The Vampire Diaries March 29 Sneak Peek Photos: The Murder of One

Stefan and Elena are headed for more heartbreak.

Get set for a tense March 29 episode of TVD as the Salvatore brothers hatch a new plan to get rid of Klaus and recruit the help of Elena, Caroline and Matt.  Klaus had better watch his back because he may be distracted with two plots of his own. He threatens someone close to Bonnie (hmm, I wonder who that could be?) to force her to work on a spell he needs and he works with Rebekah to convince wayward brother Finn (guest star Caspar Zafer) to cooperate with them. Rebekah, meanwhile,  has a brutal plan to take revenge on Damon. Like brother, like sister! Last but not least, Stefan’s emotional turmoil leads him to a dangerous confrontation with Klaus (is there any other kind?) and another heartbreaking moment with Elena.  Photos courtesy of The CW Network, LLC.

Caroline looks ready for action!

The gang mobilizes against Klaus yet again.

Rebekah plays a deadly game of revenge with Damon.

Like brother, like sister.

The Vampire Diaries February 2 Recap: The Originals return!

Is Elijah (Daniel Gillies) going to take over as head of the Originals family now that everyone's back?

February 2: The Salvatore brothers discover how much they share in common with Klaus and Elijah, Caroline loses her dad and the Original vampire clan is reunited at last in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries “Bringing Out the Dead.” A resuscitated Elijah is understandably upset with his brother and the two have a brief scuffle before Klaus convinces him they should join forces to get the remaining coffin back from the Salvatores. Klaus needs to keep an eye on his brother, though, because Elijah meets with Damon, who offers him his own deal. Will Elijah betray his bloodline? The mystery of who killed Meredith’s ex, the medical examiner, deepens when Caroline and Elena visit Mr. Forbes in the hospital and find him with a knife sticking out of his chest. Bill isn’t dead — yet anyway — and is dismayed to learn he must drink blood to finish the process of turning into a vampire. No way, he says, to his daughter’s horror. Stefan takes Bonnie and her mom to the remaining coffin and orders them to open it at all costs. The witches are successful and are shocked at what they find inside. Perhaps I should say whom they saw inside? When Sheriff Forbes reveals that the knife used to kill the medical examiner belonged to the Gilbert family, Elena and Alaric compare theories on who may be the crazed killer who’s offing members of the town council. Elena confronts Stefan and he asks her whether she posed the question to Damon, too. Stefan and Damon’s rivalry over Elena is mirrored in a story Klaus and Elijah share over dinner about the original member of the Petrova bloodline, Tatya. It seems that Tatya’s mother was a powerful witch who refused to let her end up with either Klaus or Elijah and took her life. It was Tatya’s blood the brothers drank the night they became vamps. When the Salvatores reject Klaus’ offer to protect Elena as long as they let her marry a human and make baby doppelgängers to maintain his source of hybrid juice, he tosses aside all politeness and overpowers Stefan, commanding Damon to retrieve the coffin with Elijah tagging along as a watchdog. Elijah, however, has other plans. Elena and Matt return home after accompanying Caroline on her vigil over her dad and discover that Alaric is the latest victim of the Mystic Falls’ killer on the loose! Luckily, Alaric’s regenerative power brings him back to life.

Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) has an alibi for the latest attack. Does she have a partner in crime?

Elena learns from Sheriff Forbes that Meredith was in surgery, giving her an alibi in the latest attack. I think she may be working with an accomplice. When Elijah returns, he’s accompanied by his revived siblings Rebekah, Koll and Finn, who take turns stabbing Klaus with the magic daggers. Elijah frees the Salvatores to contemplate their complicated love triangle with Elena. Who will win her love in the end? Back at the Originals’ home, Mama Original shows up alive and well. She’s not after revenge on her treacherous son, however. She wants them all to be a family again. Next up, we’re all invited to attend a ball thrown by the Originals. Hope you survive the night!

