The Vampire Diaries March 1 Sneak Peek Preview Pictures: “1912”

ImageI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The CW takes care of its actors. Arielle Kebbel, loved by TVD fans for her feisty portrayal of Lexi, is now giving Annie a run for her money as Liam’s new girlfriend on 90210, and tomorrow,  Smallville’s Cassidy Freeman pops up in another retro episode of The Vampire Diaries, “1912.” Viewers who love to see the Salvatores all gussied up like gentlemen are going to have a field day when Damon and Stefan flash back to 1912 for clues to solve the murder spree plaguing present-day Mystic Falls. It seems that Damon recalls a similar set of killings back in the day when he encountered a feisty female vampire (is there any other kind?) who taught him a new way to live. An undead way, that is. The CW’s preview pictures reveal that Freeman’s character is not above using her vampire strength to gain advantage over a hunky opponent in the boxing ring. She may look dainty but she packs a mean whallop! Will Freeman pop up in contemporary Mystic Falls? Depends on fan reaction and ratings, of course. Start those tribute Twitter feeds now, folks! In other TVD news, Sheriff Forbes warns Damon not to get involved in her investigation, but Damon is convinced she’s going after the wrong suspect.  Elena and Matt resort to breaking and entering in their search for evidence to prove hot doctor Meredith is a killer while Rebekah snoops around one of the town’s oldest landmarks.  Finally, Elena comes to a new understanding of the path her life has taken, and Damon makes an emotional confession to Stefan. Sounds juicy!






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The Vampire Diaries February 16 recap: Damon makes Abby a vampire!

Turning Abby into a vampire is one of the worst things Damon has done in a long time, but he did it to spare Stefan from doing the dirty work.

If you think it was tough for Bonnie to accept Elena’s love for the Salvatores, just imagine what she’s going to go through with a vampire mom! That’s the question in the air after Damon and Stefan went to extremes to stop Esther’s plot to wipe out her children with an ancient spell that required the combined powers of the Bennett witch bloodline, putting Abby in a pivotal spot that will test Bonnie’s tolerance. If the history of past TVD newbies is a good sign, Bonnie won’t have to adjust to having a vampire mother for long. The drama began with Elena arriving just in time to catch a very satisfied Rebekah leaving Damon after their vigorous revenge hookup. Elena recognizes that an inebriated Damon’s one-night stand with Becky was his lashing out over her rejection of his love and concern for her. He’s determined to reclaim his bad boy crown and is off to a good start. Elena’s dismayed that neither Salvatore brother supports her plan to head off Esther’s plan, which she feels unfairly lumps Elijah with his wicked siblings. The Salvatores change their attitudes when Elijah, suspecting something’s afoot, kidnaps Elena and holds her for ransom when she tells him about his mother’s scheme. Either Damon and Stefan help him stop Esther or Elena’s going to be Becky’s next meal! The Salvatores team up with Alaric to split up Klaus and Kol at the Grill. Caroline lures a smitten Klaus outside while Kol puts the moves on Dr. Meredith. Ric daggers Kol, which sends all the siblings into comas, except Klaus, that is. The Klauster dashes over to toss aside Kol’s assailants and undaggers him. Down in the caverns where Elijah had left Elena with Rebekah as her guard dog, Elena takes advantage of Becky’s momentary paralysis and makes a break for it, entering the area with the hieroglyphics which vampires cannot enter. A crafty Rebekah tosses a convenient can of gasoline all over the room and sets it ablaze. Either Elena leaves the room or burns inside it! Becky’s brothers, meanwhile, confront their mother and traitorous brother Finn. Esther’s not budging, but the Salvatores put a twist on the proceedings when Damon snaps Abby’s neck, ending her life as a witch and weakening Esther’s incantation. In a flash of fire, Esther’s gone and the Original siblings are safe to continue their tyranny over Mystic Falls, for now at least.

"We're monsters," a guilt-ridden Elijah tells Rebekah.

Elijah feels guilty over having to endanger Elena in order to force the Salvatores to do his bidding. Rebekah is happy to let Elena live so she can gloat over the suffering that’s to come her way. Damon and Stefan have their own heart to heart, noting that their temporary role swap seems to  be coming to an end. Stefan thinks it’s too late to reclaim his title of resident good guy while Damon remarks that he’s better at being the bad guy. Speaking of bad guys, it turns out that Meredith may be one after all after Alaric finds incriminating evidence regarding the recent spate of murders in her apartment. “You weren’t supposed to see that,” she says as she shoots him.

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The Vampire Diaries February 2 Recap: The Originals return!

Is Elijah (Daniel Gillies) going to take over as head of the Originals family now that everyone's back?

February 2: The Salvatore brothers discover how much they share in common with Klaus and Elijah, Caroline loses her dad and the Original vampire clan is reunited at last in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries “Bringing Out the Dead.” A resuscitated Elijah is understandably upset with his brother and the two have a brief scuffle before Klaus convinces him they should join forces to get the remaining coffin back from the Salvatores. Klaus needs to keep an eye on his brother, though, because Elijah meets with Damon, who offers him his own deal. Will Elijah betray his bloodline? The mystery of who killed Meredith’s ex, the medical examiner, deepens when Caroline and Elena visit Mr. Forbes in the hospital and find him with a knife sticking out of his chest. Bill isn’t dead — yet anyway — and is dismayed to learn he must drink blood to finish the process of turning into a vampire. No way, he says, to his daughter’s horror. Stefan takes Bonnie and her mom to the remaining coffin and orders them to open it at all costs. The witches are successful and are shocked at what they find inside. Perhaps I should say whom they saw inside? When Sheriff Forbes reveals that the knife used to kill the medical examiner belonged to the Gilbert family, Elena and Alaric compare theories on who may be the crazed killer who’s offing members of the town council. Elena confronts Stefan and he asks her whether she posed the question to Damon, too. Stefan and Damon’s rivalry over Elena is mirrored in a story Klaus and Elijah share over dinner about the original member of the Petrova bloodline, Tatya. It seems that Tatya’s mother was a powerful witch who refused to let her end up with either Klaus or Elijah and took her life. It was Tatya’s blood the brothers drank the night they became vamps. When the Salvatores reject Klaus’ offer to protect Elena as long as they let her marry a human and make baby doppelgängers to maintain his source of hybrid juice, he tosses aside all politeness and overpowers Stefan, commanding Damon to retrieve the coffin with Elijah tagging along as a watchdog. Elijah, however, has other plans. Elena and Matt return home after accompanying Caroline on her vigil over her dad and discover that Alaric is the latest victim of the Mystic Falls’ killer on the loose! Luckily, Alaric’s regenerative power brings him back to life.

Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) has an alibi for the latest attack. Does she have a partner in crime?

Elena learns from Sheriff Forbes that Meredith was in surgery, giving her an alibi in the latest attack. I think she may be working with an accomplice. When Elijah returns, he’s accompanied by his revived siblings Rebekah, Koll and Finn, who take turns stabbing Klaus with the magic daggers. Elijah frees the Salvatores to contemplate their complicated love triangle with Elena. Who will win her love in the end? Back at the Originals’ home, Mama Original shows up alive and well. She’s not after revenge on her treacherous son, however. She wants them all to be a family again. Next up, we’re all invited to attend a ball thrown by the Originals. Hope you survive the night!

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