The Vampire Diaries May 10 Season Finale: Is Elena now a vampire?

Will Matt Davis return to The Vampire Diaries next season?

As the saying goes, OMG! The producers of TVD promised fans a boffo season three ender and boy, did they deliver! You needed a scorecard to keep track of who died, who survived and who took over whose body as the Mystic Falls gang tried to outmaneuver Bad Ric in his hunt to end the Originals bloodline by destroying Klaus. Elena was at the heart of the episode more than ever as she veered between the present danger of Ric and dreams that flashed back to her “normal” life before meeting the Salvatore brothers. TVD fans got to see Sara Canning looking pretty as ever as Aunt Jenna and we finally got a glimpse of Elena’s parents. TVD’s writers brought Elena full circle in more ways than one as the pressure of deciding between Stefan and Damon caused her to retreat into her subconscious need to have her mom around. Matt remembers the good old days and gives her some solace as he and Stefan watch over her while Damon races to hide Klaus’s body from Bad Ric, who stays one step ahead of them all. Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes warn Tyler and Caroline that Ric outed them to the Town Council and they need to skip town. Ric next confronts Meredith at the hospital and tells her he is reporting her misuse of vamp blood. He tells Jeremy he should reveal the whereabouts of Klaus’s body in order to keep Elena away from vampires once and for all. Jeremy lures him into a trap hatched by the gang, which includes a newly arrived Elijah. That guy keeps showing up like a bad penny and it’s hard to figure out whose side he’s on. When Damon and Bonnie find Klaus’s coffin, Bonnie gets some alone time with the Klauster, supposedly to enjoy his predicament, but we know that she’s up to something. Ric tracks down Damon and starts looking for the coffin. When Damon and Rebekah try to escape with it, he tosses them aside and drives the enchanted stake deep into Klaus’s heart! Damon tells Becky to run and distracts Ric. As news spreads of the Klauster’s apparent demise, all the vamps in Mystic Falls check themselves to see if they’re going to drop dead next. The only one who seems to be in real danger, however, is poor Tyler, who forces Caroline to flee while he undergoes another painful werewolf transformation that may be his last now that his maker is dead.

We finally got to see Elena’s beautiful mother in flashbacks.

Elena confides in Matt that Stefan helped her regain the will to live after her parents died during her sophomore year. Matt decides to drive her straight out of town but she gets a call from Damon and she reminds him she met Stefan first and despite her feelings for Damon it’s him that she feels she should be with. Another flashback reveals that it was actually Damon she met first and he compelled her to forget their meeting. Elena tells Matt to return to Mystic Falls but they’re run off the road and into a lake by Rebekah standing in the middle of the road. The lake is the same one where Elena’s parents died and Elena flashes back and forth between her two brushes with aquatic death. As before, Stefan shows up to rescue her but she insists that he save Matt first while she seems to succumb to a watery grave!  Alaric, who’s beating Damon to a pulp, doubles over in pain just as Elena is drowning. Bonnie reveals that Tyler is actually Klaus, whose soul she deposited in the young werewolf’s body before Ric staked his real one. This would explain why the vamps aren’t dropping like flies. Klaus may be alive, but as Jeremy discovers, Alaric isn’t. Since Ric and Elena were bound in life by Esther, they’re bound in death as well. Don’t cry for Elena just yet, though. We learn that Meredith had treated her for a brain hemorrhage with — you guessed it — vampire blood. Elena suddenly awakens. Is she a vampire now? Will she remember that she met Damon before Stefan and will it matter? Are Tyler and Matt dead? And where the hell is Katherine? Tune in next fall when The Vampire Diaries returns for season four. Night Bites is taking a break for the summer. See you all then!

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