The Vampire Diaries September 22 Preview Video: Damon and Elena discuss Andie’s death.

Damon and Elena have a chat about Stefan’s call to Elena in The CW’s preview of this week’s episode. Damon has understandably lost faith in the possibility of Stefan returning after he killed Andie. That’s saying a lot considering Damon is the king of giving in to a vampire’s natural urges. Then again, he’s slowed down a bit in the slaying department since his feelings for Elena deepened and it looks like Andie’s death truly affected him.  It’s funny since I always thought he would be the one to kill Andie. He certainly mistreated her enough and she submitted to the abuse.  Still, I’m sad she’s gone. I think her character had potential. I also believe killing her will have long-lasting effects on Stefan’s psyche. Can he carry out Klaus’s dastardly plans and remain true to his good nature or will the strain drive him insane?

The Vampire Diaries September 15 Season Premiere Recap: Stefan kills Damon’s girlfriend Andie!

Andie has joined Jenna in the great beyond.

September 15 – Picking things up two months after last spring’s season finale, the gang in Mystic Falls ponder their lost loves in an episode heavy with aching hearts and violent confrontations. Stefan, who agreed to serve as Klaus’s henchman to save the lives of Elena and her friends, has accompanied the powerful vampire-werewolf hybrid to Memphis on a hunt for werewolves, leaving a bloody trail of victims in their wake. Klaus adopts an American accent to approach a young woman at a remote house, compels her to gain entry and learns the location of a werewolf named Ray from a second woman. He then has Stefan slaughter them in savage fashion. Klaus and Stefan find Ray at a bar and torture him with wolf’s bane-dipped darts to get him to reveal the location of his pack. Klaus feeds him his blood and snaps his neck to transform him into the first recruit to this planned army of super-powered hybrids. Back in Mystic Falls, Klaus’s movements have been tracked by Elena, who’s getting Sheriff Forbes’ inside information from Caroline, and Damon, who’s using his reporter girlfriend Andie’s contacts at the TV station. It’s Elena’s birthday and a flirtatious Damon, freshly scrubbed and naked from a bubble bath he just shared with Andie, surprises her in the living room. Elena orders him to cover up, but I’m not sure she’s totally sorry it happened. Who would? Damon gets serious when he drives to Ray’s house with Alaric riding shotgun. Inside, they find blood-soaked walls and a trap-door leading to a hiding place with a werewolf’s telltale restraining chains. We also learn why Damon refers to Stefan’s dark alter ego as The Ripper. A guilt-ridden Stefan had meticulously recomposed the bodies of the two women he had slashed to pieces! Klaus’s local spies report Damon’s presence in Memphis and a protective Stefan convinces Klaus to let him dissuade Damon from continuing his search. Caroline puts together a raucous party for Elena and has a tense encounter with Matt, who quizzes her about her relationship with Tyler. The sexual tension between Caroline and Tyler is building and she’s not happy he brought a date to the party. Matt and Jeremy share some pot to work off stress in the den and Jeremy admits he’s been seeing things ever since Bonnie brought him back from the dead with her magic. He leaves out, however, that he’s seen Matt’s dead sister Vicky. At the TV station, Andie is surprised by Stefan. When Damon arrives to pick her up, Stefan warns Damon to back off his quest to free him from Klaus’s control. When Damon refuses, Stefan compels Andie to jump off an elevated catwalk and prevents Damon from saving her. When a distraught Damon arrives at home he’s confronted by Elena who has discovered his board tracking Klaus’s movements. Elena’s mad at Damon for keeping her in the dark about Stefan’s whereabouts. It’s too late for Stefan; the trail of victims belongs to him, not Klaus, Damon tells a shocked Elena.

Caroline and Tyler gave in to their animal attraction.

Getting ready to drive home from the party, Jeremy gets a quick flash of Vicky, who asks him for help, and Matt hears him say her name. Jeremy admits to seeing her but Matt thinks it’s just Jeremy wishing he could see her.  He doesn’t realize that Jeremy truly sees dead people. As night falls, Alaric, feeling like a failure, leaves Elena’s home for good and a grieving Damon trashes bedroom furniture. Stefan sneaks a call to Elena but is rendered speechless when she picks up her cell phone. Sensing it’s him, she tells her tortured lover to cling to their love to make it through his ordeal. Having a better evening are Caroline and Tyler, whose supernatural hormones are raging as they fall into bed together. The next morning, Caroline attempts to do the walk of shame but is stopped in her tracks by tranquilizer darts fired by Tyler’s mom. Mrs. Lockwood isn’t as helpless as she looks!  I have to say it was hard to watch the scenes where Stefan savagely took human life and killing Andie to get Damon to back off was a cruel way to “protect” his brother from Klaus. I wonder how this will damage his relationship with Elena. What do you think?

