The Vampire Diaries October 27 Episode Recap: Are Bonnie and Jeremy over?

Have lingering feelings for Anna cost Jeremy his relationship with Bonnie?

October 27 – Just in time for Halloween, “Ghost World” is a rather “spirited” edition of The Vampire Diaries as deceased loved ones haunt the Mystic Falls gang after Bonnie breaches the doorway between the living and the dead. Damon regains consciousness to find himself chained to a chair and tortured by the ghost of Mason Lockwood in the exact fashion that he killed Mason last season. Although Mason enjoys sticking it to Damon – literally – he’s popped up for a more noble reason. He wants to protect his nephew Tyler from a life of servitude under Klaus and knows of an old Lockwood family legend – that family history has a million of ’em – regarding a weapon that can be used to kill an Original Vampire. Mason toys with Damon, leading him to the cellar on the Lockwood family grounds and letting him get impaled by a booby trap set up to protect the secret weapon. While Mason pulls Damon’s strings, the other residents of Mystic Falls receive ghostly visits that stir up old emotions. Anna is acting like she and Jeremy can make a go of it as a couple even though she’s, well, dead. What’s worse is that Jeremy admits to Elena that he still loves Anna. Elena’s not pleased by this turn of events, but she enlists his help in conjuring the presence of Stefan’s bestie Lexi in hopes of pulling him out of the darkness of his Ripper persona. Lexi’s in rare form, overpowering Stefan and strapping him to a chair in the Salvatore dungeon — everyone in town seems to have one of these — while she tortures him to make him feel again and reclaim his humanity. While Jeremy is off kissing Anna, Bonnie’s magic brings forth the spirit of her witch grandmother – played by Jasmine Guy of the ‘80s sitcom It’s a Different World— who demands she correct the imbalance she caused in the natural order of things by resurrecting Jeremy.  The Original Witch’s talisman must be destroyed! But where the hell is that damned thing? At the Founder’s Day celebration, a band of vengeful vampire ghosts settle some old scores with the descendants of the Mystic Falls founding families – targeting Tyler’s mom Carol among them – but Caroline leaps to the rescue. 

Mason paid Damon back from beyond the grave.

Jeremy discovers that Anna, who doesn’t want to be sent back to her lonely place on the other side, has the necklace. Luckily, Elena manages to guilt her into giving it up.  Jeremy returns it to an angry Bonnie, who tosses it in a fireplace, sending all the spirits back to Ghost World. Grandma Jasmine is proud of the Bonster. Lexi runs out of time in her intervention with Stefan but urges Elena not to lose hope. Anna is reunited with her mother as a reward for returning the talisman. Mason fades away just as he discovers the key to finding the weapon to use against Klaus. Damon, who can’t enter the space in the cave without being invited, summons Alaric. Ric is amazed to find a wall covered with ancient hieroglyphics that tell the story of the Original Vampires – Klaus’ Viking family. This is the point where we learn more about what led to Klaus being such a crummy dude. That’s great and all, but I still want to know what happened to Katherine when Michael bit her! Any ideas?

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The Vampire Diaries February 17 recap: Katherine is freed from the tomb!


Stefan's friend Lexi appeared in a flashback to his savage days.

February 17 – He may be Elena’s biological daddy, but Jonathan Gilbert is one major jerk. Weaselly, as Damon likes to describe him, is most appropriate because he scurries about poking his nose in everybody’s business, claiming to have Elena’s best interest at heart (that is SO debatable), and generally causing all kinds of chaos along the way. Last week we discovered that he’s been plotting to free Katherine from the tomb and tonight’s suspenseful episode let us in on his plan.  There’s a lot of flashing back in time as the Salvatore brothers and Elena delve into the boys’ early days as vampires after being turned by Katherine. Elena reads the diary of Jonathan’s ancestor, which details his horrific slaying by none other than Stefan. In an ironic case of role reversal, it turns out that Elena’s sweet-natured boyfriend was quite the bad boy back in the old days, killing innocents with voracious glee as a reluctant Damon pleaded with him to rein in his savage nature. It wasn’t until Stefan’s dearly departed bestie Lexi came on the scene that he took a turn toward becoming one of the good guys. Still, his walk down memory lane gives Elena the shivers.  Her Prince Charming has the potential to be the Prince of Darkness.  Jeremy sets up a candlelit magic “practice session” with Bonnie after she’s confronted by an angry Luka about what transpired during his drug-induced blackout at her doing. Later, just as things are heating up between the young Romeo and his magical Juliet, Luka’s angry dad Jonas bursts in and drains her of her powers. Will Jeremy still be hot for her without her magic? Damon visits a famished Kat and she seemingly inadvertently confirms Jonathan’s claims that the dagger dipped in oak ash will indeed kill an Original vampire. Fearing that she’ll be stuck in the tomb forever if Damon kills Elijah, she begs him not to do it. Damon, of course, becomes even more determined to end the well-coifed fiend. Elijah creeps out Alaric by spending way too much time with Jenna sharing his knowledge of Mystic Falls history. He lost one lover to vampirism and is not about to risk having that happen again! 

Damon realized the gang goofed!

Damon plots to have Elijah over to Jenna’s for dinner with the gang, including Damon’s newscaster bimbo Andy, not knowing that he would destroy himself by using the dagger against the Original, a fact Jonathan conveniently left out of his explanation to further his vendetta against the Salvatores and their kind. Luckily for the blue-eyed bad boy, Stefan alerts Ric to Jonathan’s plot and Ric does the honors himself and Elijah goes bye-bye. Not so fast! Elena comes across a passage in the diary saying that the small print in all this vampire mythological mumbo jumbo says you gotta leave the dagger in the Original for him to stay dead — which Damon & Co. fail to do so next thing you know Elijah is back in action and drops by the lake house to collect from Elena. The two engage in some tense negotiations and Elena stabs herself, forcing Elijah to again promise not to hurt her loved ones in exchange for keeping her intact for the sacrifice to Klaus. Catching Elijah off guard, she stabs him with the dagger. Damon suggests they leave it in the newly dead bad guy this time.  The smug vampire’s mood changes quickly when he returns to his pad to discover an equally smug Katherine making herself at home. It turns out Jonathan’s ruse to get Damon to off Elijah was the key to freeing Kat from her tomb. The Kat is back! It’s about time.

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