Photos courtesy the CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Vampire Diaries January 12 recap: Tyler bites Caroline!

Is Caroline bound to Klaus now that she drank his blood?

January 12 – Klaus did a very nice thing, for a change, Stefan went way too far in his high-stakes game with Klaus and it’s hinted that Alaric’s new love interest may be a murderess in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries. Damon and Elena deal with the ramifications of last week’s boffo kiss in drastically different ways. Damon is all smiles and shirtless as he basks in the afterglow while Elena is wound tighter than a drum, exercising like a mad woman to work off the sexual tension. Sorry Miss Elena, but I think you have a bad case of Damonitis and no amount of jogging and kickboxing is going to help you outrun its delicious symptoms. Besides, why would you want to?  Elena gets a slight respite from her guilt courtesy of Bonnie, who’s helping her plan a 17thbirthday party for Caroline, a year the blonde vamp will be celebrating for eternity, mind you. Bonnie’s not digging that Elena had Damon compel Jeremy to move to Denver to keep him safe from Klaus. Bonnie’s been having dreams about the coffins containing Klaus’ slumbering siblings. Damon is frustrated by his inability to crack them open while Stefan pressures Klaus to send his hybrids out of town, even boldly confronting him on his own turf. The two trade threats and Stefan beheads Klaus’s henchwoman Mindy to prove he means business.

Elena (Nina Dobrev) was devastated by Stefan's willingness to endanger her to beat Klaus.

Damon is concerned that Stefan has become dangerously unpredictable, with good reason. “To beat the villain you’ve got to be the better villain,” a scarily icy Stefan tells his brother. Proving his point, Stefan grabs Elena, feeds her some of his blood and calls Klaus from his speeding car and tells him he’ll run the car off a cliff to convert her into a vampire unless he banishes the hybrids. Klaus gives in and turns his attention to Tyler, commanding him to kill Caroline. Tyler refuses but nearly does the deed accidentally when he crashes the drink-a-thon set up by Elena, Bonnie and Matt to cheer up a down-in-the-dumps Caroline, who’s feeling ambivalent about being an eternal teen vampire. Tyler finally tells Caroline he loves her but in the heat of their passion he nicks her by mistake (remember, folks, hybrid hickies are lethal for vamps)! Klaus shows up at Sheriff Forbes’ house and feeds her his blood, assuring her that life as a vampire ain’t so bad and can be filled with an eternity of art, culture and the occasional slaughter of innocent humans on the side for kicks. OK, I added that last one for fun. He later sends Caroline a more expensive piece of jewelry to outdo the cute charm bracelet Tyler had given her. Does this mean Klaus is sweet on Caroline now? At the very least, she is bound to him by blood, just like Tyler.  Elena is understandably heartbroken by Stefan’s latest descent into Bad Guy Land. Although Stefan assures her he knew Klaus would give in, his poker face is too good for Elena’s taste. He’s playing too rough and Damon is poised to catch Elena when she falls. The two almost kiss again (darn!), but Elena doesn’t think it’s right for them to proceed. “It’s right, just not right now,” Damon tenderly assures her. Last but not least, Alaric runs into Meredith, the hottie doctor who treated him for his wounds at the hospital, at a Founder’s Council meeting at Mayor Lockwood’s house. She certainly gets around. Seems Meredith is a council member and Ric steps in when he comes upon a prickly altercation between her and a blandly cute dude named Brian Walters. Brian later turns up dead with a big, nasty blood stain on his chest. Is Meredith a serial killer? Perhaps she’s a soul-sucking succubus? Given Alaric’s track record, I wouldn’t be surprised.

TVD’s Fierce Females: Caroline is the Wonder Woman of The Vampire Diaries

It's easy to understand why Matt and Tyler love Caroline so much.

