Ian Somerhalder talks new Vampire Diaries plot twists in interview on Cambio!

Did you all see Ian’s new interview on Cambio? He hints at a few plot twists that, quite frankly, we all knew about (well, those of you who read this blog, anyway! wink). Still, he looks supercute as always and plays it coy when asked about being selected one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Hunks. Gotta hand it to People, they always get it right. Check out Ian’s interview here.

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Will Rose die of rabies on The Vampire Diaries?

The new YouTube preview of the next episode of Vampire Diaries is chilling! We’re finally going to find out what happens to a vampire after getting bitten by a werewolf. We’ve heard for most of the new season about how deadly werewolf bites are for vampires but I’m guessing most of us thought that the results would be like any regular wolf bite — major pain, lots of bloodletting and a relatively quick death. From the looks of the next episode, it appears that the after effects are far more drawn out and gory. As we all know, Rose, who clearly has a crush on Damon regardless of how casual she wants to come off, took a bite meant for him from Jules in wolf form. Although the wound seemed to heal miraculously quick, it was replaced by some ominous, bubbling skin tissue on her shoulder. I think a werewolf’s bite infects a vampire’s bloodstream with a venom that turns him or her into a werewolf-vampire hybrid acting like a zombie straight out of “Night of the Living Dead.” This stuff looks pretty gruesome. Jules is of course pretty happy about it and refuses to help Damon find a cure — if there is one. Elena, our perpetual damsel in distress, seems to be square in the line of fire, as usual. Vampire Diaries seems to be setting up a steady stream of villains this year and I think Jules’ unseen collaborator will figure prominently in the coming weeks, especially if Damon does anything to Jules. Killing werewolves doesn’t seem to be a wise move for peace in Mystic Falls. They move in packs, after all, so it stands to reason there will always be a new one on the scene to avenge the death of a fallen pack mate. I suspect Lauren Cohan, who plays Rose, won’t be on the show much longer so I looked her up on IMDB and found out that she was born in Philadelphia in 198 2 and was raised in the United Kingdom, hence the British accent. She’s in a direct-to-video flick called “Death Race 2” and will appear as Leto in “Young Alexander the Great.” For more information on Lauren, visit her profile here.

Tyler has his first wolf transformation and Rose gets bitten by a she-wolf!

This was the one, folks. The one where we finally got to see what a werewolf transformation really looks like in all its bone-crunching, gut-wrenching glory. Trust me when I say it was not easy to see Tyler experience this sad rite of passage. At least he had Caroline to help him through it. She held him and everything. Looks like the newbie wolf and vamp will become a newbie couple very soon.  Tyler gets spooked by the video Mason left behind of his own metamorphosis and leaves a message on Mason’s cell phone that is picked up by the new gal in town, Jules, who clues Tyler and his mom in on the fact that Mason did not go to Florida as they had been led to believe. Jules is pleased to report to an accomplice that Tyler is a werewolf. The question is whether she is one, too. It’s a question Damon and Alaric are determined to answer as they team up at The Grill to trick her into drinking beer laced with wolf’s bane.

What did Jules' bite do to Rose?

After some playful small talk that feels more like a cross-examination, Jules puts down her glass, reveals herself to Damon and issues him a warning. The she-wolf has “marked” Mystic Falls’ sexy bad boy! While Elena is imprisoned at home, where Bonnie keeps her safe from harm’s way with a sealing spell, Damon delivers blood to Stefan, who’s trapped in the tomb with Katherine. Kat projects some mighty sexy fantasies into Stefan’s still-vulnerable mind and almost gets him to cheat on Elena. Will she succeed the next time? Elena has more pressing concerns, however. Elijah adopts an American accent and wheedles an invitation into her house from eternally clueless Jenna and nearly gives Elena heart failure. Elijah makes her a mysterious offer to get rid of Klaus in exchange for something that we won’t learn until late January when The Vampire Diaries returns with fresh episodes, but something tells me it can’t be good. At least it gets Stefan out of the tomb and safe from Katherine’s clutches. That’s more than we can say for Damon, whose latest clinch with Rose (snooze!) is interrupted by Jules in wolf form. Jules lunges at Damon but Rose pushes him out of the way and gets bitten! After the she-wolf escapes, Damon tends to her wound, which is miraculously vanished. It’s not cured, however, as the two uncover it later to reveal bubbles sizzling on the surface of her skin. Is Rose a goner? I’m not her biggest fan, what with the mannish haircut and all, but she’s not such a bad girl. I feel bad about what lies ahead for her.

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Sneak peek at December 9 Vampire Diaries: Tyler’s first werewolf transformation!

Michaela McManus guest stars as mysterious hottie Jules. Is she a female werewolf?

Get ready for The Vampire Diaries to get a lot hairier on December 9. Tyler is finally going to turn into a werewolf during a full moon with new buddy Caroline at his side to help him through the ordeal. Hopefully she will have him well tied up with strong chains. Something tells me that seeing Tyler go through the agonizing pain of a werewolf transformation will bring Caroline much closer to him. Cue the meaningful glances! Meanwhile, Damon’s cover up of Mason’s murder will be jeopardized when a gorgeous woman named Jules (Michaela McManus) shows up in town looking for Mason. From these scenes released by The CW it appears that she encounters Damon in a chummy-looking scene. Is she cozying up to him because she suspects he was involved in what happened to Mason? As Shakira might ask, might she be a she-wolf? In emerging couple news, Bonnie and Luca collaborate on a spell but keep secrets from each other. I wonder how Jeremy will react to the magical duo’s latest venture. More importantly, how much longer will it take him to punch Luca out? Finally, that nasty, well-coifed vampire Elijah pops up again with an offer that promises to be a major game changer.

