The Vampire Diaries April 26 Episode Recap: Alaric’s Fate is Revealed!

Elena gave Stefan a chance to catch up to Damon in the race for her heart.

The annual decades dance at Mystic Falls High School is the backdrop for the death of a longtime TVD friend and the birth of a creature that makes Klaus look like a lightweight in the newest episode of The Vampire Diaries “Do Not Go Gentle.” Esther reveals to Bad Ric her plan to turn him into a super vampire whose mission will be to destroy the Originals with the remaining stake, which she makes indestructible by enchanting the melted metal of Ric’s protection ring. She reclaims her body by having Ric dagger Rebekah’s, reversing the body-swap spell. Poor Becky’s gonna have even bigger mommy issues after this latest indignity. The only thing Esther needs to complete Ric’s transformation now is Elena’s blood so you know she’s going to be making an appearance at the dance. Caroline teases Elena about her makeout session with Daman during their roadtrip and convinces her to invite Stefan to the Roaring 20s dance since it should be his turn to romance Elena.

Klaus has bigger problems than Tyler now that Alaric's a super vampire-killing vampire.

Caroline may be firmly in Team Stelena’s camp, but she’s got her own love triangle to worry about. Tyler shows up at the dance decked out like a gangster and he and his blonde flapper make a cute couple on the dance floor, until Klaus cuts in and makes another play for Caroline’s heart. Hurt by her rejection, Klaus swears to her that she will never be satisfied with a small-town life with Tyler when she could have the world by his side. Caroline keeps mum about the fact that Klaus’s sire bond with Tyler has been broken to protect Tyler, but the look on her face reveals that Klaus may not be so off base in his statements as she would hope. Damon discovers that Ric hasn’t been taking the magical meds that Bonnie whipped up to keep his alter ego in check and alerts Dr. Fell. He clues in Stefan and Elena and suggests they kill Bad Ric to put Alaric out of his misery. Jeremy won’t stand for it. Esther shows up at the dance and whisks Elena away to “save” Ric, but the Salvatore brothers are unable to cross a line of salt that Esther has placed around the school to keep the vampires captive inside while she cooks up her latest dish of revenge. Elena refuses to contribute her blood for Esther’s cauldron so Esther just waves her hand and takes it. Bad Ric gulps down the concoction despite Elena’s pleas not to do it and Esther stabs him to initiate his vampire transition. Back at the high school, Klaus threatens Jamie in order to force Bonnie to break Esther’s binding spell but Esther’s power is peaking and the Bonster can’t weaken her resistance. Jeremy and Matt, meanwhile, surprise Esther armed with a rifle and crossbow but the powerful sorceress takes control of them. Just as she’s about to force them to kill each other, a rescusitated Ric stabs Esther from behind, releasing the vamps from Mystic Falls High. Klaus takes his treacherous mother’s body while the gang gathers to bid farewell to their noble friend Alaric, who has decided not to complete the vampire transition and die a dignified death as a mortal. Jeremy and Elena are heartbroken as is Bonnie, who is comforted by Jamie. Meredith gives Ric sedatives to ease his pain while Damon maintains vigil, giving his unlikely pal a last drink of booze in his final moments. But just as it appears that Alaric will go peacefully into the night, Esther’s spirit (who just won’t quit) summons Bonnie to go to him and feed him her blood, instantly completing his dreaded transformation into a bloodsucking, super-Original vampire hunter! Or something like that.

The Vampire Diaries April 26 Sneak Peek video!

Alaric is gonna continue to get more screen time next week (Yay!) as this sneak peek footage from The CW shows. Looks like Ric is planning some time out of town after his run-in with Esther-as-Rebekah in the cave. Damon has a bad feeling about Alaric’s plan. I do, too. Is it really Bad Ric pretending to be Good Ric to lure Damon into a trap? Tune in next week, TVD fans!

The Vampire Diaries October 20 Episode Recap: Mason Lockwood Returns!

Stefan is frighteningly good at pretending not to care for Elena. Or is he not pretending anymore?

