The Vampire Diaries January 19 Recap: Damon resuscitates Elijah!

Will Abby let Bonnie down again?

It was parents’ day on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries as Bonnie tracks down her long-lost mother Abby and Caroline’s father Bill turns up to set Tyler straight about putting his daughter in danger. Bonnie has been plagued by nightmares about those pesky coffins and her inability to open them with her magic. In one especially spooky dream, she is buried alive and is rescued by the mother she hasn’t seen in 15 years. Could it mean her mom holds the key to opening the coffins? Damon pulls some strings and gets Abby’s address in North Carolina but Elena forbids him to join her and Bonnie on their road trip. Bonnie picks up on the tension between Elena and Damon, who gleefully clues her in on their kiss. Klaus confronts Damon about getting the coffins back but Damon holds on to one that he figures out contains something more valuable to Klaus than his relatives. Klaus sends one of his hybrid henchman to put Abby under Klaus’ control by compelling her handsome young charge Jamie (played by Richard Ri’chard) to kill himself if she fails to help get the coffins back. Things get ugly fast as Stefan shows up only to get shot by Jamie, who ties up Elena while Abby overpowers Bonnie. Talk about a Mommy Dearest!  As the hybrid looks on, Abby begs Bonnie to help her find the coffins to save Jamie, but discreetly shows her a text message on her cell phone to warn her friends. She’s good after all, it seems, but is practically powerless since her magic has slowly abandoned her over the years. Can Bonnie really trust her? Elena tricks Jamie into untying her and knocks him out. As she removes the bullet shrapnel from Stefan’s body he comments on her new strength. She counters with the news that she kissed Damon. Awkward moment alert! Stefan pops Damon in the face when he returns to Mystic Falls and is peeved to learn his brother returned the coffins to the Klauster. On top of that, Damon pulled a dangerous move involving one of those mystical daggers.  Tyler apologizes to Caroline for biting her, telling her he suspected Klaus compelled him to do it even after Tyler had refused his orders to kill her. Realizing he needs to break Klaus’ sire hold on him, Tyler recruits Caroline’s dad Bill to administer some of his aversion therapy on him. To free himself from Klaus, Bill says, Tyler must willfully transform without pain thereby attaining full control over his lycanthropic half. That’s easier said than done and Tyler nearly kills Mr. Forbes when his chains prove too weak to hold his werewolf form. At the hospital, Bill tells Tyler he has a long way to go before controlling his curse and won’t be allowed to get near Caroline until he succeeds.

Is The Vampire Diaries' sexy doctor Meredith a healer or a killer?

Daddy Forbes was saved by hot doc Meredith, who turns out to have a few secrets of her own. While Alaric remains warm for her form, Damon thinks she’s a homicidal maniac who kills her lovers. When Damon confronts the good doctor she shoots him full of vervane and draws his blood, using it to save Bill’s life when Ric comes calling for an explanation on her attack on Damon. It seems the healthcare hottie uses the regenerative powers of vamp blood to heal good folks on their death beds. This is why she’s fascinated by Alaric’s protection ring but he wisely stops her from removing it from his finger. Just because she uses vamp blood for a good cause doesn’t mean she’s not a crazy-pants black widow! At Casa Klaus, the Viking vamp barely has time to celebrate the return of his siblings’ coffins when the heart of his hybrid lackey is ripped out by a resuscitated Elijah, freshly un-daggered and sporting a sleek new haircut!  This cannot be good.

The Vampire Diaries January 12 recap: Tyler bites Caroline!

Is Caroline bound to Klaus now that she drank his blood?

January 12 – Klaus did a very nice thing, for a change, Stefan went way too far in his high-stakes game with Klaus and it’s hinted that Alaric’s new love interest may be a murderess in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries. Damon and Elena deal with the ramifications of last week’s boffo kiss in drastically different ways. Damon is all smiles and shirtless as he basks in the afterglow while Elena is wound tighter than a drum, exercising like a mad woman to work off the sexual tension. Sorry Miss Elena, but I think you have a bad case of Damonitis and no amount of jogging and kickboxing is going to help you outrun its delicious symptoms. Besides, why would you want to?  Elena gets a slight respite from her guilt courtesy of Bonnie, who’s helping her plan a 17thbirthday party for Caroline, a year the blonde vamp will be celebrating for eternity, mind you. Bonnie’s not digging that Elena had Damon compel Jeremy to move to Denver to keep him safe from Klaus. Bonnie’s been having dreams about the coffins containing Klaus’ slumbering siblings. Damon is frustrated by his inability to crack them open while Stefan pressures Klaus to send his hybrids out of town, even boldly confronting him on his own turf. The two trade threats and Stefan beheads Klaus’s henchwoman Mindy to prove he means business.

Elena (Nina Dobrev) was devastated by Stefan's willingness to endanger her to beat Klaus.

