New Vampire Diaries Preview: Werewolves lock Caroline in a cage!

Just when I thought the folks at The Vampire Diaries were going to speed up the love triangle between Caroline, Matt and Tyler, they throw us a curve ball and turn the studly werewolf against his vampire crush.  The new preview for tomorrow’s episode shows Caroline getting caged and Tyler cross-examining her about his uncle Mason’s death. Could Tyler be in on Caroline’s caging? Jules recruited Tyler to her side by pointing an accusatory finger at Caroline and her fellow vampires. Now I wonder how Caroline will escape her predicament and, when she does, will she forgive Tyler for turning against her?  Damon, meanwhile, keeps a close eye on John Gilbert as John cozies up to his daughter Elena. John had better watch his step because Damon had a taste of fresh blood recently and is back in bad boy form. Any false moves could be his final ones if he hurts Elena!

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Vampire Diaries January 27 Recap: Damon does a mercy killing.

Damon had no choice but to put Rose out of her agony.

January 27 – This episode features some mighty fine acting by Ian Somerhalder, who goes from touching to terrifying in the blink of an eye as the torn Damon Salvatore struggling to reconcile his savage vampire nature with his resurgent humanity. He definitely goes through the ringer on this one and I was feeling for Damon a lot. We also got more evidence that Jules is one baaaaad werewolf chick. She may not be as powerful as Katherine, Mystic Falls’ undisputed top villainess, but Jules is trouble with a capital T. We first see her waking up in the aftermath of a particularly grisly kill at a camp site where she tries to burn the mangled remains. When an unlucky deputy happens upon the scene she bludgeons him to death to cover her tracks. After Damon leaves an ailing Rose in Elena’s care at his place he confronts the she-wolf and tries to bargain with her to find a cure for the wolf’s bite. His intimidation gambit falls flat because Jules isn’t afraid of big bad Damon. “Put a stake through her heart,” a defiant Jules suggests prophetically. Elena is thinking the same thing when a delirious Rose turns rabid and attacks her. A resourceful Elena uses sunlight to fend Rose off and locks herself in a room with a makeshift stake. When she exits the room she encounters Damon and the two head out to find Rose, finding her just as she bites big, bloody chunks out of a young couple leaving the latest festival. Damon returns Rose to his home and comforts her as she grapples with unimaginable pain and guilt over killing the innocent locals. Realizing there’s no other options, Damon lulls Rose into a dream in which she revisits her idyllic human life in England and gently stakes her to release her from her agony. Ian’s lone tear drop is an acting coup and I really felt for Rose, whom I admittedly found annoying because I thought she lacked chemistry with sexy Damon. Still, the scene belonged to Ian.

An unlucky woman paid the price for Damon's emotional turmoil.

After Elena hugs him to express her condolences over Rose’s death, a tortured Damon gets smashed and lures an unsuspecting female motorist to her doom, the whole time keeping us on pins and needles as we beg him not to kill her knowing full well that he was gonna do it. And boy did he ever! Yikes!  While Damon reclaimed his bad boy credentials, Caroline finds herself smack in the middle of a love triangle. Matt kisses her after she confesses her love for him but she pulls away without sharing the news of her bloody new diet with him. While the eternally clueless hunk scratches his head in confusion, Tyler shows Caroline his gratitude for her support with a big wet one and she responds. Pulling away, she exclaims “Everyone just needs to stop kissing me!” Lucky girl. Tyler has reason to change his tune where Caroline’s concerned when Jules reveals her werewolf status to him and implicates Caroline in Mason’s death. Join us, she tells him, adding that more werewolves are on their way to Mystic Falls for a showdown with the vampires. She’s trouble I tell ya!  Stefan, meanwhile, gets Isobel’s number from Alaric so he can enlist her help in saving Elena from super vamps Elijah and Klaus. His search reunites Elena not with her mysterious mom but with her daddy dearest, “uncle” Jonathan Gilbert!  Where’s Katherine when you need her?

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Sexy new Vampire Diaries YouTube video asks: “Got Wood?”

When the folks at The Vampire Diaries say “things that go bump in the night,” they probably mean boots because there seems to be a whole lot of horizontal action planned when the show returns tomorrow after a  l-o-o-o-n-g winter’s break.  From Stefan, Damon and Elena to Caroline and umm, somebody (Tyler? Matt?) … everybody’s body temperature seems to be rising… even the vampires! Check out the new footage from The CW and let the games begin! Welcome back, gang!

