TVD’s Fierce Females: Caroline is the Wonder Woman of The Vampire Diaries

It's easy to understand why Matt and Tyler love Caroline so much.

It’s December 31 and I’m getting ready for tonight’s New Year’s celebration. Before I ring in 2012 I am continuing my tribute posts to the ladies of The Vampire Diaries by giving a huge shout out to Candice Accola as vamp-in-training Caroline Forbes. While the Salvatore brothers swapped personalities and revealed some new sides of themselves to TVD fans this season, it’s Caroline who gets my vote for the Mystic Falls resident who has changed the most over the years. The decision to turn Caroline, the stereotypical vapid cheerleading-captain-slash-homecoming-queen, into a feral vampire was a shocker. We all thought she might go the route of Vicki and be another of Damon’s short-term victims (although technically it was Katherine who completed Caroline’s transformation). Then the TVD writers pulled a switcheroo, to our huge benefit, and gave Candice the juicy opportunity to take us on her journey from confused baby vamp holding on to her dumb-blonde traits to confident, caring vampire coming to terms with who she is and using her new strengths — both physical and emotional — to protect the people she loves. I loved the scene in the Ghost World episode where she took on the ghosts terrorizing the crowd at the Founder’s Day festival. She jumped right in and started tossing those guys around like Wonder Woman.  Candice also shines in scenes where she confronts her parents with the reality of who she is and how becoming a vampire has helped her grow up. Her love scenes with the muscular Michael Trevino as Tyler crackle with a sensuality perhaps more suited to cable shows, but they reveal the many layers of this talented young actress.. quite literally! Let’s not forget what a great singer she is, too. Who can forget her serenading Matt with a killer rendition of The Bangle’s “Eternal Flame?” I suggest the TVD writers give Caroline a job as a singer at The Grill so we can hear Candice sing more often. I’m sure Matt wouldn’t mind.

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The Vampire Diaries September 15 Season Premiere Sneak Preview Pictures

Damon looks intense -- and sexy -- in the September 15 season premiere of The Vampire Diaries.

The third season premiere of The Vampire Diaries is just around the corner (hooray!) and the CW has released some behind-the-scenes shots showing what’s to come for the gang in Mystic Falls. Klaus seems to be settling in to his new contemporary digs. A new character named Ray, played by David Gallagher, has some dealings with Klaus which seem pretty tense by the looks of these pics. The love triangle between Caroline, Matt and Tyler looks like it will continue, which I like, and the gang as a whole looks gorgeous as ever. Can we ask for anything more? Tune in September 15!

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Klaus rocks some cool boots in his new contemporary look as Mystic Falls' new bad boy.


Is the gang plotting strategy to rescue Stefan from Klaus?


Klaus lays down the law to Ray (David Gallagher). Is Ray one of Klaus's henchmen?


Caroline continues to weigh her feelings for Matt against the ones she has for Tyler.


Hot-blooded Tyler is still in Caroline's romantic picture.

The Vampire Diaries May 5 episode recap: Klaus Kills Jenna!

Goodbye to Jenna! She died a heroine.

May 5 – This episode was a sad one, folks. Exciting, but definitely sad. The writers of The Vampire Diaries didn’t pull any punches telling the final chapter in the tale of the moonstone curse. Characters were dropping like flies and not all of them were obvious choices for death. As usual, Elena was at the center of all the carnage. As the ritual to unleash Klaus’s werewolf side begins, his witch Greta encircles Elena and Jenna in rings of fire. The Klauster shows up with a third pretty lady, the she-wolf Jules, and Greta sets her magical recipe in motion. Jules is in agony since the witch had slowed down her painful wolf transformation in order to keep her vulnerable for the sacrifice.

Jules only wanted to help Tyler.

