Katherine kills Caroline on The Vampire Diaries!


Is Elena playing a dangerous game with Damon? Or is that Katherine?

Year of the Kat

September 9: The Season Premiere! Katherine is finally back in Mystic Falls and she’s a busy vampiress, to say the least! First up, of course, is picking up where we last saw her after passing herself off as Elena with Damon and John Gilbert. Damon received a titillating kiss while John got carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Luckily for him, the real Elena interrupted Katherine before she could finish him off. Kat’s not ready for a face-to-face with her goody-goody lookalike just yet, so she speeds past her and prepares for the next phase in her plans for causing mayhem among the good people of Mystic Falls. I love how the show’s producers help us tell the difference between Nina Dobrev’s characters by giving Kat wild hair and styling Elena in a straight hairstyle. I just wonder why the other characters don’t pick up on the difference. Do they think Elena carries a mini-curling iron with her? Back to the recap: Elena discovers Jeremy upstairs and thankfully Damon determines that his attempt to convert into a vampire by drinking Anna’s blood failed, to Jeremy’s chagrin. Why would he want to become a vamp, wonders Elena. Hmmm, so he can score hot chicks and live forever young, maybe??? Why is she dating one? She may end up dating two if Damon has anything to say about it. He’s pleased as punch to tell Stefan that he thought it was Elena he was kissing during his clinch with Katherine. He’s miffed, however, that Elena wonders how Damon could think she would respond to his blood-lickin’ lips. He’s hurting, and that’s a feeling he doesn’t want to admit to, so he puts on his typical Damon smarm, hiding his dejection. Everyone is noticeably uncomfortable. They have plenty of reason to be. While Matt and Bonnie are relieved that Caroline survived her car accident, they have no idea what crazy stuff is ahead of her according to The CW’s previews for the next episode (see video).

Katherine’s next appearance is at the service for Tyler’s volatile dad, who did not survive the Founder’s Day massacre. Damon knows that Mr. Lockwood was affected by the Gilbert vampire device but was immune to vervain. He’s on the prowl to find out the Lockwood family secret. He may learn it soon now that Tyler’s hunky uncle Mason returned to town for the service. Tyler is still trying to control his animalistic temper tantrums and Mason is biding this time before filling him in on the full details of the Lockwood curse. Kat and Bonnie size up each other’s powers and although Katherine can resist Bonnie’s mind zap, the witch is still crafty enough to save herself. Stefan arrives just in time and demands to know why she has returned. For him, of course! Despite her best efforts, Stefan is immune to Katherine’s questionable charm, leaving her one majorly scorned vampire bitch. She toys with Damon’s undying desire for her, but cruelly tells him that he’s always been a sad second fiddle to his virtuous brother. Damon is pushed to the limit when Elena tells him the same thing later and he lashes out, snapping Jeremy’s neck in front of her to complete his desired transformation into a vamp. Seconds later, Jeremy comes back to life. Has he finally joined the undead? Fearing further attacks by Katherine, John Gilbert skips town. Elena’s happy to see her dad go. Kat has another target in sight, however, and pays a visit to a slumbering Caroline at the hospital. Caroline, of course, thinks Kat is Elena and is taken by surprise when the vicious vamp smothers her with a pillow. Poor Caroline can’t catch a break! Will she be another short-lived vampirette like Vicki? Stay tuned!

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The Vampire Diaries official soundtrack debuts October 12!

Do you get chills whenever that background music swells up to clue you in that Damon is about to pounce? Or do you melt at the romantic ballads that set the mood for Stefan and Elena trading lovey dovey looks? Well, now’s your chance to own the original recordings that bring the passion and suspense of The Vampire Diaries to life every week. On October 12, Virgin Records is releasing Original Television Soundtrack: The Vampire Diaries, a collection of 16 tracks that were either heard on season one or will debut in the new season that happens to begin tonight. The CD, available for pre-order on Amazon, aims to recreate the show’s “darkly compelling and sensous vibe” with cover songs,  including Placebo doing Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” and Digital Daggers taking on Tears for Fears’ “Head Over Heels,” and original tunes such as “Sleep Alone” by Bat for Lashes. Other artists featured include Smashing Pumpkins, Gorillaz and Internet singing star Sky Ferreira performing the CD’s showcase single “Obsession.” Ferreria’s debut CD drops early next year. Here’s a link to the CD’s official site. Too bad they didn’t remake Elton John’s “The Bitch is Back” to celebrate the return of Katherine.

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