The Vampire Diaries April 19 recap: Heart of Darkness


April 19 – Several characters from the past made return appearances, a new allegiance was forged and Damon made some serious progress in his bid to win over Elena’s heart in the latest episode of TVD, “Heart of Darkness.” The Salvatores and Elena decide they need to get to Jeremy in Denver before Klaus now that Klaus has discovered his whereabouts. Stefan suggests that Elena and Damon will hit the road alone while he stays home to watch over Alaric and wait until his evil alter ego reemerges with the secret to the location of the dagger that can kill Klaus. Stefan thinks Elena needs some time alone to assess her feelings for his brother. Bad idea! When Damon and Elena find a studly Jeremy at a batting range, they explain to him that they need to trace the lineage of each Original vampire since killing an Original will destroy all the vamps he or she sired. Getting in touch with Rose, through Jeremy’s gift, is their next step. Naturally, danger follows Jeremy wherever he goes and a friend he’s expecting turns out to be Kol, who’s thirsting for a rematch with Damon. Damon manages to outmaneuver Kol and the three hide out at a local motel. Jeremy manages to conjure the spirit of Rose in her cute little shag haircut and she reveals that her sire was not Klaus but a woman named Mary Foster, whom Damon refers to as “Crazy Mary.” She also clues Jeremy in on the developing bond between his sister and Damon. Elena is touched to learn how Damon compelled the dying Rose to imagine herself spending a final day in the sun as a human rather than feel the pain of her impending death. Elena realizes that, although well hidden, Damon still has his humanity. This is very bad for Stefan, folks. We all know there’s nothing sexier than finding the soft side of a bad boy vampire. That night, a vigilant Damon watches over Elena, shirtless of course as his chiseled body shines in the moonlight. Damon is uncomfortable when Elena brings up his good deed for Rose, but reaches out to her, sensing that it’s brought them closer. Although torn, Elena can no longer fight her attraction to Damon and the two melt into a steamy embrace as they devour each other in passionate kisses! This ain’t no chaste “Twilight” scene, folks. Team Delena cheers. Team Stelena hisses. Our collective screams are interrupted by Jeremy, of course, with the news that Mary Foster is living in Kansas. When the trio arrive at her home, they discover it’s more like she’s dead in Kansas, staked by Kol, who beats Damon up but inexplicably doesn’t kill him. Afterward, Damon senses Elena pull away from his caress and discovers that she expects him to do something to ruin their new bond. Realizing their trip was a test of her feelings, Damon’s disappointed, hurt and tells her he won’t make it easy for her to choose Stefan over him. The choice between the Salvatores is one she will need to make on her own. As the trio head back home, Damon and Elena stew in uncomfortable silence while Jeremy gets another visit from Rose, who explains to him that Damon deserves his chance to win Elena because he challenges her in ways Stefan does not. Image

Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Rebekah clash over competing ’70s and ’30s themes for the upcoming decades dance (another excuse to put the cast in cute costumes I’m sure) and Matt sides with Becky.  What the Beckster doesn’t realize is that Matt and Caroline set up the argument to distract her while Caroline sets out to meet a returning Tyler.  When Matt drops Becky off at her home, she discovers her mom Esther there. Mother and daughter have a tense confrontation that ends with Esther collapsing. Klaus arrives and Becky tells him their mother is dead. Is she really? Tyler, randy as ever, has a vigorous naked reunion with his voluptuous vamp but is disturbed to learn that his life is on the line if his sire Klaus is offed. He’s even more upset to discover that Klaus is putting the moves on his gal and Caroline may not be totally immune to his attentions.  Alaric goads Stefan into beating the crap out of him to set loose his dark side and indeed, Bad Ric emerges and tells him that the stake with Klaus’ name on it is in the cave where vamps can’t enter. Trouble is that Klaus and Rebekah are in the living room and know it, too! Rebekah takes Bad Ric down to the cave to retrieve the dagger while Klaus and Stefan have a little chat. Klaus plays it all big and evil, trotting out the usual threats against Stefan and all those he holds dear, but Stefan sees right through his theatrics. He knows Klaus doesn’t really want to kill him and Klaus counters that it’s only a matter of time before The Ripper returns to his side. In the cave, Bad Ric decides he doesn’t want to return the dagger to his captors, but Becky does him one better by stepping into the cave! She’s actually Esther inhabiting Rebekah’s body and she wants to team up with Bad Ric to get rid of the Originals once and for all!

The Vampire Diaries February 16 recap: Damon makes Abby a vampire!

Turning Abby into a vampire is one of the worst things Damon has done in a long time, but he did it to spare Stefan from doing the dirty work.

If you think it was tough for Bonnie to accept Elena’s love for the Salvatores, just imagine what she’s going to go through with a vampire mom! That’s the question in the air after Damon and Stefan went to extremes to stop Esther’s plot to wipe out her children with an ancient spell that required the combined powers of the Bennett witch bloodline, putting Abby in a pivotal spot that will test Bonnie’s tolerance. If the history of past TVD newbies is a good sign, Bonnie won’t have to adjust to having a vampire mother for long. The drama began with Elena arriving just in time to catch a very satisfied Rebekah leaving Damon after their vigorous revenge hookup. Elena recognizes that an inebriated Damon’s one-night stand with Becky was his lashing out over her rejection of his love and concern for her. He’s determined to reclaim his bad boy crown and is off to a good start. Elena’s dismayed that neither Salvatore brother supports her plan to head off Esther’s plan, which she feels unfairly lumps Elijah with his wicked siblings. The Salvatores change their attitudes when Elijah, suspecting something’s afoot, kidnaps Elena and holds her for ransom when she tells him about his mother’s scheme. Either Damon and Stefan help him stop Esther or Elena’s going to be Becky’s next meal! The Salvatores team up with Alaric to split up Klaus and Kol at the Grill. Caroline lures a smitten Klaus outside while Kol puts the moves on Dr. Meredith. Ric daggers Kol, which sends all the siblings into comas, except Klaus, that is. The Klauster dashes over to toss aside Kol’s assailants and undaggers him. Down in the caverns where Elijah had left Elena with Rebekah as her guard dog, Elena takes advantage of Becky’s momentary paralysis and makes a break for it, entering the area with the hieroglyphics which vampires cannot enter. A crafty Rebekah tosses a convenient can of gasoline all over the room and sets it ablaze. Either Elena leaves the room or burns inside it! Becky’s brothers, meanwhile, confront their mother and traitorous brother Finn. Esther’s not budging, but the Salvatores put a twist on the proceedings when Damon snaps Abby’s neck, ending her life as a witch and weakening Esther’s incantation. In a flash of fire, Esther’s gone and the Original siblings are safe to continue their tyranny over Mystic Falls, for now at least.

"We're monsters," a guilt-ridden Elijah tells Rebekah.

Elijah feels guilty over having to endanger Elena in order to force the Salvatores to do his bidding. Rebekah is happy to let Elena live so she can gloat over the suffering that’s to come her way. Damon and Stefan have their own heart to heart, noting that their temporary role swap seems to  be coming to an end. Stefan thinks it’s too late to reclaim his title of resident good guy while Damon remarks that he’s better at being the bad guy. Speaking of bad guys, it turns out that Meredith may be one after all after Alaric finds incriminating evidence regarding the recent spate of murders in her apartment. “You weren’t supposed to see that,” she says as she shoots him.

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