The Vampire Diaries October 27 Episode Recap: Are Bonnie and Jeremy over?

Have lingering feelings for Anna cost Jeremy his relationship with Bonnie?

October 27 – Just in time for Halloween, “Ghost World” is a rather “spirited” edition of The Vampire Diaries as deceased loved ones haunt the Mystic Falls gang after Bonnie breaches the doorway between the living and the dead. Damon regains consciousness to find himself chained to a chair and tortured by the ghost of Mason Lockwood in the exact fashion that he killed Mason last season. Although Mason enjoys sticking it to Damon – literally – he’s popped up for a more noble reason. He wants to protect his nephew Tyler from a life of servitude under Klaus and knows of an old Lockwood family legend – that family history has a million of ’em – regarding a weapon that can be used to kill an Original Vampire. Mason toys with Damon, leading him to the cellar on the Lockwood family grounds and letting him get impaled by a booby trap set up to protect the secret weapon. While Mason pulls Damon’s strings, the other residents of Mystic Falls receive ghostly visits that stir up old emotions. Anna is acting like she and Jeremy can make a go of it as a couple even though she’s, well, dead. What’s worse is that Jeremy admits to Elena that he still loves Anna. Elena’s not pleased by this turn of events, but she enlists his help in conjuring the presence of Stefan’s bestie Lexi in hopes of pulling him out of the darkness of his Ripper persona. Lexi’s in rare form, overpowering Stefan and strapping him to a chair in the Salvatore dungeon — everyone in town seems to have one of these — while she tortures him to make him feel again and reclaim his humanity. While Jeremy is off kissing Anna, Bonnie’s magic brings forth the spirit of her witch grandmother – played by Jasmine Guy of the ‘80s sitcom It’s a Different World— who demands she correct the imbalance she caused in the natural order of things by resurrecting Jeremy.  The Original Witch’s talisman must be destroyed! But where the hell is that damned thing? At the Founder’s Day celebration, a band of vengeful vampire ghosts settle some old scores with the descendants of the Mystic Falls founding families – targeting Tyler’s mom Carol among them – but Caroline leaps to the rescue. 

Mason paid Damon back from beyond the grave.

Jeremy discovers that Anna, who doesn’t want to be sent back to her lonely place on the other side, has the necklace. Luckily, Elena manages to guilt her into giving it up.  Jeremy returns it to an angry Bonnie, who tosses it in a fireplace, sending all the spirits back to Ghost World. Grandma Jasmine is proud of the Bonster. Lexi runs out of time in her intervention with Stefan but urges Elena not to lose hope. Anna is reunited with her mother as a reward for returning the talisman. Mason fades away just as he discovers the key to finding the weapon to use against Klaus. Damon, who can’t enter the space in the cave without being invited, summons Alaric. Ric is amazed to find a wall covered with ancient hieroglyphics that tell the story of the Original Vampires – Klaus’ Viking family. This is the point where we learn more about what led to Klaus being such a crummy dude. That’s great and all, but I still want to know what happened to Katherine when Michael bit her! Any ideas?

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The Vampire Diaries October 20 Episode Recap: Mason Lockwood Returns!

Stefan is frighteningly good at pretending not to care for Elena. Or is he not pretending anymore?

October 20  – A number of cat-and-mouse games play out on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries “Smells Like Teen Spirit” but it’s hard to tell who are the cats and who are the mice. Stefan and Rebecca, left behind by Klaus to watch over Elena and Tyler, respectively, are making nuisances of themselves in the lives of our Mystic Falls gang. Stefan bullies the students at the school track and Rebecca makes moves to take over Caroline’s place as the resident golden girl, perhaps even in Tyler’s heart. Alaric gives Elena self-defense classes to toughen her up. Spooked by Stefan’s coldness – he compels young women into playing a twisted round of Twister while he feeds on them – Elena concocts a plot to put him out of commission. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one plotting in Mystic Falls. Vicki convinces Matt to perform a ritual that brings her over to the world of the living. The catch is that she is on orders from the Original Witch to kill Elena so that Klaus can’t make any more hybrids. When Matt tries to stop Vicki from carrying out the witch’s orders, she clocks him with a wrench. She intends to stay among the living at any cost! Anna warns Jeremy that Vicki is up to no good but a jealous Bonnie turns to Matt to find a way to zap Vicki back to the land of the dead and lonely. Vicki stalks Elena at a bonfire where Elena is setting a trap for Stefan. Damon arouses Elena’s jealousy by flirting with Rebecca, who sees right through the ruse. Elena succeeds in luring Stefan into the path of Alaric’s crossbow filled with vervane-tipped darts. Just when they pack his unconscious body into Ric’s truck, however, Vicki traps Elena inside and sets it ablaze. Bonnie once again comes to the rescue and casts a spell that whisks Vicki to the site where she and Matt banish her back to the land of the dead. Despite his fear of being alone, Matt won’t allow his sister to hurt others. Judging from the growing online chatter about a possible hookup between him and Bonnie, I suspect he may not have to deal with loneliness much longer.  Jeremy, meanwhile, is growing closer to Anna, with whom he manages to connect physically after sharing that they can’t stop thinking about each other. Is this the beginning of the end for Jeremy and Bonnie?  

