The Vampire Diaries November 10 Episode Recap: Klaus kills Mikael and frees Stefan!

The scene is set for a Stefan - Klaus showdown when The Vampire Diaries returns January 5.

Nov. 10 – The title of The Vampire Diaries’latest episode “Homecoming,” has a double meaning as Mystic Falls High gets ready for the homecoming dance, which sets the stage for a deadly family reunion between a returning Klaus and his daddy dearest Mikael. It’s a labyrinth of plots and counterplots where the players literally stab each other in the back and it’s hard to keep track of who’s on top. The Salvatores and Elena enter an uneasy alliance with Mikael to lure Klaus back to town and set up an elaborate plot in which Mikael lets Elena stab him with one of the mystical daggers that puts vampires in suspended animation – an undead coma of sorts – so that Stefan can call his master and deliver the news of his father’s death without needing to lie and risk ruining the plan. Rebekah, having learned how merciless Klaus can be, joins in the masquerade and tells him on the phone that the coast is clear for his return to Mystic Falls. Becky is still hurting over her recent trip down bad-memory lane with Elena and berates her father for destroying their family after Elena brings him back to undead life. Later, Rebekah, looking super hot in a red strapless dress, opens up to Elena again as she prepares to be escorted to the homecoming dance by Matt. Suspecting that Rebekah could endanger their plot, Elena daggers her in the back. Damon is proud of Elena’s new-found treacherous streak, but she admits she doesn’t really have the killer instinct and fears she may be the weak link in their team when the showdown with Klaus finally comes. Damon confides to her that he has a top-secret plan. Nobody realizes that Klaus has one, too. Caroline and Tyler bicker over his oafish behavior now that he’s a macho hybrid devoted to Klaus. She’s particularly peeved that Tyler set up Matt with Becky, whom she refers to as an evil blood slut. With Rebekah on ice, Elena takes her place as Matt’s date but a suspiciously timed flood at the school moves the party to a new location where Tyler sets up a festive “wake” – complete with a performance by the rock band My Morning Jacket — for Klaus’s not-so-lamented father. To ensure that Stefan doesn’t interfere with the plot against his master, Mikael bites him into unconsciousness.

Katherine did a great job pretending to be Elena while Matt looked hot, as usual.

At Klaus’s celebration, Tyler learns that his sire has surrounded the gang with an army of hybrids prepared to retaliate should anything happen to Klaus. Fearing a bloody showdown, Tyler stabs Caroline with a needle full of vervane to knock her out and asks Matt to get her out of danger. He next tangles with Damon, driven by his instinct to protect Klaus, but their fight is ended by a powerful mind zap from Bonnie. Damon has the dagger to end all daggers crafted by Mikael using wood from the tree that helped create the Original Vampires. This, folks, is the Super Dagger. Mikael finally shows up at the festivities but cannot enter the house that keeps Klaus safe. Daddy discovers that Klaus’s minions have encircled him and are on orders to tear him apart at the snap of Klaus’s fingers. Unfortunately for the Klauster, his daddy outmaneuvers him and reveals that he has compelled the hybrids’ vampire sides to do his bidding, overriding Klaus’s orders. He pulls out Elena and threatens to kill her to deprive Klaus of the precious blood he needs to grow his hybrid family. Check and mate. An emotional Klaus trades insults with his fiendish father and calls Mikael’s bluff. Mikael promptly stabs Elena – in the back, of course – momentarily distracting Klaus so that Damon can tackle him and kill him. Just as Damon is about to deliver a final blow, Stefan stops him and Klaus grabs the dagger and plunges it into Mikael’s heart. Once again, Klaus is top dog in Mystic Falls … so to speak. It turns out that “Elena” was really Katherine doing a great impersonation of her virtuous lookalike and, after lobbing some wolf’s-bane grenades at Klaus’s cronies, the Kat hightails it out of town to escape Klaus’s wrath. Tagging along with her is Stefan, whom she convinces to get back in touch with his humanity, even if it’s just to get even with Klaus. Damon is angry with Stefan for ruining his plan to kill Klaus, not knowing that it was a move Stefan made to regain his freedom and save his brother. Stefan’s first act as a newly free man is to swipe the treasured caskets of Klaus’s family. It’s Klaus’s move now. To be continued on January 5. Groan.

