limbo. Somehow I doubt the visits from his ghostly girlfriends will end that easily. Sheriff Forbes enlists Damon’s help in getting rid of her ex-hubby Bill, but Damon’s attempt to compel him to leave town fails, we learn, when Bill shows up later at a Mystic Falls Council meeting. Bill threatens to make trouble and a steaming Damon attacks him. Caroline, whom Elena tears away from a frisky daytime encounter with Tyler, tears Damon off her dad and does an admirable job of kicking his vampire butt. Bill relents and hits the road, for now, anyway, and tells Caroline he can’t accept that she could ever be OK living as a vampire. He’s lucky Damon didn’t snap his neck like he did to Alaric, who was trying to keep him from attacking Caroline’s kill-joy pop. Damon knew Ric was wearing his protection ring when he “killed” him, but he’s raging at everyone’s attempt to rein him in. He’s not Stefan, Damon reminds a bothered Elena, who admits to Caroline that she’s drawn to the bad boy. “What does that say about me?,” she wonders. Caroline replies that it makes her human, as millions of fans on Team Damon stand up and cheer. Damon accepts Katherine’s invitation to join her on a mysterious road trip bound to be filled with mayhem and mischief. Will they find the vampire hunter after Klaus? When Ric recovers from his temporary “death,” he tells Sheriff Forbes, mother of a vampire, and Mayor Lockwood, mother of a werewolf, that he’s joining The Council as a representative of the relatively normal Gilbert family. Time will tell if Alaric ends up in bed with one of the two ladies, or both! In Chicago, Rebecca makes her play for Stefan and is incensed when he doesn’t respond to her kisses. She accuses him of being disloyal to Klaus, who clocks him. When Stefan comes to, he realizes that Klaus has returned him to Mystic Falls. Has Klaus discovered that Elena’s alive or is he just in town to find his sister a more modest wardrobe?

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