TVD’s Fierce Females: Caroline is the Wonder Woman of The Vampire Diaries

It's easy to understand why Matt and Tyler love Caroline so much.

It’s December 31 and I’m getting ready for tonight’s New Year’s celebration. Before I ring in 2012 I am continuing my tribute posts to the ladies of The Vampire Diaries by giving a huge shout out to Candice Accola as vamp-in-training Caroline Forbes. While the Salvatore brothers swapped personalities and revealed some new sides of themselves to TVD fans this season, it’s Caroline who gets my vote for the Mystic Falls resident who has changed the most over the years. The decision to turn Caroline, the stereotypical vapid cheerleading-captain-slash-homecoming-queen, into a feral vampire was a shocker. We all thought she might go the route of Vicki and be another of Damon’s short-term victims (although technically it was Katherine who completed Caroline’s transformation). Then the TVD writers pulled a switcheroo, to our huge benefit, and gave Candice the juicy opportunity to take us on her journey from confused baby vamp holding on to her dumb-blonde traits to confident, caring vampire coming to terms with who she is and using her new strengths — both physical and emotional — to protect the people she loves. I loved the scene in the Ghost World episode where she took on the ghosts terrorizing the crowd at the Founder’s Day festival. She jumped right in and started tossing those guys around like Wonder Woman.  Candice also shines in scenes where she confronts her parents with the reality of who she is and how becoming a vampire has helped her grow up. Her love scenes with the muscular Michael Trevino as Tyler crackle with a sensuality perhaps more suited to cable shows, but they reveal the many layers of this talented young actress.. quite literally! Let’s not forget what a great singer she is, too. Who can forget her serenading Matt with a killer rendition of The Bangle’s “Eternal Flame?” I suggest the TVD writers give Caroline a job as a singer at The Grill so we can hear Candice sing more often. I’m sure Matt wouldn’t mind.

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TVD’s Fierce Females: Why Bonnie Bennett is TVD’s hero.

Kat Graham is TVD's guardian angel as Bonnie Bennett

I guess I should have used the word heroine in my headline, but I think Bonnie stacks up to the guys when it comes to mixing it up during TVD’s action scenes so please forgive my grammatical fudge. This week I’m paying tribute to the ladies of The Vampire Diaries and any shout out to girl power in Mystic Falls cannot be complete without showing some love’ to our Miss Bonnie. When the show debuted I thought Bonnie was uptight. Mind you, she had an understandable aversion to those of the undead, bloodsucking persuasion, regardless of how hot-looking they might be. Her sorceress roots put her at natural odds with the Salvatores but it’s admirable how she has come such a long way to collaborate with them and understand, or at least tolerate, Elena’s love for them. As her powers have grown stronger, she’s emerged as the gang’s resident guardian angel. She keeps a watchful eye on Damon — rightfully so — but has teamed up with him and Stefan to fight off the real baddies like Tyler’s original wolf pack and Klaus. I particularly loved how Bonnie came up against Klaus at Mystic Falls High to protect Elena despite the prediction that she would die during the encounter.  Bonnie laid it all on the line for her best friend and doesn’t hesitate to risk her life repeatedly for her friends. Just don’t cross her. Jeremy found himself in the doghouse after giving in to his old feelings for ghost girlfriend Anna while Tyler and Damon were reminded of her awesome power when she broke up their most recent brawl with a mind zap. When the show resumes next month Bonnie will have some new storylines to distract her from the heartbreak of Jeremy’s betrayal. Former Girlfriends star Persia White will play Bonnie’s mysterious mother Abby and hunky Robert Ri’chard comes aboard as Jaime, a new love interest for Bonnie.  Will Jamie have super powers? Time will tell, but a Google image search reveals that he certainly has super looks. Check him out here.

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TVD’s Fierce Females: Why I loved Lexi on The Vampire Diaries

Arielle Kebbel is feisty and fabulous as Lexi.

Today I shared this photo of Arielle Kebbel in a flashback scene as Lexi on The Vampire Diaries from last year. We have two weeks left until TVD returns with fresh episodes and I’m going kind of “batty,” so to speak, without original TVD action Thursday nights as I’m sure you all are regardless of whether you’re Team Delena or Team Stelena. I’ve been on Twitter a lot lately, making new friends and sharing fun pics of our TVD faves. I gotta say TVD fans on Twitter are so creative with their Twitter page designs and Twitpics. We are the best fans for sure. Anyway, I noticed that some of TVD’s long-gone characters are still being worshipped out there and I think it says a lot about how the TVD writers create great female characters.  These ladies, whether they’re “good girls” like Elena or “villainous vixens” like Katherine, are always kick-ass. They are right in the middle of things, mixing it up with the big boys like Damon and Klaus, and they’re not wasting time standing in the corner crying and waiting to get rescued. Hell, this year Elena did the rescuing of Stefan, who was in serious dog poo with all that Ripping he did under Klaus’s influence. So this week I thought I’d give props to some of TVD’s most memorable “fierce females” and I’m starting with Lexi because it was so great seeing her during the “Ghost World” episode. She was in rare form with her dry sense of humor and deadpan delivery as she gave Stefan some tough love, torturing him to make him feel again and reconnect with his humanity. She ran out of time by the episode’s end, but passed the torch — figuratively, anyway– to Elena, and Stefan eventually escaped Klaus’s clutches (for now, at least). She reminds me of the new Caroline. She’s feisty and loving and has a low tolerance for B.S. I hope the TVD writers find another way to bring her back soon. In the meantime, I got really excited to see Arielle emerge from a car that had just struck Liam on the mid-season finale of The CW’s 90210. Will she have a recurring role in Beverly Hills now? Time will tell. We all know The CW takes good care of its homegrown talent.

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TVD fans can win prizes at Buddy TV’s annual holiday trivia contest! #TVD

While millions of TVD fans make do with repeats and support each other through our Stelena/Delena withdrawal on Twitter, the folks at Buddy TV are doing a very cool thing. They’re running their annual holiday trivia contest, which offers some great Vampire Diaries prizes and other goodies for fans of a bunch of TV shows.  The TVD prizes are pretty sweet. They include a  2012 calendar, a necklace, tote bag and Season 2 on DVD!  To participate, just sign up on BuddyTV, leave a comment so they know you’re playing and then answer as many questions as you can about The Vampire Diaries. Not only is there the chance to win swag signed by the stars who donated to the contest, but everyone has a chance to win iTunes gift cards and complete season DVDs.  The contest goes until December 18 so check it out here and let me know if you won anything ’cause you heard about it here. Good luck!
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