Can Tyler resist his hybrid urges... and Rebecca's temptations?

Tyler and Caroline make up after having an argument over his new allegiance to Klaus. He’s been sired by the Original Vampire and is having trouble resisting his new urges, especially the young woman Rebecca serves up as his first human feeding. Damon gently tends to Elena’s bruises, his face temptingly close to hers as he assures her his flirtation with Rebecca was just an act. It’s obvious his display with the bloodsucking blonde got under Elena’s skin and it’s just as evident that he’s thrilled by this realization. Team Damon scores! The same can’t be said for Stefan, who cruelly taunts Elena for holding out hope that he will return to the side of the good guys. Exercising her new-found girl power, Elena stabs him in the gut as payback! Katherine, who’s been trying to rouse Michael the undead vampire hunter with human blood, gets a surprise of her own when she discovers that he prefers the blood of his own kind as he abruptly pulls her close to feed on her! Just as I thought I couldn’t be more shocked, Damon is attacked by a resurrected – and thirsting for revenge — Mason Lockwood!  Has Klaus succeeded in creating another hybrid?

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Tyler has his first wolf transformation and Rose gets bitten by a she-wolf!

This was the one, folks. The one where we finally got to see what a werewolf transformation really looks like in all its bone-crunching, gut-wrenching glory. Trust me when I say it was not easy to see Tyler experience this sad rite of passage. At least he had Caroline to help him through it. She held him and everything. Looks like the newbie wolf and vamp will become a newbie couple very soon.  Tyler gets spooked by the video Mason left behind of his own metamorphosis and leaves a message on Mason’s cell phone that is picked up by the new gal in town, Jules, who clues Tyler and his mom in on the fact that Mason did not go to Florida as they had been led to believe. Jules is pleased to report to an accomplice that Tyler is a werewolf. The question is whether she is one, too. It’s a question Damon and Alaric are determined to answer as they team up at The Grill to trick her into drinking beer laced with wolf’s bane.

What did Jules' bite do to Rose?

After some playful small talk that feels more like a cross-examination, Jules puts down her glass, reveals herself to Damon and issues him a warning. The she-wolf has “marked” Mystic Falls’ sexy bad boy! While Elena is imprisoned at home, where Bonnie keeps her safe from harm’s way with a sealing spell, Damon delivers blood to Stefan, who’s trapped in the tomb with Katherine. Kat projects some mighty sexy fantasies into Stefan’s still-vulnerable mind and almost gets him to cheat on Elena. Will she succeed the next time? Elena has more pressing concerns, however. Elijah adopts an American accent and wheedles an invitation into her house from eternally clueless Jenna and nearly gives Elena heart failure. Elijah makes her a mysterious offer to get rid of Klaus in exchange for something that we won’t learn until late January when The Vampire Diaries returns with fresh episodes, but something tells me it can’t be good. At least it gets Stefan out of the tomb and safe from Katherine’s clutches. That’s more than we can say for Damon, whose latest clinch with Rose (snooze!) is interrupted by Jules in wolf form. Jules lunges at Damon but Rose pushes him out of the way and gets bitten! After the she-wolf escapes, Damon tends to her wound, which is miraculously vanished. It’s not cured, however, as the two uncover it later to reveal bubbles sizzling on the surface of her skin. Is Rose a goner? I’m not her biggest fan, what with the mannish haircut and all, but she’s not such a bad girl. I feel bad about what lies ahead for her.

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Sneak peek at December 9 Vampire Diaries: Tyler’s first werewolf transformation!

Michaela McManus guest stars as mysterious hottie Jules. Is she a female werewolf?

Get ready for The Vampire Diaries to get a lot hairier on December 9. Tyler is finally going to turn into a werewolf during a full moon with new buddy Caroline at his side to help him through the ordeal. Hopefully she will have him well tied up with strong chains. Something tells me that seeing Tyler go through the agonizing pain of a werewolf transformation will bring Caroline much closer to him. Cue the meaningful glances! Meanwhile, Damon’s cover up of Mason’s murder will be jeopardized when a gorgeous woman named Jules (Michaela McManus) shows up in town looking for Mason. From these scenes released by The CW it appears that she encounters Damon in a chummy-looking scene. Is she cozying up to him because she suspects he was involved in what happened to Mason? As Shakira might ask, might she be a she-wolf? In emerging couple news, Bonnie and Luca collaborate on a spell but keep secrets from each other. I wonder how Jeremy will react to the magical duo’s latest venture. More importantly, how much longer will it take him to punch Luca out? Finally, that nasty, well-coifed vampire Elijah pops up again with an offer that promises to be a major game changer.

