The Vampire Diaries February 24 Recap: Isobel Returns!

Jonas' quest for vengeance took a terrible toll.

February 24 – It’s a night of death and destruction in Mystic Falls as The Vampire Diaries signs off for a five-week break until picking up dangling stories on April 7. I’m definitely not happy about going so long without a fresh dose of sexy vampire mayhem but at least they left us with a doozy of a cliffhanger. At Damon’s house, Katherine celebrates her release from the tomb by toying with the Salvatore brothers while pretending to be Elena, who is not pleased to discover that her twisted vampire twin is back in action. Katherine admits to Damon she knew that using the dagger against Elijah would kill him but was willing to sacrifice him instead of Stefan in order to get out of the tomb. The Salvatores are unnerved that Kat can impersonate her saintly doppelganger with such ease and determine that she’s more dangerous than ever. Before dealing with Katherine, however, the boys have to survive the night! Elijah’s warlock, Jonas, is determined to deliver Elena to Klaus in exchange for his daughter’s release and although Bonnie and Stefan offer to team up with him against the supervamp, he opts to revive Elijah instead and sends Luka to Damon’s house in astral form to remove the dagger from Elijah’s body. Luckily Katherine senses his presence and stops him. After a fierce struggle, Damon shows up and fries Luka to a crisp with a flamethrower.  A desperate Jonas returns Luka to his body but his magic is unable to revive his dead son!

Who knew Caroline could sing? She's amazing!

At Elena’s house it’s girls’ night to commiserate. Bonnie has no powers and is fretting over how to tell Elena she’s playing kissy face with her baby brother. Caroline feels guilty about not telling Matt she’s one of the undead. Elena is in mortal danger… as usual. Aunt Jenna arrives and joins the gals to vent about Alaric’s hesitance to share more details about the fate of his supposedly dead wife Isobel. She won’t have to worry about this much longer, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. To perk up the mood of their pity party, Caroline suggests they hit The Grill and listen to the new band Matt brought in to improve business. Things take a brief turn for the better there when Caroline wows the crowd – and Matt – by serenading him to show how much she loves him. Her gambit works big time and Matt plants a big one on her on stage while the crowd cheers. Elena, meanwhile, gives Bonnie and Jeremy her blessing. Their smiles turn to screams when a revenge-seeking Jonas crashes the party looking for Elena and starts trashing the place with his magic. The Salvatores and Caroline distract him so they can get Elena out of The Grill but their plan takes a devastating turn when Jonas subdues Caroline and slashes Matt’s neck with a broken bottle. Caroline has no choice but to feed her blood to Matt to save him, revealing her secret to him in the process.

Will Jenna have to compete for Alaric's love now that Isobel is back in town?

Jonas shows up later at Elena’s home and mistakes Katherine for Elena giving Kat an opening to fatally bite him. Jonas’ last act before dying is to grab a remorseful Bonnie and return her powers. She later shares with Jeremy that Jonas also clued her in on a way to stop Klaus. As night descends on Mystic Falls, the gang unwinds after dealing with the maniacal mystic, but the mood varies in each home. Matt awakens from his near-death experience to learn the truth about Caroline’s new life and it stirs up bad memories of his sister Vicky’s fate.  Consider them kaput again. While Jeremy and Bonnie love things up, Katherine’s latest effort to seduce Damon falls flat. He may need her to vanquish Klaus, but he sure doesn’t want her. Kat’s mood should perk up considerably when she learns that Elena’s prodigal mother Isobel has arrived at Jenna’s doorstep. Is that the sound of another Katherine Pierce plot I hear hatching in the background? Tune in April 7, folks!

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Sneak peek at December 9 Vampire Diaries: Tyler’s first werewolf transformation!

Michaela McManus guest stars as mysterious hottie Jules. Is she a female werewolf?

Get ready for The Vampire Diaries to get a lot hairier on December 9. Tyler is finally going to turn into a werewolf during a full moon with new buddy Caroline at his side to help him through the ordeal. Hopefully she will have him well tied up with strong chains. Something tells me that seeing Tyler go through the agonizing pain of a werewolf transformation will bring Caroline much closer to him. Cue the meaningful glances! Meanwhile, Damon’s cover up of Mason’s murder will be jeopardized when a gorgeous woman named Jules (Michaela McManus) shows up in town looking for Mason. From these scenes released by The CW it appears that she encounters Damon in a chummy-looking scene. Is she cozying up to him because she suspects he was involved in what happened to Mason? As Shakira might ask, might she be a she-wolf? In emerging couple news, Bonnie and Luca collaborate on a spell but keep secrets from each other. I wonder how Jeremy will react to the magical duo’s latest venture. More importantly, how much longer will it take him to punch Luca out? Finally, that nasty, well-coifed vampire Elijah pops up again with an offer that promises to be a major game changer.