It’s December 31 and I’m getting ready for tonight’s New Year’s celebration. Before I ring in 2012 I am continuing my tribute posts to the ladies of The Vampire Diaries by giving a huge shout out to Candice Accola as vamp-in-training Caroline Forbes. While the Salvatore brothers swapped personalities and revealed some new sides of themselves to TVD fans this season, it’s Caroline who gets my vote for the Mystic Falls resident who has changed the most over the years. The decision to turn Caroline, the stereotypical vapid cheerleading-captain-slash-homecoming-queen, into a feral vampire was a shocker. We all thought she might go the route of Vicki and be another of Damon’s short-term victims (although technically it was Katherine who completed Caroline’s transformation). Then the TVD writers pulled a switcheroo, to our huge benefit, and gave Candice the juicy opportunity to take us on her journey from confused baby vamp holding on to her dumb-blonde traits to confident, caring vampire coming to terms with who she is and using her new strengths — both physical and emotional — to protect the people she loves. I loved the scene in the Ghost World episode where she took on the ghosts terrorizing the crowd at the Founder’s Day festival. She jumped right in and started tossing those guys around like Wonder Woman.  Candice also shines in scenes where she confronts her parents with the reality of who she is and how becoming a vampire has helped her grow up. Her love scenes with the muscular Michael Trevino as Tyler crackle with a sensuality perhaps more suited to cable shows, but they reveal the many layers of this talented young actress.. quite literally! Let’s not forget what a great singer she is, too. Who can forget her serenading Matt with a killer rendition of The Bangle’s “Eternal Flame?” I suggest the TVD writers give Caroline a job as a singer at The Grill so we can hear Candice sing more often. I’m sure Matt wouldn’t mind.

Photo courtesy The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Vampire Diaries October 20 Episode Recap: Mason Lockwood Returns!

Stefan is frighteningly good at pretending not to care for Elena. Or is he not pretending anymore?

October 20  – A number of cat-and-mouse games play out on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries “Smells Like Teen Spirit” but it’s hard to tell who are the cats and who are the mice. Stefan and Rebecca, left behind by Klaus to watch over Elena and Tyler, respectively, are making nuisances of themselves in the lives of our Mystic Falls gang. Stefan bullies the students at the school track and Rebecca makes moves to take over Caroline’s place as the resident golden girl, perhaps even in Tyler’s heart. Alaric gives Elena self-defense classes to toughen her up. Spooked by Stefan’s coldness – he compels young women into playing a twisted round of Twister while he feeds on them – Elena concocts a plot to put him out of commission. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one plotting in Mystic Falls. Vicki convinces Matt to perform a ritual that brings her over to the world of the living. The catch is that she is on orders from the Original Witch to kill Elena so that Klaus can’t make any more hybrids. When Matt tries to stop Vicki from carrying out the witch’s orders, she clocks him with a wrench. She intends to stay among the living at any cost! Anna warns Jeremy that Vicki is up to no good but a jealous Bonnie turns to Matt to find a way to zap Vicki back to the land of the dead and lonely. Vicki stalks Elena at a bonfire where Elena is setting a trap for Stefan. Damon arouses Elena’s jealousy by flirting with Rebecca, who sees right through the ruse. Elena succeeds in luring Stefan into the path of Alaric’s crossbow filled with vervane-tipped darts. Just when they pack his unconscious body into Ric’s truck, however, Vicki traps Elena inside and sets it ablaze. Bonnie once again comes to the rescue and casts a spell that whisks Vicki to the site where she and Matt banish her back to the land of the dead. Despite his fear of being alone, Matt won’t allow his sister to hurt others. Judging from the growing online chatter about a possible hookup between him and Bonnie, I suspect he may not have to deal with loneliness much longer.  Jeremy, meanwhile, is growing closer to Anna, with whom he manages to connect physically after sharing that they can’t stop thinking about each other. Is this the beginning of the end for Jeremy and Bonnie?  

Can Tyler resist his hybrid urges... and Rebecca's temptations?