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Jules toasts with Damon. Are they wicked birds of a feather or playing a game of cat and mouse?

Elena will continue to give Damon and the gang trouble in their efforts to protect her from Elijah and Klaus.

Can Jeremy compete with a guy who can practice magic with Bonnie?

Elena delves deeper into the mystery of Katherine in the November 11 Vampire Diaries.


Will Damon get closer to solving the mystery of the moonstone?

The CW has leaked some details of the upcoming November 11 episode of The Vampire Diaries called “Katerina.”  As you can guess, the story explores Katherine’s past more deeply as Elena determines to find out what the link between them is.  Damon, meanwhile, meets some new characters who may hold the key to solving the mystery of the moonstone.  Bonnie and Jeremy’s newfound bond seems to be growing, but I suspect a new character  named Luka (played by guest star Bryton James) may put a damper on their blossoming romance. Check out these scenes from the episode!


Elena forbids Caroline from telling Stefan what she's up to.


Things continue to look cozy for Bonnie and Jeremy.

What dark secrets lie in Luka's family history?

Who are Damon's new cohorts?

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New behind-the-scenes shots from The Vampire Diaries masquerade ball episode!

The CW has released some fun behind-the-scenes pictures from tomorrow’s big masquerade ball episode and they look juicy!  Everyone is looking tres chic in formal disguises. Nina Dobrev looks a bit like Catwoman in her get up. They don’t call her Kat for nothing! There are a few plot twists to look for.  A very tall woman who supposedly knows Katherine arrives on the scene. TV Guide described her as a witch and from some of these shots it looks like she’s gonna lay some heavy stuff on Bonnie. As we know from last week’s cliff-hanger, Katherine is setting Matt up to be a victim for Tyler’s easily provoked temper so that his werewolf curse kicks in. TV Guide reported that two characters will meet their maker in the episode so I’m wondering if Matt is one of them. He hasn’t been getting a lot of screen time lately since Caroline became a vampire and broke up with him for his own good, so maybe the producers are getting us used to living without him. That would be a pity.  I like his chemistry with Caroline. Stay tuned, folks!

Nina Dobrev gets help putting on her catlike mask.

A lighthearted moment for Paul Wesley. Dancing with beautiful Nina must be a pleasure!

Is the tall newcomer to Mystic Falls a friend or foe?

Is this Matt's swan song?

Katerina Graham and Steven R. McQueen look hot in formalwear.

The new witch on the block has a serious chat with Bonnie.

Damon kills Mason on The Vampire Diaries!

Damon freed Mason from his curse the hard way.

Mason Loses His Heart Over Katherine

October 21 – Nina Dobrev gets a workout in the opening moments of this episode doing double duty as Elena and Katherine in concurrent love scenes with Stefan and Mason, respectively. Elena and Stefan are relishing their ruse on Katherine that they’re estranged while Mason keeps the whereabouts of the moonstone a secret from Kat. His affair with the villainous vamp is unmasked when he bumps into Bonnie at the setup site for the annual Mystic Falls masquerade ball. Is it my imagination or does nearly every other episode of The Vampire Diaries revolve around some annual festival? According to executive director Kevin Williamson in TV Guide, it’s because there’s nothing else to do in a small town like Mystic Falls plus such events are a good excuse to bring the entire cast together in one location – usually with disastrous results. Such is the fate of Mason, who is kidnapped by the Salvatore brothers with Bonnie’s mind-zapping help. Jeremy, still hoping to become part of the team working against Katherine, stops by to help out but doesn’t have the stomach for the savagery of Damon’s torture tactics on Mason to find out Katherine’s plans. Mason endures agonizing branding by Damon, who tires of the werewolf’s delusions that Kat loves him and rips out his heart. Stefan, meanwhile, tracks down the moonstone to a well on a tip from Bonnie and jumps into it, landing in a pool of vervain Mason set up to keep the stone out of Katherine’s hands. Luckily for him Bonnie shows up with Caroline and they lower Elena into the well to get him out. Elena gives Stefan more of her blood to save his life. Sheriff Forbes is proud of Caroline’s newfound strength and maturity, but her daughter compels her to forget she’s a vampire nevertheless. When Stefan finds Damon cleaning up after offing Mason he pleads with his smug brother not to taunt Katherine to no avail. Kat retaliates by compelling Jenna, who had been spying on Elena and Stefan for her, into stabbing herself to prove how vulnerable Elena’s loved ones are. The act succeeds in breaking up a heartbroken Elena and Stefan (kudos to Paul Wesley for some fine acting in the scene. He can do a lower-lip tremble like few others). Katherine’s not finished, however. Outraged at losing her werewolf henchman, she plots to replace him by activating Tyler’s lupine curse using her latest puppet — Matt!

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