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The Vampire Diaries April 21 Recap: Klaus is a vampire-werewolf hybrid!

The Salvatore brothers are getting more combative over Elena’s safety.

April 21 – The writers of The Vampire Diaries took a page from the 2006 Kate Beckinsale movie Underworld Evolution to explain Klaus’s real reason for wanting to break the curse of the moonstone by sacrificing Elena and it’s a doozy. Let’s just say the guy’s more than just the ultimate vampire. First things first, however. Elena has resurrected Elijah and turns over the dagger that killed him in order to gain his trust. She even tells Stefan to let her work with Elijah. They need each other to stop Klaus, she reasons, and Elijah accepts her offer to team up. Damon, however, isn’t as quick to let Elena endanger herself by trusting Elijah and he’s royally ticked off that Stefan forbade him to interfere. The Salvatore brothers are feeling increasingly competitive in their differing takes on protecting Elena and a showdown seems inevitable. Elijah’s retelling of Klaus’s history reveals the story of another pair of siblings who were in some ways similar to the Salvatores. He and Klaus turn out to be brothers from a family of seven siblings. The two met Katherine doing a British accent inEngland in 1492 and Klaus took a predatory interest in her while Elijah nursed a silent crush on “Katerina.” In the present, Klaus continues to inhabit Alaric and his “bad haircut” while his warlock leaves to retrieve his true body.  He pays Jenna a visit and in a super tense scene tells her that vampires exist. Stefan shifts into vamp mode and overpowers him (apparently he’s vulnerable in Ric’s body), snarling at Jenna to get out of the house. A spooked Jenna confronts Elena about keeping her in the dark about the vampires. While Klaus was stalking Jenna, Damon and Andy drop in on Katherine and give her vervane to help her resist Klaus’ mind control.


Will Andy's love for Damon be the death of her?

Andy’s the one who should be taking the stuff. Her growing affection for Damon is putting her in harm’s way and Damon doesn’t know how much longer he can keep himself from killing her. When Damon and Stefan have yet another scuffle over protecting Elena, a frustrated Damon nearly drains her. Andy is a masochistic girl who can’t accept that she’s a poor substitute for Elena. The Salvatores’ pushing match reminds Elijah of the point where his relationship with Klaus soured over competition for Katherine. History, it seems, was repeating itself. Elijah reveals to Elena that the moonstone curse is a fabrication of theirs. The real curse is on Klaus, who turns out to be a vampire-werewolf hybrid because his mother had an affair with an original werewolf. Elijah’s father killed Klaus’s lupine sire, setting off the ancient war between vampires and werewolves. Witches, who always seem to be interfering in vampire matters, made Klaus’s werewolf nature dormant and he’s hell-bent on reactivating it through the sacrificial rite for which he needs Elena so he can create a race of super hybrids like himself. But first he needs his body back. As Katherine looks on, Klaus’s goons perform a ritual that brings the vampire original back to his, well, original self. “Now that’s more like it,” he says with a devilish smirk.

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Vampire Diaries February 17 Sneak Preview: Damon sets a trap for Elijah!

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) seems hesitant to enter a room. Does he sense a trap?

Guess who’s coming to dinner? A tall, dark and nasty supervamp named Elijah, that’s who. Blah! Hopefully nobody will gag on their food – or their internal organs! The CW hints at a new confrontation between Elijah, who’s spending a scary amount of time around Jenna under the watchful eye of Alaric, and Damon, who just learned from John Gilbert the secret to killing Originals. Damon lures Elijah to a dinner party at Jenna’s place along with Ric and Damon’s new fling, TV reporter Andie, played by guest star Dawn Olivieri of Heroes and True Blood fame.  It turns out that some last-minute information will throw a wrench into Damon’s plot. So what else is new??!!  Might the sneaky John have omitted some crucial bit of information from his remedy for killing Originals? Hmmmmm. Meanwhile, the Bonnie-Luka storyline takes center stage as Luka has a heart-to-heart with his warlock father Jonas, who’s been protecting Elena’s chums on Elijah’s orders, but is creeping out Bonnie – and me — big time. Bonnie’s not digging the warlock father-and-son act intruding in her life and perhaps Luka is having second thoughts about his dad’s plan for her. Stay tuned, folks!

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Alaric (Matthew Davis) is watching Elijah closely.

Jonas and Luka have a chat. Do they disagree about Bonnie?

Have Damon (holding the moonstone!) and Stefan moved Katherine to a new prison or is that Elena in that scene?


Are you Team Damon or Team Stefan? Does it matter?


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