Tyler and Caroline make up after having an argument over his new allegiance to Klaus. He’s been sired by the Original Vampire and is having trouble resisting his new urges, especially the young woman Rebecca serves up as his first human feeding. Damon gently tends to Elena’s bruises, his face temptingly close to hers as he assures her his flirtation with Rebecca was just an act. It’s obvious his display with the bloodsucking blonde got under Elena’s skin and it’s just as evident that he’s thrilled by this realization. Team Damon scores! The same can’t be said for Stefan, who cruelly taunts Elena for holding out hope that he will return to the side of the good guys. Exercising her new-found girl power, Elena stabs him in the gut as payback! Katherine, who’s been trying to rouse Michael the undead vampire hunter with human blood, gets a surprise of her own when she discovers that he prefers the blood of his own kind as he abruptly pulls her close to feed on her! Just as I thought I couldn’t be more shocked, Damon is attacked by a resurrected – and thirsting for revenge — Mason Lockwood!  Has Klaus succeeded in creating another hybrid?

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The Vampire Diaries October 13 Episode Sneak Preview Pictures: The Reckoning



The action on the next episode of The Vampire Diaries takes place on Senior Prank Night before the new school year begins at Mystic Falls High School. Caroline has the school spirit and wants to share it with Elena, Bonnie, Matt and Tyler, but with Klaus and Stefan back in town, I have a feeling the night’s pranks will take a seriously dangerous turn.  So what else is new? Damon turns to Jeremy to tap into the other side to find a way to stop Klaus. Let’s just hope they find a way to stop him before he forces Stefan to drain Elena like this week’s commercials are showing.

Photos courtesy of The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Bonnie is back in action and beautiful as ever.


Caroline tries to rally the gang's spirits for Senior Prank Night.


Caroline rallies the gang's spirits for Senior Prank Night.


The gang come under attack at school.


Will Matt see some action on Senior Prank Night?

The Vampire Diaries October 6 Episode Recap: Klaus and Stefan return to Mystic Falls.

Who is the vampire hunter trailing Klaus? Can Katherine and Damon find him?