When Jules attempts to attack Klaus, he easily overpowers her and rips her heart out! Stage one of the ritual is complete. Jules’s werewolf protégé Tyler, meanwhile, is busy trying to rip Caroline and Matt to shreds. Matt shoots him and escapes with Caroline. In the morning, they find a naked Tyler lying outside their door. Matt admits to Caroline that as bad as his life can be, he just can’t deal with the complications that come with dating a vampire. When Tyler wakes up, he thanks Caroline for helping him and consoles her about losing Matt. Is this Wolf Boy’s chance? Hmm. Back at casa Salvatore, Damon has a rare moment of concern for his brother when Alaric tells him that Stefan left to sacrifice himself in Jenna’s place. He and Ric join Jeremy and Bonnie in pouring over the John Gilbert journals for a way out of this ritual mess. Sure enough, John, making himself useful for a change, reveals that there is some fine print in the lore about humans being turned into vamps when they ingest vampire blood. “Skip to the save Elena part,” an impatient Damon demands. Turns out there’s a way to replace a human’s soul before they convert fully to vampirism. Bonnie does a quick mumbo-jumbo number on John and heads out with Damon to save Elena. Alaric, however, is sealed in the house with John and Jeremy by Bonnie to keep him out of danger. Poor Ric is always left behind to deliver bad news to other characters. Just as Klaus is about to proceed to Jenna’s portion of the ritual, Stefan shows up and tries to negotiate with him. Klaus, however, prefers to keep Stefan alive for another diabolical purpose. Jenna valiantly resists by attacking his witch but Klaus stakes her as a helpless Elena looks on in horror! Klaus then feeds on Elena’s blood and she seemingly drops dead! Klaus’s transformation begins and Bonnie shows up to wallop him with her mega magic while Damon snaps Greta’s neck to keep her from interfering. Elijah emerges and reaches into Klaus’s chest to pull out his heart but Klaus tells him that the bodies of their family members are still safe. Elijah chooses family ties over keeping his word to the Salvatores and whisks Klaus away. Damon brings Elena back to the house, where John gives Jeremy his protection ring and a letter for Elena. As John walks outside, Elena comes back to life and he drops dead. Bonnie’s spell had set up an exchange of John’s soul for Elena’s. The next day, Elena mourns the loss of her remaining two parental figures as Jenna and John are laid to rest. Alaric has lost another love to vampirism. What will he do next? That’s what fans are wondering about Damon, who confides in Stefan that Tyler bit him. They’ll find a cure, Stefan promises. Will they do it on next week’s season finale?

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The Vampire Diaries May 12 Sneak Preview Pictures: The Season Finale!

Elena and Damon emerge from a dangerous encounter.

I just love how The CW teases us with a tantalizing write-up of an upcoming episode while leaking photos that shed zero light on the juicy parts. I realize it’s not cool to give away everything and spoil the surprise of plot twists while they happen but I think they should at least give me something to work with! LOL. In true Vampire Diaries fashion, the May 12 season finale features a social event that brings the community together in one spot for some innocent fun while life-or-death situations play out in the shadows. In this case it’s a screening of the classic Civil War-era film “Gone with The Wind” in the town square. I’m guessing that the episode juxtaposes scenes from the film with Damon’s memories of Katherine in 1864. The only action shot sent out by The CW shows Damon and Elena emerging from some seriously dramatic encounter. It looks like he may be injured. Did they just have a confrontation with Klaus and his goons? There are going to be a few lives hanging in the balance and the scoop has it that Stefan pays a terrible personal price for his attempt to prevent a tragedy while Sheriff Forbes makes a deadly mistake trying to keep everyone safe.  Finally, the consequences of Klaus’s sacrifice ritual come to a horrifying conclusion.  I’m scared already!

 Photos courtesy The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The gang have a nice picnic before their showdown with Klaus.


A great close-up of handsome Jeremy.


Damon and Elena's drama plays out against a raging fire onscreen.


Is this Stefan and Elena's final embrace?



The Vampire Diaries April 28 Sneak Preview Photos: Tyler Returns!