Damon is concerned that Stefan has become dangerously unpredictable, with good reason. “To beat the villain you’ve got to be the better villain,” a scarily icy Stefan tells his brother. Proving his point, Stefan grabs Elena, feeds her some of his blood and calls Klaus from his speeding car and tells him he’ll run the car off a cliff to convert her into a vampire unless he banishes the hybrids. Klaus gives in and turns his attention to Tyler, commanding him to kill Caroline. Tyler refuses but nearly does the deed accidentally when he crashes the drink-a-thon set up by Elena, Bonnie and Matt to cheer up a down-in-the-dumps Caroline, who’s feeling ambivalent about being an eternal teen vampire. Tyler finally tells Caroline he loves her but in the heat of their passion he nicks her by mistake (remember, folks, hybrid hickies are lethal for vamps)! Klaus shows up at Sheriff Forbes’ house and feeds her his blood, assuring her that life as a vampire ain’t so bad and can be filled with an eternity of art, culture and the occasional slaughter of innocent humans on the side for kicks. OK, I added that last one for fun. He later sends Caroline a more expensive piece of jewelry to outdo the cute charm bracelet Tyler had given her. Does this mean Klaus is sweet on Caroline now? At the very least, she is bound to him by blood, just like Tyler.  Elena is understandably heartbroken by Stefan’s latest descent into Bad Guy Land. Although Stefan assures her he knew Klaus would give in, his poker face is too good for Elena’s taste. He’s playing too rough and Damon is poised to catch Elena when she falls. The two almost kiss again (darn!), but Elena doesn’t think it’s right for them to proceed. “It’s right, just not right now,” Damon tenderly assures her. Last but not least, Alaric runs into Meredith, the hottie doctor who treated him for his wounds at the hospital, at a Founder’s Council meeting at Mayor Lockwood’s house. She certainly gets around. Seems Meredith is a council member and Ric steps in when he comes upon a prickly altercation between her and a blandly cute dude named Brian Walters. Brian later turns up dead with a big, nasty blood stain on his chest. Is Meredith a serial killer? Perhaps she’s a soul-sucking succubus? Given Alaric’s track record, I wouldn’t be surprised.

The Vampire Diaries January 5 recap: Jeremy leaves Mystic Falls (and Damon kisses Elena again)!

Damon is tired of feeling guilty for "wanting what he wants."

January 5 – Jeremy goes through some major changes and Elena makes “A New Deal” with Klaus to protect someone she loves as The Vampire Diaries returns from its holiday break with a twisty, action-packed episode. The Mystic Falls gang is feeling antsy waiting around for Klaus to retaliate in response to Stefan’s theft of the coffins containing the remaining members of his slumbering family. Bonnie is haunted by a spooky premonition of finding the coffins while Elena has an unsettling encounter with a handsome stranger who turns out to be one of Klaus’s hybrid henchman stalking her as she jogs. Damon gets tipsy drinking alone at The Grill while he and Alaric try to figure out what Stefan and Klaus are up to. Meanwhile, everyone is concerned about Jeremy’s behavior in the wake of his breakup with Bonnie. Elena’s baby brother has taken to cheating on this schoolwork, got fired from his job at The Grill and, most alarmingly, is suddenly buddy-buddy with Tyler. When the trio springs an intervention on Jeremy it backfires and he invites Tyler into the Gilbert-Saltzman home. Now a dangerous hybrid under the influence of Klaus has complete access to their home, Elena worries. Although Tyler assures the gang he’s not a threat to them, Klaus activates a deadly plan B from afar when his ploy to win Damon’s cooperation in getting the coffins back from Stefan fails. To wear down Damon and Elena’s resistance, Klaus compels Jeremy to stand in front of an oncoming SUV driven by his henchman but Ric pushes Jeremy out of the way and is “killed” temporarily while Elena tends to her confused brother. Jeremy is fed up with the daily threats to his life and confronts Tyler about weaning him off vervane to make him vulnerable to Klaus’s influence. Tyler, in turn, is miffed at Klaus’s willingness to sacrifice Jeremy to achieve his goals. Bonnie discovers that Stefan is hiding the Originals’ coffins in the abandoned house haunted by the grouchy witches from the past and clues Elena in. When Elena asks Stefan for his help to protect Jeremy, she’s disgusted by his refusal and slaps him! Damon endures the agonizing sunlight unleashed by the witches to keep him out of the house and drags Stefan outside where he beats his younger brother into admitting he spared Klaus to save Damon’s life. The Salvatores agree to cooperate to work against Klaus while keeping Elena out of the line of fire. Elena, however, has other ideas. She reveals to Klaus Rebekah’s daggered body in exchange for his pledge to not hurt Jeremy. He promises to keep Rebekah from hurting her but Elena warns him that he will need protection from Rebekah as well since she now knows that he killed their mother back in the good old days. Klaus somberly decides to keep his unpredictable sister daggered, which leaves the door open for the eventual arrival of Klaus’s two other brothers Finn and Kol, played by Casper Zafer and Nathaniel Buzolic, respectively.

Have we seen the last of Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen)?

When Ric comes back to life his protection ring fails to cure him of his internal injuries from the car accident and Elena calls an ambulance. The paramedics, however, turn out to be under the control of Klaus’s henchman, who demands to be let inside in order to save Ric. Just as it looks hopeless, Jeremy shoots him with a crossbow and decapitates him in front of his horrified sister. At the hospital, Ric’s regenerative power catches the attention of a sexy doctor played by Paul Wesley’s wife Torrey DeVitto, who’s rockin’ a serious Angelina Jolie vibe. Will the hot doc help Ric with his damaged power or will she complicate matters? Stay tuned! After cleaning the latest blood stains off her porch, Elena decides to take drastic action to keep Jeremy out of harm’s way. Damon compels Jeremy to leave Mystic Falls indefinitely as a tearful Elena looks on. Feeling guilty when a grateful Elena cozies up to him, Damon admits that Stefan didn’t really betray them when he saved Klaus then he indulges himself by giving her a red-hot kiss that’s worth feeling guilty over. The kiss leaves Elena breathless and Stefan one step closer to losing his gal. Watch out Team Stelena!

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