October 6  – The Salvatore brothers, who’ve been swapping good vampire/bad vampire roles lately, show a welcome return to form as we learn more about a plot Stefan is working on to stick it to Klaus and Damon runs amok in Mystic Falls after feeling pressured to assume his brother’s saintly mantle in his absence. While Stefan and Klaus take Rebecca shopping in Chicago for a contemporary – and slightly slutty – new wardrobe, Elena struggles to settle back into life in Mystic Falls after Stefan’s apparent rejection. Damon doesn’t make it easy for her with his teasing of her attachment to the necklace Stefan gave her. Caroline and Alaric are leery of the flirty new chemistry between Elena and Damon. They need to worry more about how Elena’s new necklace is bringing Gloria closer to learning the reason why Klaus can’t make new hybrids. Using Rebecca as a vessel to trace the necklace’s whereabouts, Gloria spooks Elena and Bonnie, who has just returned from a boring summer vacation. Her tracking spell makes the necklace burn Elena’s skin and shows Gloria visions of them talking about Stefan, making her suspicious of Klaus’s reluctant henchman. Sensing that Gloria is close to discovering Elena’s role in the hybrid curse, Stefan attacks her but she stops him cold with a mind zap that paralyzes him with searing pain. Gloria’s got her own agenda! She wants the necklace, a talisman of an Original Witch, for herself, and subjects Stefan to her “old school” voodoo torture techniques using vervane to unlock from his essence the images of Elena threatened by Klaus during his sacrificial ceremony back in Mystic Falls. Just as Gloria celebrates learning this juicy bombshell, Katherine shows up and kills her by stabbing her in the neck! She wants to team up with Stefan in his plan against Klaus but he says no deal. He only tells her that there’s a vampire hunter hot on Klaus’s trail who is enough of a threat to make the powerful hybrid worry. A dejected Kat will need to find another partner in crime. Back in Mystic Falls, Jeremy’s dead girlfriend #2, Anna, finally makes contact with him and warns him about dead girlfriend #1 Vicky’s spectral visits. She senses a dark presence in ghost Vicky. Mind you, that girl was always on the bad side of things when she was alive, which is why I miss her. A lonely Anna tells Jeremy that he can see her because he wants to, which can only mean that he still loves her. Jeremy, however, chooses to be with his current girlfriend Bonnie, leaving Anna brokenhearted in limbo. Somehow I doubt the visits from his ghostly girlfriends will end that easily. Sheriff Forbes enlists Damon’s help in getting rid of her ex-hubby Bill, but Damon’s attempt to compel him to leave town fails, we learn, when Bill shows up later at a Mystic Falls Council meeting. Bill threatens to make trouble and a steaming Damon attacks him. Caroline, whom Elena tears away from a frisky daytime encounter with Tyler, tears Damon off her dad and does an admirable job of kicking his vampire butt. Bill relents and hits the road, for now, anyway, and tells Caroline he can’t accept that she could ever be OK living as a vampire. He’s lucky Damon didn’t snap his neck like he did to Alaric, who was trying to keep him from attacking Caroline’s kill-joy pop. Damon knew Ric was wearing his protection ring when he “killed” him, but he’s raging at everyone’s attempt to rein him in. He’s not Stefan, Damon reminds a bothered Elena, who admits to Caroline that she’s drawn to the bad boy. “What does that say about me?,” she wonders. Caroline replies that it makes her human, as millions of fans on Team Damon stand up and cheer. Damon accepts Katherine’s invitation to join her on a mysterious road trip bound to be filled with mayhem and mischief. Will they find the vampire hunter after Klaus? When Ric recovers from his temporary “death,” he tells Sheriff Forbes, mother of a vampire, and Mayor Lockwood, mother of a werewolf, that he’s joining The Council as a representative of the relatively normal Gilbert family. Time will tell if Alaric ends up in bed with one of the two ladies, or both! In Chicago, Rebecca makes her play for Stefan and is incensed when he doesn’t respond to her kisses. She accuses him of being disloyal to Klaus, who clocks him. When Stefan comes to, he realizes that Klaus has returned him to Mystic Falls. Has Klaus discovered that Elena’s alive or is he just in town to find his sister a more modest wardrobe?

Photo courtesy of the CW Network LLC. All rights reserved.


The Vampire Diaries September 29 Episode Recap: Katherine Returns!

Stefan was devilishly handsome - and just plain demonic - back in the Roaring Twenties.

September 29 – In an episode full of glamorous flashbacks, The Vampire Diaries explored dysfunctional family dynamics as Caroline literally got some tough love from her father and we met Klaus’s twisted sister Rebecca. In the wake of his failed attempt to create a community of hybrids inTennessee, Klaus takes Stefan to their old haunts from the Roaring Twenties – Chicago – to get answers about why the curse wasn’t broken from a powerful witch named Gloria. Little does Stefan know that he’s going to find out a lot more about his past – and his relationship with Klaus – then he bargained for. Chicago was the site of some seriously bad vampire action for Stefan during his Ripper days. He was a dapper demon who enjoyed making his victims suffer and memorialized his victims by keeping a list of their names in a wine closet he kept in his apartment. Worse still, he and Klaus were friends back then! Also delving into Stefan’s colorful past are Damon and Elena, who are tipped off about Stefan’s location by Katherine. Klaus’s witch friend tells him she needs to speak with his sister Rebecca in order to make contact with the Original witch who could reveal why the hybrid transformations aren’t working. Are you still with me? This hybrid curse mythology is getting more and more convoluted. The problem is that Rebecca is dead. Klaus, who went by the name Nick in the Twenties, staked her after she had fallen for Stefan and chose him over remaining with her brother. Klaus finds Rebecca’s coffin and removes the stake, leaving a compelled guard to serve as her first meal upon her resurrection. Arriving in The Windy City, Damon and Elena check out Stefan’s old pad and Elena is spooked by the alarmingly long list of Stefan’s victims. Like Damon said, Stefan’s not in town to visit Oprah! While Damon drops in on Gloria at her bar, Klaus takes Stefan on a trip down memory lane by stopping by his apartment and nearly catches Elena hiding in the wine closet. Luckily, Stefan is the one to peek in and covers up for her. The Stefan she knows and loves is still there… for now, anyway. Outside Gloria’s bar, Stefan reads Damon the riot act about bringing Elena to Chicago and demands he get her out of town. Elena, however, tries to convince him to return to Mystic Falls with her. Not only does Stefan refuse, but he catches her trying to drug him with a tranquilizer. He’s over her, he lies. Elena is finally starting to believe him.

