The Vampire Diaries April 28 Recap: Damon Suffers a Werewolf Bite!

Has Damon gone too far in his quest to save Elena from Klaus?

April 28 – The day of Klaus’s ritual has arrived and there are so many crazy plot twists in tonight’s episode that it’s hard to tell who’s a vampire and who isn’t by the time it’s over. Damon realizes more and more that he can’t bear to lose Elena and is cracking under the pressure of the coming deadline. Elijah has a plan to protect Elena by giving her an elixir that will make it seem like she dies during the ritual, which requires a witch to activate Klaus’s werewolf side with magic while a vampire and a werewolf are killed and Elena, the famous doppelganger, is drained of her blood by the Klauster. Damon doesn’t believe the elixir will work and demands that Elena let Bonnie sacrifice herself by taking on Klaus again with her super magic. When Elena refuses, Damon resorts to force-feeding her his blood. Stefan pulls him off her and the brothers fight with Stefan ending up stabbed by his volatile sibling. Alaric, who’s been released by Klaus, brings Stefan some blood bags but it’s too late to reverse what’s going to happen to Elena. When she dies, she’ll come back as a vampire! Stefan takes a tortured Elena on a nature hike to give her a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be a vampire. He gently gets a sobbing Elena to admit that she doesn’t want to become a vampire… like him. Damon, meanwhile, takes action to foil Klaus’s master plan. Klaus’s warlock hexes Mrs. Lockwood to call Tyler back to town and tosses her over a staircase railing to land her in the hospital. Caroline has an awkward reunion withTyler outside the hospital while Jules gives them a moment of privacy and the two are captured by Klaus’s warlock and witch. When they come to, they’re chained in the tomb where Katherine was previously imprisoned and, fearing it’s their last moments on earth, confess to each other their mutual affection. Might a werewolf-vampire romance still be possible? Don’t count Matt out just yet, folks. He hesitates to fully believe that Caroline is all bad despite what Sheriff Forbes may say. Realizing that the Mattster still has feelings for her daughter, the law woman relieves him of his double-agent duties. After Klaus warns Damon that he has most of the components of his ritual in place, Damon recruits Alaric to help him gain access to Klaus’s lair and find out from the captive Kat where he’s keeping his vampire and werewolf. The warlock is standing guard at the tomb when Damon shows up and the two start to tussle but Matt shoots the warlock before he can finish Damon off. Damon kills the man-witch and knocks Matt out before freeing Caroline and Tyler. While Damon is busy putting a wrench in Klaus’s plan, the Original Vampire grows suspicious that Katherine is no longer under his control. As a test, he orders her to stand in sunlight and Kat endures the agony long enough to fool him. As Damon leads Caroline, Tyler and Matt to safety, the full moon rises andTyler’s transformation kicks in at an alarmingly fast rate and he attacks Damon.

Have things changed forever between Elena and Stefan now that she's confessed she'd rather be human?

Caroline and Matt lock themselves in the cage Mason set up in the Lockwood basement just in time to escape a snarling Tyler preparing to pounce in wolf form. Stefan tells Damon that Klaus arrived to pick up Elena and the hot-headed Salvatore brother makes a beeline to confront Klaus. When he cockily informs the ancient baddie that he has freed his vampire and werewolf sacrifices, Klaus reveals that he had a back-up plan all along. He doesn’t need Tyler because his witches also swiped Jules at the hospital. Klaus knocks Damon out and just as it appears Damon will be standing in for Caroline, he wakes up to learn from Katherine that Jenna has been turned to serve as the vamp sacrifice for the ritual being set up by Klaus’s back-up witch (who turns out to be Luka’s missing sister)! What’s worse, Klaus passed Damon over for the honor because Tyler managed to bite him during their scuffle in the forest! Will Damon meet the same fate as Rose?

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February 3 Vampire Diaries Recap: The Salvatore brothers have a showdown with werewolves!

Jules and her wolf pack nearly killed the Salvatores. Bad doggies!