October 20  – A number of cat-and-mouse games play out on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries “Smells Like Teen Spirit” but it’s hard to tell who are the cats and who are the mice. Stefan and Rebecca, left behind by Klaus to watch over Elena and Tyler, respectively, are making nuisances of themselves in the lives of our Mystic Falls gang. Stefan bullies the students at the school track and Rebecca makes moves to take over Caroline’s place as the resident golden girl, perhaps even in Tyler’s heart. Alaric gives Elena self-defense classes to toughen her up. Spooked by Stefan’s coldness – he compels young women into playing a twisted round of Twister while he feeds on them – Elena concocts a plot to put him out of commission. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one plotting in Mystic Falls. Vicki convinces Matt to perform a ritual that brings her over to the world of the living. The catch is that she is on orders from the Original Witch to kill Elena so that Klaus can’t make any more hybrids. When Matt tries to stop Vicki from carrying out the witch’s orders, she clocks him with a wrench. She intends to stay among the living at any cost! Anna warns Jeremy that Vicki is up to no good but a jealous Bonnie turns to Matt to find a way to zap Vicki back to the land of the dead and lonely. Vicki stalks Elena at a bonfire where Elena is setting a trap for Stefan. Damon arouses Elena’s jealousy by flirting with Rebecca, who sees right through the ruse. Elena succeeds in luring Stefan into the path of Alaric’s crossbow filled with vervane-tipped darts. Just when they pack his unconscious body into Ric’s truck, however, Vicki traps Elena inside and sets it ablaze. Bonnie once again comes to the rescue and casts a spell that whisks Vicki to the site where she and Matt banish her back to the land of the dead. Despite his fear of being alone, Matt won’t allow his sister to hurt others. Judging from the growing online chatter about a possible hookup between him and Bonnie, I suspect he may not have to deal with loneliness much longer.  Jeremy, meanwhile, is growing closer to Anna, with whom he manages to connect physically after sharing that they can’t stop thinking about each other. Is this the beginning of the end for Jeremy and Bonnie?  

Can Tyler resist his hybrid urges... and Rebecca's temptations?

Tyler and Caroline make up after having an argument over his new allegiance to Klaus. He’s been sired by the Original Vampire and is having trouble resisting his new urges, especially the young woman Rebecca serves up as his first human feeding. Damon gently tends to Elena’s bruises, his face temptingly close to hers as he assures her his flirtation with Rebecca was just an act. It’s obvious his display with the bloodsucking blonde got under Elena’s skin and it’s just as evident that he’s thrilled by this realization. Team Damon scores! The same can’t be said for Stefan, who cruelly taunts Elena for holding out hope that he will return to the side of the good guys. Exercising her new-found girl power, Elena stabs him in the gut as payback! Katherine, who’s been trying to rouse Michael the undead vampire hunter with human blood, gets a surprise of her own when she discovers that he prefers the blood of his own kind as he abruptly pulls her close to feed on her! Just as I thought I couldn’t be more shocked, Damon is attacked by a resurrected – and thirsting for revenge — Mason Lockwood!  Has Klaus succeeded in creating another hybrid?

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The Vampire Diaries April 14 Episode Recap: Bonnie has a showdown with Klaus.

Elena is lucky to have a friend like Bonnie.

April 14 – How do I love Bonnie? I love her t-h-i-i-i-i-s much. I have always liked her. Initially I thought she was a bit of a grouch, especially where Damon was concerned, but I could appreciate that she was the voice of reason among the gang in Mystic Falls. Elena is the optimist, Caroline was, and kind of still is, the loony one, but you could always count on the Bonster to bring everyone back to Earth by rolling her eyes and sucking in those razor-sharp cheekbones she was blessed with. In tonight’s episode Katerina Graham took center stage and socked it – quite literally – to everyone around her, particularly her favorite target Damon and her dangerous new foe, Klaus. The oldest of the Original vampires eases into Alaric’s body – which he doesn’t care for too much – and questions “Katerina” about ways to get to his prey – Elena. Matt Davis, who I always say is underused, has a field day playing Klaus’s snooty personality. In fact, he sort of comes across like a male version of Katherine. The Salvatores set up their home as a safe haven for Elena by turning over the deed to her and she has to reinvite them in so they can look after her. With the magically muscled-up Bonnie by her side, Elena feels perfectly safe and goes to school. What the gang doesn’t know is that their teacher is possessed by a homicidal ancient vampire. The scenes where Klaus-as-Alaric is in the same room with Elena are spine-tingling! Even worse are the ones where Klaus casually strides into the Salvatore house to conveniently learn their plan to use Bonnie as the ultimate Klaus-killing machine. Bonnie is only too happy to demonstrate her awesome power by sending Damon flying across the room and Klaus is duly spooked. His warlock promises to protect him with a spell while he lures Bonnie into killing herself by using too much of her augmented magic. The trap would be set at a ‘60s dance taking place that night at school.

Can Sheriff Forbes overlook that her daughter is a bloodsucker?