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Twitter petition launched to get Ian Somerhalder’s Foundation on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!


Ian Somerhalder may be an undead bad boy as Damon on The Vampire Diaries, but in real life there’s no doubting that the guy’s got lots of heart.  He has created a nonprofit foundation that collaborates with a range of organizations dedicated to  making this world a better place and boy, do we need this kind of effort.  The Ian Somerhalder Foundation partners with non-profits, companies and governing bodies globally to effect positive change in the environment, energy resources and animal welfare.

The group’s initiatives, as outlined on their website, include: 

  • Distributing funds and resources towards global conservation, green energy development/deployment and educational tools.
  • Creating awareness that global deforestation can be seen as a national/international and global security risk.
  • Creating mobility by engaging and supporting of the most powerful, yet disregarded, disrespected and overlooked population on the planet – our youth.
  • Ending animal cruelty and promoting programs such as: “species specific sterilization drugs”, transferring and re-training of abandoned animals into assistive and therapy guides.
  • Supporting and creating sustainable strategies for “no-kill shelters.” 

I came upon Ian’s foundation this morning while surfing Twitter where I saw a tweet about a “twitition” asking for signatures from Ian fans to support a drive to get him and his foundation featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show. This is a cause I can definitely get behind and I hope you will, too. Visit the Twitter page here and help get Ian’s great work spotlighted on Ellen!

Ian Somerhalder talks new Vampire Diaries plot twists in interview on Cambio!

Did you all see Ian’s new interview on Cambio? He hints at a few plot twists that, quite frankly, we all knew about (well, those of you who read this blog, anyway! wink). Still, he looks supercute as always and plays it coy when asked about being selected one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Hunks. Gotta hand it to People, they always get it right. Check out Ian’s interview here.

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Sneak Peek at scenes from the February 3 episode of The Vampire Diaries! Jonathan Gilbert returns!

Jules may be looking to recruit a vulnerable Tyler to her wolf pack.

The CW has released some sneak peek shots from the February 3 episode of The Vampire Diaries “Daddie Issues,” and it looks like Tyler is going to be smack in the middle of the action.  The pictures make me think there will be a struggle between the Salvatores and Jules for Tyler’s allegiance. If he learns of Mason’s death at the hands of Damon, it may put him in Jules’ camp. She’s got the advantage given that she’s a fellow werewolf. But does that make it right for him to be with her? She’s trouble.  She proves it in a scene that seems to depict a hostage tradeoff. Word from the CW has it things will get violent really fast during the confrontation. Will Feb 3 be the last we see of Jules? In other news, Jeremy comforts Bonnie after she has a disturbing chat with Luka’s dad Jonas, who’s in cahoots with Elijah. Elena, meanwhile, gets an unpleasant surprise when her dad Jonathan shows up. If he’s back for revenge against Katherine for maiming him we know where she can be found. Stay tuned!

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The Salvatore brothers seem to be bargaining with Jules using Tyler. Is it a trick?

Is Jules in for a nasty surprise?

A lineup of supernatural hunks!

Sneak peek pictures from The Vampire Diaries January 27 episode!

Who is the mystery girl with Damon?

Just two more weeks before The Vampire Diaries returns with fresh episodes, folks! It can’t come soon enough for me. I’m on pins and needles over the fate of Rose. We know from the previews that she’s gonna turn rabid and go after Elena. My question is whether she survives the episode. A few new preview photos released by The CW just might provide a clue or two.  It looks like Damon is gonna get some major screen time, not that we mind, of course. He’s pictured with some mystery gal and these pictures indicate their conversation will be pretty intense. Is she someone from his past? More importantly, is she going to figure in his future? Jules is set to take a walk in the woods rockin’ a lady lumberjack look like she’s ready for a date with Wolverine from X-Men. Regardless, Jules looks spooked in one shot and comes across a fire in another. Did she set it? In other news, Caroline ends up in a pickle when a grateful Tyler plants one on her just as Matt makes move to further their reconciliation along. Will she pick the human hottie or the hot-headed werewolf? Tune in on January 27!

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I thought Damon's emotional moments were only for Elena!


At least Elena gives Damon some solace.

Will Damon have to kill a rabid Rose to save Elena?

Will Jules get what's coming to her from a vengeful Damon?

Is Jules getting rid of evidence? A body, perhaps?

Here's a shot of Damon lookin' mighty fine. Go figure.

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