February 3 – This episode was action-packed! The vampires and the werewolves finally got down to some serious butt-kicking and it all revolved around the interspecies friendship between Tyler and Caroline, which by episode’s end doesn’t survive the turmoil. Tyler confronts Caroline about her role in Mason’s murder and she confesses knowing that Damon and Stefan were involved. When a betrayed Tyler storms off Caroline warns Stefan so he can intervene before Tyler endangers himself by retaliating against the Salvatores.  Stefan pays Tyler a visit to reason with him but the junior wolf calls Jules for help and she recruits her newly arrived hunky mate Brady. The two kidnap Caroline and lock her in a cage, where the vampire-hating Brady tortures her with wooden bullets and liquid vervain. Meanwhile, John Gilbert finds Mystic Falls a most unwelcoming place as everyone from Elena and Jenna to Damon and Jeremy give him grief about his return. He tells a threatening Damon that he’s back to protect Elena from super vampires Elijah and Klaus. Neither Damon nor Elena believe the weasely Gilbert — with good reason — but Damon relents in leaving Elena in John’s care while he attends to Caroline’s predicament. Damon and Stefan are the picture of cool when they show up with Tyler in the woods after Jules demands to swap Caroline for Tyler. The crafty Jules has planned for reinforcements and the Salvatores face off with a band of roughneck werewolves in an adrenaline-pumping scene that has the supernatural creatures running at superspeed, doing backflips and fending off sharp wooden objects. The sexy vamps win the first round and just as it appears the wolves are turning the tables on them, Luka’s dad Jonas, who’s still bothering Bonnie, knocks them unconscious with a piercing, high-decibel spell. He tells the Salvatores he’s honoring Elena’s deal with Elijah to keep her friends safe.  Nobody’s revealed what the terms of that deal are just yet, but it gives me the shivers just thinking about what she promised him to save Stefan & Co. It’s got to be big.  John Gilbert may just have a hint since he shows up at Damon’s and tells him the Originals can be killed by stabbing them in the heart with a dagger dipped in some mystical ashes. Apparently Elena’s bookish mom Isobel discovered this fact during her obsessive research into vampire lore while searching a way to become one herself. John then gives Elena a charmed bracelet that once belonged to her adoptive mom. Elena’s touched, but still suspicious of him. Tyler visits Caroline, who is understandably upset that he stood by while his fellow werewolves nearly killed her and the Salvatore brothers. Their friendship is over, she screams. She later fibs to Matt that she’s hanging out with Bonnie, not knowing that he can see her flirting with Jeremy at the club.  Luckily for Caroline, Stefan brings Bonnie and Elena to comfort her over her trauma with a sleepover. Dejected over Caroline’s rejection, Tyler turns to Jules and Brady, sharing with them that Mason had returned to Mystic Falls to find a moonstone. Suddenly, the werewolves aren’t in such a hurry to get out of town. The question is whether John Gilbert is after it, too, since he shows up at the tomb where Katherine is biding time and tells her that he’s working on a plan to spring her from her prison! Looks like everybody was right about Mr. Gilbert. Then again, he may be luring Katherine into a trap so he can avenge her maiming of him at the beginning of the season. What do you think?

New Vampire Diaries Preview: Werewolves lock Caroline in a cage!

Just when I thought the folks at The Vampire Diaries were going to speed up the love triangle between Caroline, Matt and Tyler, they throw us a curve ball and turn the studly werewolf against his vampire crush.  The new preview for tomorrow’s episode shows Caroline getting caged and Tyler cross-examining her about his uncle Mason’s death. Could Tyler be in on Caroline’s caging? Jules recruited Tyler to her side by pointing an accusatory finger at Caroline and her fellow vampires. Now I wonder how Caroline will escape her predicament and, when she does, will she forgive Tyler for turning against her?  Damon, meanwhile, keeps a close eye on John Gilbert as John cozies up to his daughter Elena. John had better watch his step because Damon had a taste of fresh blood recently and is back in bad boy form. Any false moves could be his final ones if he hurts Elena!

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Vampire Diaries January 27 Recap: Damon does a mercy killing.

Damon had no choice but to put Rose out of her agony.