Stefan and Elena sense that something’s up and Jeremy continues to fret about the warning the dead witches sent Bonnie about using her power to kill Klaus. Everyone is pretty much wound up tighter than Joan Rivers’s last facelift. Everyone except Caroline, that is. She’s on cloud nine because Matt asked her to the dance. Poor girl doesn’t realize that her handsome escort is fully aware that she’s a vampire and is serving as a spy for her concerned mom, Sheriff Forbes, who’s trying to buy more time to figure out how to deal with the fact Mystic Falls is crawling with supernatural creatures. This is a subplot that I suspect will percolate for a while. For now, it’s time for a showdown with Klaus, who plays mind games with Elena and her army of bodyguards by sending her creepy messages through clueless classmates whom we’ve never met before (i.e., day players). After the gang has fun changing partners and having cryptic conversations on the dance floor, Klaus puts his plan in motion by compelling a gang of boys to attack Jeremy and distract the Salvatores while he lures Elena and Bonnie into his trap. Sure enough, Bonnie defends her BFF and unleashes a torrent of magic on Klaus, sending poor Alaric’s body crashing against the walls and breaking the bones in his limbs. Klaus’s warlock spell does a good job of protecting him while Bonnie’s mystical attack drains her life force until she drops dead. Or does she? A frantic Elena begs Stefan to save her but he says it’s too late. Damon tells his brother to take Elena home while he deals with Bonnie’s body and informs Jeremy what happened.

Damon will ALWAYS choose Elena for better or worse.

When Damon arrives at home a grieving Elena slaps him. He then informs her and Stefan that Bonnie had cast a spell to make it seem like she had died to fool Klaus. She’s alive and well! Stefan still doesn’t appreciate that Damon had left him and Elena in the dark about his contingency plan with Bonnie. A smug Damon responds that he’s happy to play the bad guy — of course – as long as he’s the one making the tough decisions that keep Elena alive. Stefan is left speechless… and slightly emasculated. When Elena apologizes to Damon for slapping him he reminds her in no uncertain terms that he will ALWAYS put her above all others. And yes, folks, Ian Somerhalder’s reading of that line was as hot as you can imagine. Elena is visibly moved (and Team Damon is swooning). Next thing you know, Elena heads to the basement and removes the dagger from Elijah’s body. I didn’t see THAT coming!

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Sneak peek pictures from The Vampire Diaries January 27 episode!

Who is the mystery girl with Damon?

Just two more weeks before The Vampire Diaries returns with fresh episodes, folks! It can’t come soon enough for me. I’m on pins and needles over the fate of Rose. We know from the previews that she’s gonna turn rabid and go after Elena. My question is whether she survives the episode. A few new preview photos released by The CW just might provide a clue or two.  It looks like Damon is gonna get some major screen time, not that we mind, of course. He’s pictured with some mystery gal and these pictures indicate their conversation will be pretty intense. Is she someone from his past? More importantly, is she going to figure in his future? Jules is set to take a walk in the woods rockin’ a lady lumberjack look like she’s ready for a date with Wolverine from X-Men. Regardless, Jules looks spooked in one shot and comes across a fire in another. Did she set it? In other news, Caroline ends up in a pickle when a grateful Tyler plants one on her just as Matt makes move to further their reconciliation along. Will she pick the human hottie or the hot-headed werewolf? Tune in on January 27!

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I thought Damon's emotional moments were only for Elena!


At least Elena gives Damon some solace.

Will Damon have to kill a rabid Rose to save Elena?

Will Jules get what's coming to her from a vengeful Damon?

Is Jules getting rid of evidence? A body, perhaps?

Here's a shot of Damon lookin' mighty fine. Go figure.

Is Matt Davis underused on The Vampire Diaries as Alaric?

Matt Davis is The Vampire Diaries' neglected vampire hunter Alaric.

I realize that Vampire Diaries is the story of Elena and her love triangle with the Salvatore brothers, but sometimes I think the show could benefit from giving the older supporting characters more screen time. Alaric is a case in point. When the character — played by Matt Davis — first arrived in Mystic Falls, he was like a cross between Indiana Jones and the vampire hunter Van Helsing. He had an ominous air of mystery and was determined to kill Damon for turning Elena’s mom Isobel. I anticipated the two characters would have a prolonged rivalry similar to the classic Van Helsing/Count Dracula struggle with a CW pretty boy twist. Recent episodes, however, have reduced Alaric to second-string member of Damon’s junior A-Team. His knowledge of supernatural lore and Mystic Falls history comes in handy, but I can’t help but feel that he’s been neutered. The recent scene where Elena interrupted a shirtless Alaric after he had clearly spent the night with a glowing Jenna was the most exciting thing he’s done in a while. The Vampire Diaries producers need to dream up a few more action scenes for him. Perhaps the recent arrival of Jules signals the impending introduction of an army of werewolves set to come up against the town’s vampire community. This would make Ric’s hunting skills very important given the vampires’ vulnerability to werewolf bites. And if Klaus is the dangerous megavampire his buildup makes him out to be, then Ric should start sharpening his stakes because he will need to be in top form to help Elena & Co. fight Armageddon in Mystic Falls.  I know there are plenty of Alaric fans out there who would agree with me. Did you know that Matt Davis played Reese Witherspoon’s jerk boyfriend in “Legally Blonde?” Here’s a link to a cool slideshow of his pictures on IMDB.

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