Will Gloria uncover the fact that Elena is still alive?

Inside, Damon distracts Klaus to give Elena time to rescue Stefan, but the ornery hybrid tires of their witty banter and tries to stake him but Gloria intervenes. She won’t have blood spilled in her establishment, she commands. I like that gal! Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline is having a very bad day. Her dad is hell-bent on curing her vampirism by giving her aversion therapy. He triggers her hunger by showing her blood bags then, after removing her protection ring, repeatedly exposes her to searing sunlight as she screams in agony. Luckily, Tyler enlists Sheriff Forbes’ help in finding Caroline and they rescue her from her deluded dad. Safe at home, Caroline breaks down while Tyler comforts her in his arms. When Rebecca finally wakes from the dead, she’s understandably peeved at her bro for staking her but she’s even more freaked out that a special necklace she needs to contact the Original witch is missing! Is there no single piece of jewelry on this show that doesn’t have a mystical purpose? Maybe Tiffany needs to get in on this vampire legend stuff. Elena, who has a growing collection of magical bling, is now in possession of the necklace, which of course gives Klaus and his growing band of merry monsters even more reason to be hot on her trail. Sure to complicate matters further is our favorite evil twin, Katherine, who is also in Chicago (big shock) and happened to be at the Cotton Club-style establishment that Klaus and Stefan frequented the night it was raided by the cops  in the Twenties. The cops were shooting wooden bullets, revealing that somebody was hunting vamp siblings Klaus and Rebecca.  Kat looked super cute in a flapper wig like the one Catherine Zeta-Jones wore in the musical Chicago. It’s a great look for Nina Dobrev. What’s Kat up to this time? Is she still chasing after Stefan? With Rebecca back in action, she’ll have to get in line.

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The Vampire Diaries September 22 Episode Recap: Caroline is held hostage by her own father!

Ray and his pack mates were doomed to fail the hybrid transformation process because Elena is still alive.

