New behind-the-scenes shots from tonight’s Vampire Diaries!

Attention Mason fans: do NOT miss tonight’s Vampire Diaries unless you want to miss another sexy look at his amazing bod! Well, if you absolutely have to, don’t fret because I’m gonna be nice and post a great tank top shot I got from my friends at The CW. We know from the commercials that Elena and Katherine finally come face to face tonight, which is the main event after all, but what’s an episode of Vampire Diaries without a little eye candy? The Lockwood wolves certainly are in great shape what with all that running around they do in the woods, but Damon is looking mighty good albeit more covered up than the lupine hotties in his scenes with Katherine. The Kat’s confrontation with Elena is what I’m most looking forward to. Tune in!

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Mason is a sight for sore eyes on tonight's episode.

Taylor and Ian discuss werewolf-vampire relations. Hope the mic doesn't fall on their heads!

Nina Dobrev, always looking stylish, works a denim mini over tights while getting stage direction.

Ian takes a coffee break on set. Wonder if he prefers it with milk or cream?

Let's see... curly hair? Must be Nina as Katherine plotting away!

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