Stefan and Elena share a romantic day in preparation for the coming showdown with Klaus.

Things are heating up in Mystic Falls as we get closer to the season finale of The Vampire Diaries next month. On the April 28 episode, Damon will  go to extraordinary lengths to save Elena from Klaus’ wicked plan to break the curse of the moonstone.   Stefan doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Damon regarding his strategy for keeping Elena safe and the vampire brothers have a renewal of the conflict between them that made the show so juicy in the first place.  Yay! The other big news is that Tyler returns to Mystic Falls after receiving a disturbing phone call, just in time for the next full moon marking the arrival of the sacrifice ritual. Is he being lured back by Klaus?  

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The Vampire Diaries April 7 Recap: Someone Dies and Klaus “Arrives”


Isobel's return to Mystic Falls was mercifully short-lived.

 April 7 – It’s hard to tell which side of the fence Isobel is sitting on during her whirlwind visit back to Mystic Falls. With all the backstabbing, neck-biting and plotting Issy does, she’s easily one of The Vampire Diaries’ most complex characters ever. Jenna is freaked out by Isobel’s appearance and hurt that Elena knew she was still “alive.” Alaric socks John in the face. It’s about time! Elena, who can barely stand the sight her father John, is less than thrilled to see Issy back and doesn’t buy her story that she’s trying to help protect Elena from Klaus. She has good reason to be suspicious. Isobel drops in on Kat and the two immediately start plotting. Kat swipes the moonstone while Issy pays a visit to Alaric that ends with a warlock knocking him out with magic as she walks away with a tortured look on her face. What’s she up to? Elena is set to accept a donation to a fund named after her adoptive mother Miranda at the Lockwood residence and Issy shows up.  She attacks John to distract the guests from the ceremony, giving Katherine a chance to switch places with Elena. Issy has another plan in mind, however, and whisks Elena away, leaving Kat – and the moonstone — to the mercy of her powerful warlock crony. Issy takes Elena to visit her own gravesite and apologizes for being such a crummy mother, then removes her protective necklace and is instantly vaporized by sunlight. Elena admits to Stefan that she felt sad for her nutty mom and decides to give her shifty dad John a chance to redeem himself. Just don’t turn your back on him, girl! Bonnie, accompanied by Jeremy and Damon, sets out to tap into a huge reserve of magic from the spirits of 110 witches who were burned to death in an abandoned house. Standing inside it, unlike Damon who’s driven outside by the vamp-hating spirits, Bonnie conjures the witches’ powers and shows Jeremy her souped-up skills in a windy scene straight out of a Halle Berry scene in the X-Men flicks. The down side to the power upgrade is that using it to destroy Klaus would kill her, too! Jeremy can’t dissuade Bonnie from fulfilling her destiny even if it means sacrificing herself. What a gal!

Alaric is possessed by Klaus! Will the experience make him less boring?

Caroline desperately searches for Matt to keep him from telling anyone about her secret. He confronts her mom Sheriff Forbes about his sister Vicky’s mysterious death. Later, he demands Caroline wipe his mind clean of the knowledge. What she doesn’t know is that Sheriff Forbes had given him vervane and knows that Caroline’s a vamp! What will she do now? Team up with Matt to use her daughter as a secret weapon against the town’s vampire community? Damon and Stefan decide they have their own weapon in Bonnie since Kat doesn’t know that Bonnie has her powers back — in spades!  Little do they know that they’ll need her powers very soon. Kat wakes up to the sight of the warlock casting a spell that channels the spirit of Klaus through Alaric’s body!  Does this mean Matt Davis will be getting more screen time? 

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The Vampire Diaries February 24 Recap: Isobel Returns!

Jonas' quest for vengeance took a terrible toll.