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The Vampire Diaries November 3 Episode Recap: Mikael is Klaus’s father!

Rebekah and Klaus have a seriously twisted family history.

November 3 – This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Ordinary People, was, um… kind of ordinary. Don’t get me wrong, I realize we learned a few important nuggets of information that shed light on Klaus’s family history – correction, the history of vampires, period – but I’ve grown accustomed to the high-octane action that’s been taking place week after week lately. I like my vampires snarling, pouncing and tearing a few heads off here and there. Last night the focus was on family issues and boy, does the Original Family have issues!  Our NCIS team of Alaric, Damon and Elena figure out that the hieroglyphics in the Lockwood family cave tell the story of Klaus’s Viking family: Rebekah, Elijah and another  ill-fated brother (more on him later), mom Esther and (surprise!) daddy dearest Mikael, whom we all know ends up a vampire-hunting bloodsucker.  After Ric takes pictures of the cave markings to create a map of clues for the terrific trio to decipher, the gang split up. Ric works with Bonnie to figure out the Original Witch’s role in the whole Klaus family drama, Damon looks after the captive Stefan, and Elena pressures Rebekah to fess up about what makes Klaus tick. A loyal Becky ain’t too keen on givin’ up the goods on her big bro at first since they’ve been on the run together forever, but realizing the extra amount of camera time she’d get by narrating the tale (and perhaps winning a role on her own CW show down the line after she inevitably gets offed), she warms up to some girl talk with Miss Elena. OK, so maybe I editorialized that bit. Blondie shares that daddy was a strict Viking ogre who was especially tough on poor rambunctious Klaus – or Nicklaus as he was originally named. As Elijah had told Elena,  Mommy Original had a little somethin’ somethin’ with one of the neighboring werewolves and the result was Klaus, who got his baby brother killed by rampaging werewolves they were spying on during their transformation. This started a war between the wolves and Daddy, who got the bright idea that having a witch turn his family into bloodsucking supernaturals would give them a fighting chance against their lupine foes. When the family’s witch confidante Ayana refused to cooperate with his twisted plot he made mom, who conveniently was also a witch, do the deed. Rebekah was told by Klaus that their father later killed their mom in a fit of revenge but it was really Klaus who killed her after he got wind of the fact that Mom had suppressed his werewolf nature with a well-meaning hex.

Will Rebekah (Claire Holt) really help Elena and the gang defeat Klaus?

Elena figures out this part of Klaus’s secret and spills the beans to Rebekah, who is devastated by the Greek tragedy that is her family history. A psychotherapist stands to make a mint off these kids, folks. While Elena wears down Rebekah’s defenses, Damon takes Stefan to a bar to loosen up over some beers, feed on a hot blonde, and compare bad-boy notes.  Damon berates Stefan for being a wimp for Klaus and Stefan hits a nerve by telling his brother that his guilt over putting Stefan in the Klauster’s service is a sign that he’s going soft. Damon pummels his smug brother, but Stefan was only saying what we all know. He’s going all gooey-squishy inside. The Salvatores are distracted from their bickering by Mickael, who shows up and forces Stefan to summon Klaus back to Mystic Falls by nearly ripping Damon’s heart out.  At least we know where Klaus gets his negotiating skills. Damon surprises Elena in her bedroom (fully clothed, alas) and the two share their respective victories dealing with Mikael and Rebekah. Turning to the subject of Stefan, Elena tells Damon that, ultimately, it will be Stefan’s love for Damon that will pull him out of the darkness rather than his love for her.  A sweet scene for sure, but I still want to know what’s going on with Katherine.  I suspect we’ll find out on the mid-season cliffhanger next week.

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