September 22 – A full moon is set to descend on Mystic Falls and you know what that means. Things are gonna get mighty hairy for our Vampire Diaries favorites. After a bitter Damon gives up on Stefan for killing Andie, Elena turns to Alaric for help in going after Stefan. She gets a lead fromTyleron locations inTennesseewhere werewolves would find sanctuary then heads off to the Smokey Mountains with Ric. Preparing for their dangerous mission, Ric gives Elena some wolf’s bane and she hands him her protection ring. What Elena doesn’t know is that Alaric had clued Damon in on their plans and he shows up to keep her out of trouble. Seemingly annoyed by his interference, Elena is begrudgingly comforted by his presence. But is a forest teeming with bloodthirsty werewolves the best place for Damon to be?  Klaus and Stefan discover the camp site of Ray’s pack and commence the process of transforming them into hybrids, using the human boyfriend of one of the she-wolves as a blood bank for the famished were-vamps when they come to. Unfortunately, the process doesn’t work out as planned and a convulsing Ray, bleeding out of his eyes, goes rabid, biting Stefan as he escapes. Klaus tells Stefan he won’t save him with his hybrid blood until he brings Ray back. Damon, Elena and Ric encounter Ray first, however, and subdue him. After tying him up in chains they attempt to interrogate him but he begins to transform into a wolf before the full moon even appears! A feral Ray later gets into a scrap with Damon, and Stefan arrives in the nick of time to save his brother by ripping Ray’s heart out. Stefan asks Damon to return Elena to safety. Elena, meanwhile, convinces Alaric that they should be there for each other now that they’ve both lost so much. Alaric agrees to move back in, and he wisely decides to keep the protection ring. Stefan returns to the camp site to find Klaus surrounded by dead hybrids. They had all gone rabid or bled out and Klaus can’t understand how the transformations failed after he had completed every step of breaking the curse that prevented hybrids from walking the Earth.  A look of realization flashes across Klaus’s face. Has he figured out that Elena – the doppelganger who needed to die to break the curse – isn’t six feet under? Stefan distracts him, for now, anyway, by convincing him to heal his werewolf bite. Stefan is, after all, his only companion left, Klaus says morbidly. Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler and Jeremy are in for some shocking discoveries. Waking up to find Caroline gone after their steamy night together,Tyler has some awful-tasting coffee while chatting with his mom about his tryst with Caroline. When Tyler leaves, Mrs. Lockwood summons a man named Bill (played by Jack Coleman of “Heroes” fame) to take care of her vampire problem. Tyler tastes some vervane at The Grill and Matt clues him in about the substance’s use for outing vampires. Tyler realizes his mom was testing him and confronts her. She admits she knows that Caroline is a vamp and forbids him to see her because she’s a monster. Tyler decides to show his prejudiced mother that the Lockwoods have a “monster” of their own in the family and chains himself up while she watches his werewolf transformation from the safety of a locked cell. In the morning, an enlightened Mrs. Lockwood promises to make things right with Caroline but finds that “Bill” isn’t keen on releasing Caroline just because she had a change of heart. When Caroline comes to, she’s shocked to learn that her jailer is her own father. Awkward! Jeremy convinces Matt to help him bridge the gateway between the living and the dead by gathering some of Vicky’s possessions to tap into her vibe. Although hesitant at first, Matt agrees to help and Jeremy gets another visit from his (first) dead girlfriend, whom I must say is looking gorgeous. Death certainly becomes her. Vicky’s ghost tells Jeremy that she is able to return from the dead, then abruptly disappears. Appearing in her place is Anna (dead girlfriend #2), who warns Jeremy not to trust Vicky. The plot thickens! When Damon, Elena and Alaric return home, Damon forces Elena to admit she bid a hasty retreat from the woods in Tennessee out of fear for the werewolf threat to Damon’s life. Taking Elena’s face in his hands, Damon vows to make her remember her feelings for him after they succeed in rescuing Stefan. Looks like Miss Elena has a choice to make in the near future.  Do you think Damon is making progress in his quest to win her over?

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The Vampire Diaries Cast Photos at September 10 The CW Fall Premiere Party

Matt Davis, Katerina Graham, Zach Roerig, Candice Accola, and Steven R. McQueen lookin' mighty fine at the CW bash.

If ever anyone ever doubted that The CW has TV’s most gorgeous casts, these photos from the network’s recent Fall Premiere Party, sponsored by Bing, should provide irrefutable proof.  The president of the CW, Mark Pedowitz, joined the nubile young stars of the network’s new slate of shows plus the VIP players from established shows like the #1-rated The Vampire Diaries.  Our Mystic Falls favorites present at the soiree include Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, among others.  Check out these hot pics from the party and tune in September 15 for the third season premiere!

Photos copyright 2011 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Nina Dobrev and Steve R. McQueen welcome The Secret Circle's pretty Britt Robertson to the CW family. Check out Nina's braided 'do!

A gorgeous Paul Wesley nearly outshines Lindsey Fonseca and Melinda Clarke from Nikita.

CW President Mark Pedowitz with The Vampire Diaries executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson.

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