February 24 – It’s a night of death and destruction in Mystic Falls as The Vampire Diaries signs off for a five-week break until picking up dangling stories on April 7. I’m definitely not happy about going so long without a fresh dose of sexy vampire mayhem but at least they left us with a doozy of a cliffhanger. At Damon’s house, Katherine celebrates her release from the tomb by toying with the Salvatore brothers while pretending to be Elena, who is not pleased to discover that her twisted vampire twin is back in action. Katherine admits to Damon she knew that using the dagger against Elijah would kill him but was willing to sacrifice him instead of Stefan in order to get out of the tomb. The Salvatores are unnerved that Kat can impersonate her saintly doppelganger with such ease and determine that she’s more dangerous than ever. Before dealing with Katherine, however, the boys have to survive the night! Elijah’s warlock, Jonas, is determined to deliver Elena to Klaus in exchange for his daughter’s release and although Bonnie and Stefan offer to team up with him against the supervamp, he opts to revive Elijah instead and sends Luka to Damon’s house in astral form to remove the dagger from Elijah’s body. Luckily Katherine senses his presence and stops him. After a fierce struggle, Damon shows up and fries Luka to a crisp with a flamethrower.  A desperate Jonas returns Luka to his body but his magic is unable to revive his dead son!

Who knew Caroline could sing? She's amazing!

At Elena’s house it’s girls’ night to commiserate. Bonnie has no powers and is fretting over how to tell Elena she’s playing kissy face with her baby brother. Caroline feels guilty about not telling Matt she’s one of the undead. Elena is in mortal danger… as usual. Aunt Jenna arrives and joins the gals to vent about Alaric’s hesitance to share more details about the fate of his supposedly dead wife Isobel. She won’t have to worry about this much longer, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. To perk up the mood of their pity party, Caroline suggests they hit The Grill and listen to the new band Matt brought in to improve business. Things take a brief turn for the better there when Caroline wows the crowd – and Matt – by serenading him to show how much she loves him. Her gambit works big time and Matt plants a big one on her on stage while the crowd cheers. Elena, meanwhile, gives Bonnie and Jeremy her blessing. Their smiles turn to screams when a revenge-seeking Jonas crashes the party looking for Elena and starts trashing the place with his magic. The Salvatores and Caroline distract him so they can get Elena out of The Grill but their plan takes a devastating turn when Jonas subdues Caroline and slashes Matt’s neck with a broken bottle. Caroline has no choice but to feed her blood to Matt to save him, revealing her secret to him in the process.

Will Jenna have to compete for Alaric's love now that Isobel is back in town?

Jonas shows up later at Elena’s home and mistakes Katherine for Elena giving Kat an opening to fatally bite him. Jonas’ last act before dying is to grab a remorseful Bonnie and return her powers. She later shares with Jeremy that Jonas also clued her in on a way to stop Klaus. As night descends on Mystic Falls, the gang unwinds after dealing with the maniacal mystic, but the mood varies in each home. Matt awakens from his near-death experience to learn the truth about Caroline’s new life and it stirs up bad memories of his sister Vicky’s fate.  Consider them kaput again. While Jeremy and Bonnie love things up, Katherine’s latest effort to seduce Damon falls flat. He may need her to vanquish Klaus, but he sure doesn’t want her. Kat’s mood should perk up considerably when she learns that Elena’s prodigal mother Isobel has arrived at Jenna’s doorstep. Is that the sound of another Katherine Pierce plot I hear hatching in the background? Tune in April 7, folks!

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New behind-the-scenes shots from The Vampire Diaries masquerade ball episode!

The CW has released some fun behind-the-scenes pictures from tomorrow’s big masquerade ball episode and they look juicy!  Everyone is looking tres chic in formal disguises. Nina Dobrev looks a bit like Catwoman in her get up. They don’t call her Kat for nothing! There are a few plot twists to look for.  A very tall woman who supposedly knows Katherine arrives on the scene. TV Guide described her as a witch and from some of these shots it looks like she’s gonna lay some heavy stuff on Bonnie. As we know from last week’s cliff-hanger, Katherine is setting Matt up to be a victim for Tyler’s easily provoked temper so that his werewolf curse kicks in. TV Guide reported that two characters will meet their maker in the episode so I’m wondering if Matt is one of them. He hasn’t been getting a lot of screen time lately since Caroline became a vampire and broke up with him for his own good, so maybe the producers are getting us used to living without him. That would be a pity.  I like his chemistry with Caroline. Stay tuned, folks!