January 27 – This episode features some mighty fine acting by Ian Somerhalder, who goes from touching to terrifying in the blink of an eye as the torn Damon Salvatore struggling to reconcile his savage vampire nature with his resurgent humanity. He definitely goes through the ringer on this one and I was feeling for Damon a lot. We also got more evidence that Jules is one baaaaad werewolf chick. She may not be as powerful as Katherine, Mystic Falls’ undisputed top villainess, but Jules is trouble with a capital T. We first see her waking up in the aftermath of a particularly grisly kill at a camp site where she tries to burn the mangled remains. When an unlucky deputy happens upon the scene she bludgeons him to death to cover her tracks. After Damon leaves an ailing Rose in Elena’s care at his place he confronts the she-wolf and tries to bargain with her to find a cure for the wolf’s bite. His intimidation gambit falls flat because Jules isn’t afraid of big bad Damon. “Put a stake through her heart,” a defiant Jules suggests prophetically. Elena is thinking the same thing when a delirious Rose turns rabid and attacks her. A resourceful Elena uses sunlight to fend Rose off and locks herself in a room with a makeshift stake. When she exits the room she encounters Damon and the two head out to find Rose, finding her just as she bites big, bloody chunks out of a young couple leaving the latest festival. Damon returns Rose to his home and comforts her as she grapples with unimaginable pain and guilt over killing the innocent locals. Realizing there’s no other options, Damon lulls Rose into a dream in which she revisits her idyllic human life in England and gently stakes her to release her from her agony. Ian’s lone tear drop is an acting coup and I really felt for Rose, whom I admittedly found annoying because I thought she lacked chemistry with sexy Damon. Still, the scene belonged to Ian.

An unlucky woman paid the price for Damon's emotional turmoil.

After Elena hugs him to express her condolences over Rose’s death, a tortured Damon gets smashed and lures an unsuspecting female motorist to her doom, the whole time keeping us on pins and needles as we beg him not to kill her knowing full well that he was gonna do it. And boy did he ever! Yikes!  While Damon reclaimed his bad boy credentials, Caroline finds herself smack in the middle of a love triangle. Matt kisses her after she confesses her love for him but she pulls away without sharing the news of her bloody new diet with him. While the eternally clueless hunk scratches his head in confusion, Tyler shows Caroline his gratitude for her support with a big wet one and she responds. Pulling away, she exclaims “Everyone just needs to stop kissing me!” Lucky girl. Tyler has reason to change his tune where Caroline’s concerned when Jules reveals her werewolf status to him and implicates Caroline in Mason’s death. Join us, she tells him, adding that more werewolves are on their way to Mystic Falls for a showdown with the vampires. She’s trouble I tell ya!  Stefan, meanwhile, gets Isobel’s number from Alaric so he can enlist her help in saving Elena from super vamps Elijah and Klaus. His search reunites Elena not with her mysterious mom but with her daddy dearest, “uncle” Jonathan Gilbert!  Where’s Katherine when you need her?

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Sneak Peek at scenes from the February 3 episode of The Vampire Diaries! Jonathan Gilbert returns!

Jules may be looking to recruit a vulnerable Tyler to her wolf pack.

The CW has released some sneak peek shots from the February 3 episode of The Vampire Diaries “Daddie Issues,” and it looks like Tyler is going to be smack in the middle of the action.  The pictures make me think there will be a struggle between the Salvatores and Jules for Tyler’s allegiance. If he learns of Mason’s death at the hands of Damon, it may put him in Jules’ camp. She’s got the advantage given that she’s a fellow werewolf. But does that make it right for him to be with her? She’s trouble.  She proves it in a scene that seems to depict a hostage tradeoff. Word from the CW has it things will get violent really fast during the confrontation. Will Feb 3 be the last we see of Jules? In other news, Jeremy comforts Bonnie after she has a disturbing chat with Luka’s dad Jonas, who’s in cahoots with Elijah. Elena, meanwhile, gets an unpleasant surprise when her dad Jonathan shows up. If he’s back for revenge against Katherine for maiming him we know where she can be found. Stay tuned!

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The Salvatore brothers seem to be bargaining with Jules using Tyler. Is it a trick?

Is Jules in for a nasty surprise?

A lineup of supernatural hunks!

Sneak peek pictures from The Vampire Diaries January 27 episode!

Who is the mystery girl with Damon?

Just two more weeks before The Vampire Diaries returns with fresh episodes, folks! It can’t come soon enough for me. I’m on pins and needles over the fate of Rose. We know from the previews that she’s gonna turn rabid and go after Elena. My question is whether she survives the episode. A few new preview photos released by The CW just might provide a clue or two.  It looks like Damon is gonna get some major screen time, not that we mind, of course. He’s pictured with some mystery gal and these pictures indicate their conversation will be pretty intense. Is she someone from his past? More importantly, is she going to figure in his future? Jules is set to take a walk in the woods rockin’ a lady lumberjack look like she’s ready for a date with Wolverine from X-Men. Regardless, Jules looks spooked in one shot and comes across a fire in another. Did she set it? In other news, Caroline ends up in a pickle when a grateful Tyler plants one on her just as Matt makes move to further their reconciliation along. Will she pick the human hottie or the hot-headed werewolf? Tune in on January 27!