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Jules toasts with Damon. Are they wicked birds of a feather or playing a game of cat and mouse?

Elena will continue to give Damon and the gang trouble in their efforts to protect her from Elijah and Klaus.

Can Jeremy compete with a guy who can practice magic with Bonnie?

Nov. 11 Vampire Diaries Recap: Katherine’s origin is revealed!

Katerina discovered the price she paid for her freedom from Klaus.

November 11 – This flashback episode gives Nina Dobrev quite a workout playing three roles: good girl Elena, modern-day psychotic vampire Katherine and her human self Katerina Petrova in 1400s Bulgaria, who wasn’t so naïve and sweet to begin with. The trip down Katherine’s memory lane is provoked by Elena, who, determined to find a way to stop the convoluted curse involving big bad Original vampire Klaus and practically everyone in Mystic Falls, confronts Kat in the tomb and sends Caroline to distract Stefan while she grills her ancestor. Elena feeds a ravenous Kat small amounts of bottled blood in exchange for bits of information. We learn that Katerina shamed her family by birthing a daughter out of wedlock. No warm and fuzzy “Papa Don’t Preach” endings here, folks. The Bulgarians played rough in the 1400s. Kat’s papa swiped the baby and banished her from the village to protect the family’s reputation. Ending up in England, Katerina fell into the clutches of the mysterious Klaus and split as soon as she discovered his horrible plot to drain her — a Petrova family doppelganger — to break the curse. Although Kat looked like an innocent waif, all cinched waist, tumbling curls and heaving bosom, she was actually pretty crafty and, realizing she wouldn’t be valuable to Klaus if she lost her humanity, she tricked Trevor and Rosemarie into helping her become a vampire by first drinking some of Rosemarie’s blood, then hanging herself to finish the transformation. Unfortunately for her family, she had underestimated Klaus’ appetite for revenge and Kat returned to Bulgaria only to find them all slaughtered. While Elena plays This is Your Life with Katherine, Damon launches his own investigation into finding a way to solve the curse and teams up with Rosemarie, who teases him about his unrequited love for Elena. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not likin’ Rose. She’s about as sexy as a grilled cheese sandwich, so she better not get any ideas about replacing Elena in Damon’s heart. In any case, the two head to a café to meet up with Slater, an old vampire pal of Rosemarie’s who has a million degrees and provides fresh clues about ways to beat Klaus’ diabolical plans for Elena & Co.

Rosemarie turned to Damon in her pain over losing Trevor.

 Just as Slater is about to reveal a juicy tidbit, Elijah literally crashes the party by tossing loose change through the café’s windows with such force that the coins shatter the windows, sending deadly sunlight into the cafe, leaving Slater and Rose writhing in pain. Slater escapes in a panic while Damon tends to Rose. The experience temporarily bonds the two vamps, who hook up in an effort to forget their respective lost loves. The scene is more bland than sexy. In other developments, Bonnie and Jeremy meet a new student at school named Luka Martin who has instant chemistry with the pretty young witch, to Mr. Gilbert’s dismay. When Luka’s dad Jonas quizzes a spooked Bonnie about having Salem relatives, Luka confesses that they are practitioners of magic, too. Their common bond leaves Jeremy further out in the cold.  Both Jeremy and Bonnie have more to worry about. When Stefan wises up to Caroline’s diversionary tactics about revealing her secret to Tyler, he shows up at the tomb in time for Katherine to reveal that she was cooking up a recipe to break the curse just before she was trapped by Team Mystic Falls.  Breaking the curse would require not only sacrificing Elena, but the participation of a werewolf (Tyler), a vampire (Caroline), a witch (Bonnie) and the moonstone. The guilt of putting her friends in danger is too much for Elena to bear. Rose gets a call from Slater, who, compelled by Elijah, tells her to get the moonstone back. He then stakes himself at Elijah’s command. Luka’s dad is present to witness the ancient vamp’s latest kill. What role does the warlock play in this convoluted mystery? More importantly, whatever happened to Katerina’s baby?

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Elena delves deeper into the mystery of Katherine in the November 11 Vampire Diaries.


Will Damon get closer to solving the mystery of the moonstone?

The CW has leaked some details of the upcoming November 11 episode of The Vampire Diaries called “Katerina.”  As you can guess, the story explores Katherine’s past more deeply as Elena determines to find out what the link between them is.  Damon, meanwhile, meets some new characters who may hold the key to solving the mystery of the moonstone.  Bonnie and Jeremy’s newfound bond seems to be growing, but I suspect a new character  named Luka (played by guest star Bryton James) may put a damper on their blossoming romance. Check out these scenes from the episode!


Elena forbids Caroline from telling Stefan what she's up to.


Things continue to look cozy for Bonnie and Jeremy.

What dark secrets lie in Luka's family history?

Who are Damon's new cohorts?

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