Nina Dobrev gets help putting on her catlike mask.

A lighthearted moment for Paul Wesley. Dancing with beautiful Nina must be a pleasure!

Is the tall newcomer to Mystic Falls a friend or foe?

Is this Matt's swan song?

Katerina Graham and Steven R. McQueen look hot in formalwear.

The new witch on the block has a serious chat with Bonnie.

Mason is working for Katherine on The Vampire Diaries!

October 7: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 

Caroline came through for Elena and the Salvatore brothers!

I’m so bummed to learn that Mason isn’t who he appeared to be after all. He had me fooled that he was one of the good guys! But I’ll get to tonight’s big reveal later in my post. First up, we learned that Caroline’s mom Sheriff Forbes definitely wouldn’t react positively to the news that her ditzy daughter is now a ditzy vampire. At least the reason Mama Forbes found out bodes well for Caroline’s character considering she’s been wavering on the line between good and evil ever since she vamped out. Well, as Stefan pointed out, getting vampirized heightens a person’s personality traits and Caroline was pretty self-centered to begin with. Her relationship with Matt brought Caroline outside her selfish cocoon and made her vulnerable to Katherine’s threats against him in last week’s episode. I was very proud of her for making the right decision to reveal herself to her mom in order to save the Salvatore brothers. OK, that’s my cue to get to the details. Knowing that Caroline was spying for Kat, Stefan and Elena pretended to be on the outs and staged a public spat.

Mason has fallen under Katherine's spell!

Mason, meanwhile, was intent on unmasking Damon to get him off his back. At Tyler’s behest, he explained how the Lockwood werewolf curse is activated when an affected family member causes the death of a person, whether intentionally or accidentally, as he had done in the past. Tyler, of course, has a near-miss involving a drunk girl falling down the stairs at his house later that day. He confronts Jeremy, who admits he knows about the Lockwood curse. Tyler confides in his frenemy that he’s keeping the moonstone from Mason because he doesn’t trust him. It turns out Tyler has good reason to be suspicious of his uncle. In his efforts to out Damon to Sheriff Forbes at a party to celebrate the opening of a new Mystic Falls park, Mason spikes the lemonade with vervain, which practically chokes an unsuspecting Damon. When the Salvatores corner Mason in a secluded area, they’re shot with wooden bullets by Sheriff Forbes and her deputies. When Damon won’t fess up to Liz about how they can walk in sunlight, she orders her deputies to stake him and Stefan, but Elena and Caroline stop them. Well, it’s more like Elena got captured and Caroline single-handedly saved the Salvatores by slaughtering the deputies who were just doing their jobs. Liz can barely look at her daughter’s blood-splattered face. Despite Liz’s bigotry, Damon decides to let her live and promises to erase her memory of finding out her daughter’s a vamp. Elena’s impressed. Stefan’s brush with death convinces him he needs to resume drinking human blood to man up and face the threat of Katherine. Elena’s disappointed in him, but changes her mind when Damon points out that it’s the only way to have a fair chance against the Kat. Like a certain telepathic waitress on another vamp show that shall remain nameless, Elena offers up her own blood to nourish her lover and it is quite a sexy scene. Ahem. Spooked by the accident with the girl, Tyler gives the moonstone to Mason, who in turn hands it over to his secret accomplice, Katherine! The wolf is in cahoots with the Kat. What a dog!

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Caroline becomes a vampire on The Vampire Diaries.

The hunky Lockwood werewolves are muscling in on the Mystic Falls action!