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Jules toasts with Damon. Are they wicked birds of a feather or playing a game of cat and mouse?

Elena will continue to give Damon and the gang trouble in their efforts to protect her from Elijah and Klaus.

Can Jeremy compete with a guy who can practice magic with Bonnie?

December 2 Vampire Diaries episode preview: The Sacrifice

I”m going through some major Vampire Diaries withdrawal. No fresh episodes until December 2. At least the good folks at the CW Network have posted an exciting extended preview of the next episode on YouTube.  Of course there are a few moments of witchery going on and Jeremy is growing more concerned about the nosebleeds plaguing Bonnie. Alaric gets caught in his birthday suit (It’s about time!). Meanwhile, Elijah is closing in on Elena, who doesn’t want to cooperate with the gang’s efforts to protect her. Looks like Damon may have to throw her over his shoulder and carry her away like a caveman. And if Elena were truly honest with herself, she’d admit that she’d like it… just a little.

Sneak peek at Dec. 2 episode of The Vampire Diaries

Stefan's life will be endangered by something Jeremy does!

I hope everyone enjoyed last night’s journey back in time to explore crazy Katherine’s history. The bad news for fans is that The Vampire Diaries won’t be airing fresh episodes until December 2, but the good news is that our Mystic Falls favorites look to be returning with a bang when they do.  Elena starts a new plan to foil the big Klaus caper and recruits Rose’s help, but Rose ends up calling on Damon (big shock!) when Elena’s plan goes in an unexpected direction. That Rose has her sights set on Damon and I’m not liking it one bit.  Meanwhile, Jeremy is heading for trouble when he teams up with Bonnie to retrieve the moonstone, forcing Stefan to put himself in danger.  At the Lockwood home, Tyler and Caroline will make a discovery that leaves them both terrified. Anything that spooks a vampire and a werewolf cannot be good. Check out these sneak peek photos!

Bonnie is collaborating with the Salvatore brothers more than ever.

Will Rose's meddling be the end of her? One can only hope.

What will Caroline and Tyler find in the Lockwood cellar?

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Nov. 11 Vampire Diaries Recap: Katherine’s origin is revealed!

Katerina discovered the price she paid for her freedom from Klaus.

November 11 – This flashback episode gives Nina Dobrev quite a workout playing three roles: good girl Elena, modern-day psychotic vampire Katherine and her human self Katerina Petrova in 1400s Bulgaria, who wasn’t so naïve and sweet to begin with. The trip down Katherine’s memory lane is provoked by Elena, who, determined to find a way to stop the convoluted curse involving big bad Original vampire Klaus and practically everyone in Mystic Falls, confronts Kat in the tomb and sends Caroline to distract Stefan while she grills her ancestor. Elena feeds a ravenous Kat small amounts of bottled blood in exchange for bits of information. We learn that Katerina shamed her family by birthing a daughter out of wedlock. No warm and fuzzy “Papa Don’t Preach” endings here, folks. The Bulgarians played rough in the 1400s. Kat’s papa swiped the baby and banished her from the village to protect the family’s reputation. Ending up in England, Katerina fell into the clutches of the mysterious Klaus and split as soon as she discovered his horrible plot to drain her — a Petrova family doppelganger — to break the curse. Although Kat looked like an innocent waif, all cinched waist, tumbling curls and heaving bosom, she was actually pretty crafty and, realizing she wouldn’t be valuable to Klaus if she lost her humanity, she tricked Trevor and Rosemarie into helping her become a vampire by first drinking some of Rosemarie’s blood, then hanging herself to finish the transformation. Unfortunately for her family, she had underestimated Klaus’ appetite for revenge and Kat returned to Bulgaria only to find them all slaughtered. While Elena plays This is Your Life with Katherine, Damon launches his own investigation into finding a way to solve the curse and teams up with Rosemarie, who teases him about his unrequited love for Elena. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not likin’ Rose. She’s about as sexy as a grilled cheese sandwich, so she better not get any ideas about replacing Elena in Damon’s heart. In any case, the two head to a café to meet up with Slater, an old vampire pal of Rosemarie’s who has a million degrees and provides fresh clues about ways to beat Klaus’ diabolical plans for Elena & Co.

Rosemarie turned to Damon in her pain over losing Trevor.

 Just as Slater is about to reveal a juicy tidbit, Elijah literally crashes the party by tossing loose change through the café’s windows with such force that the coins shatter the windows, sending deadly sunlight into the cafe, leaving Slater and Rose writhing in pain. Slater escapes in a panic while Damon tends to Rose. The experience temporarily bonds the two vamps, who hook up in an effort to forget their respective lost loves. The scene is more bland than sexy. In other developments, Bonnie and Jeremy meet a new student at school named Luka Martin who has instant chemistry with the pretty young witch, to Mr. Gilbert’s dismay. When Luka’s dad Jonas quizzes a spooked Bonnie about having Salem relatives, Luka confesses that they are practitioners of magic, too. Their common bond leaves Jeremy further out in the cold.  Both Jeremy and Bonnie have more to worry about. When Stefan wises up to Caroline’s diversionary tactics about revealing her secret to Tyler, he shows up at the tomb in time for Katherine to reveal that she was cooking up a recipe to break the curse just before she was trapped by Team Mystic Falls.  Breaking the curse would require not only sacrificing Elena, but the participation of a werewolf (Tyler), a vampire (Caroline), a witch (Bonnie) and the moonstone. The guilt of putting her friends in danger is too much for Elena to bear. Rose gets a call from Slater, who, compelled by Elijah, tells her to get the moonstone back. He then stakes himself at Elijah’s command. Luka’s dad is present to witness the ancient vamp’s latest kill. What role does the warlock play in this convoluted mystery? More importantly, whatever happened to Katerina’s baby?

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