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I thought Damon's emotional moments were only for Elena!


At least Elena gives Damon some solace.

Will Damon have to kill a rabid Rose to save Elena?

Will Jules get what's coming to her from a vengeful Damon?

Is Jules getting rid of evidence? A body, perhaps?

Here's a shot of Damon lookin' mighty fine. Go figure.

Is Matt Davis underused on The Vampire Diaries as Alaric?

Matt Davis is The Vampire Diaries' neglected vampire hunter Alaric.

I realize that Vampire Diaries is the story of Elena and her love triangle with the Salvatore brothers, but sometimes I think the show could benefit from giving the older supporting characters more screen time. Alaric is a case in point. When the character — played by Matt Davis — first arrived in Mystic Falls, he was like a cross between Indiana Jones and the vampire hunter Van Helsing. He had an ominous air of mystery and was determined to kill Damon for turning Elena’s mom Isobel. I anticipated the two characters would have a prolonged rivalry similar to the classic Van Helsing/Count Dracula struggle with a CW pretty boy twist. Recent episodes, however, have reduced Alaric to second-string member of Damon’s junior A-Team. His knowledge of supernatural lore and Mystic Falls history comes in handy, but I can’t help but feel that he’s been neutered. The recent scene where Elena interrupted a shirtless Alaric after he had clearly spent the night with a glowing Jenna was the most exciting thing he’s done in a while. The Vampire Diaries producers need to dream up a few more action scenes for him. Perhaps the recent arrival of Jules signals the impending introduction of an army of werewolves set to come up against the town’s vampire community. This would make Ric’s hunting skills very important given the vampires’ vulnerability to werewolf bites. And if Klaus is the dangerous megavampire his buildup makes him out to be, then Ric should start sharpening his stakes because he will need to be in top form to help Elena & Co. fight Armageddon in Mystic Falls.  I know there are plenty of Alaric fans out there who would agree with me. Did you know that Matt Davis played Reese Witherspoon’s jerk boyfriend in “Legally Blonde?” Here’s a link to a cool slideshow of his pictures on IMDB.

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Will Rose die of rabies on The Vampire Diaries?

The new YouTube preview of the next episode of Vampire Diaries is chilling! We’re finally going to find out what happens to a vampire after getting bitten by a werewolf. We’ve heard for most of the new season about how deadly werewolf bites are for vampires but I’m guessing most of us thought that the results would be like any regular wolf bite — major pain, lots of bloodletting and a relatively quick death. From the looks of the next episode, it appears that the after effects are far more drawn out and gory. As we all know, Rose, who clearly has a crush on Damon regardless of how casual she wants to come off, took a bite meant for him from Jules in wolf form. Although the wound seemed to heal miraculously quick, it was replaced by some ominous, bubbling skin tissue on her shoulder. I think a werewolf’s bite infects a vampire’s bloodstream with a venom that turns him or her into a werewolf-vampire hybrid acting like a zombie straight out of “Night of the Living Dead.” This stuff looks pretty gruesome. Jules is of course pretty happy about it and refuses to help Damon find a cure — if there is one. Elena, our perpetual damsel in distress, seems to be square in the line of fire, as usual. Vampire Diaries seems to be setting up a steady stream of villains this year and I think Jules’ unseen collaborator will figure prominently in the coming weeks, especially if Damon does anything to Jules. Killing werewolves doesn’t seem to be a wise move for peace in Mystic Falls. They move in packs, after all, so it stands to reason there will always be a new one on the scene to avenge the death of a fallen pack mate. I suspect Lauren Cohan, who plays Rose, won’t be on the show much longer so I looked her up on IMDB and found out that she was born in Philadelphia in 198 2 and was raised in the United Kingdom, hence the British accent. She’s in a direct-to-video flick called “Death Race 2” and will appear as Leto in “Young Alexander the Great.” For more information on Lauren, visit her profile here.

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