September 16: Caroline’s Brave New World.

Caroline wakes up at the hospital and quickly realizes all is not well. She’s pale as a ghost, can’t stand the feel of sunlight on her skin, and has an uncontrollable appetite for blood. Hmmm, I wonder what the problem could be? Her unlucky nurse helps her figure things out pretty quickly when Caroline’s new vampire instincts kick in and she feeds on her and compels her to forget about the attack. Caroline apologizes for her overzealous feeding frenzy (it was her first, after all) and instructs the nurse to explain away the huge bandage on her neck by saying her husband likes to get kinky. Only Caroline would come up with that. Pleased with her new talent, it looks like she may adapt to her new lifestyle very well. I just wonder how her mom, the town’s vampire-hunting sheriff, will react when she gets the news! Setting up at the annual school carnival, Elena tells Bonnie she wants to be normal and do “human stuff” for a change. Fat chance, Miss Gilbert. In the aftermath of Damon’s attack on Jeremy, Stefan gives Elena’s baby brother some advice on protecting himself from vampires with vervane and, if necessary, wooden stakes. Damon, however, has a new agenda, namely figuring out what type of supernatural beings the Lockwood men are. His charm helps him snag an invitation from Mrs. Lockwood, acting as interim mayor until a replacement for her dead husband is named, to join the anti-vampire Council. Talk about putting a fox in charge of the henhouse!!! Adding to Damon’s lucky streak is the timely arrival of a shirtless and sweaty Tyler and Uncle Mason after a rigorous jog. Casting Taylor Kinney as Mason was a stroke of genius. He truly looks like he could be Michael Trevino’s relative. They even have matching pecs! In any case, Damon overhears Mason quizzing Tyler about his anger bouts, further piquing his curiosity. Tyler’s suspicions about Mason’s agenda grows, too, when he catches him searching the den for a Lockwood family heirloom, a moonstone. Tyler finds it in a safe hidden under the floorboards. What does it do? Damon runs into Caroline at the school and learns that she’s part of the undead team. She delivers Katherine’s declaration of war and, with her memories of his campaign of abuse on her last season fully restored, tosses him clear across the room for good measure.

How will vampire-hating Bonnie come to terms with Caroline's new life?

Damon calls an emergency meeting pronto. Stefan and Elena forbid him from killing Caroline and we all know how well Damon follows orders. At the carnival, he takes a break from hunting Caroline to set up a fight between Tyler and a carnival worker to observe what happens when Tyler has an anger fit. Stefan, who learned that Mason has supernatural strength from an arm wrestling match he had with him, watches as Mason unleashes some agile lupine moves on the carnival worker as he breaks up the fight. Tyler notices a feral red tint to Mason’s eyes during the dustup. The jig is almost up, Mason! After the Lockwood wolves split the scene, the poor carnival worker, emerging from Damon’s mind control, tends to his wounds when a ravenous Caroline jumps him and drains him to death. Stefan and Elena prevent Damon from staking her and vow to help Caroline control her new vampiric urges. A shocked Bonnie can barely look at her newly undead friend and lashes out at Damon, nearly burning him to ashes before Elena intervenes. She certainly loves fire, doesn’t she? I think Bonnie needs to loosen up and maybe a romantic triangle with Matt and Caroline might be in order. Poor Matt is so confused by Caroline’s new behavior he keeps turning to Bonnie, so I could see this happening. Luckily for him, Caroline learned to control her bloodlust like Stefan taught her and doesn’t feed on Matt when he sneaks into her bedroom later that night to confront her about her sudden weirdness. Jeremy does his own sneaking and surprises Damon at his home. He changes his mind about killing Damon; however, since he’s so curious about the undead’s “life.” The two bond tentatively over their fathers’ shared hatred for vampires and the legacy it had on their families. Just don’t expect a big bro thing, warns Damon. Next week, get ready for the werewolves!

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