The Vampire Diaries May 5 episode recap: Klaus Kills Jenna!

Goodbye to Jenna! She died a heroine.

May 5 – This episode was a sad one, folks. Exciting, but definitely sad. The writers of The Vampire Diaries didn’t pull any punches telling the final chapter in the tale of the moonstone curse. Characters were dropping like flies and not all of them were obvious choices for death. As usual, Elena was at the center of all the carnage. As the ritual to unleash Klaus’s werewolf side begins, his witch Greta encircles Elena and Jenna in rings of fire. The Klauster shows up with a third pretty lady, the she-wolf Jules, and Greta sets her magical recipe in motion. Jules is in agony since the witch had slowed down her painful wolf transformation in order to keep her vulnerable for the sacrifice.

Jules only wanted to help Tyler.

When Jules attempts to attack Klaus, he easily overpowers her and rips her heart out! Stage one of the ritual is complete. Jules’s werewolf protégé Tyler, meanwhile, is busy trying to rip Caroline and Matt to shreds. Matt shoots him and escapes with Caroline. In the morning, they find a naked Tyler lying outside their door. Matt admits to Caroline that as bad as his life can be, he just can’t deal with the complications that come with dating a vampire. When Tyler wakes up, he thanks Caroline for helping him and consoles her about losing Matt. Is this Wolf Boy’s chance? Hmm. Back at casa Salvatore, Damon has a rare moment of concern for his brother when Alaric tells him that Stefan left to sacrifice himself in Jenna’s place. He and Ric join Jeremy and Bonnie in pouring over the John Gilbert journals for a way out of this ritual mess. Sure enough, John, making himself useful for a change, reveals that there is some fine print in the lore about humans being turned into vamps when they ingest vampire blood. “Skip to the save Elena part,” an impatient Damon demands. Turns out there’s a way to replace a human’s soul before they convert fully to vampirism. Bonnie does a quick mumbo-jumbo number on John and heads out with Damon to save Elena. Alaric, however, is sealed in the house with John and Jeremy by Bonnie to keep him out of danger. Poor Ric is always left behind to deliver bad news to other characters. Just as Klaus is about to proceed to Jenna’s portion of the ritual, Stefan shows up and tries to negotiate with him. Klaus, however, prefers to keep Stefan alive for another diabolical purpose. Jenna valiantly resists by attacking his witch but Klaus stakes her as a helpless Elena looks on in horror! Klaus then feeds on Elena’s blood and she seemingly drops dead! Klaus’s transformation begins and Bonnie shows up to wallop him with her mega magic while Damon snaps Greta’s neck to keep her from interfering. Elijah emerges and reaches into Klaus’s chest to pull out his heart but Klaus tells him that the bodies of their family members are still safe. Elijah chooses family ties over keeping his word to the Salvatores and whisks Klaus away. Damon brings Elena back to the house, where John gives Jeremy his protection ring and a letter for Elena. As John walks outside, Elena comes back to life and he drops dead. Bonnie’s spell had set up an exchange of John’s soul for Elena’s. The next day, Elena mourns the loss of her remaining two parental figures as Jenna and John are laid to rest. Alaric has lost another love to vampirism. What will he do next? That’s what fans are wondering about Damon, who confides in Stefan that Tyler bit him. They’ll find a cure, Stefan promises. Will they do it on next week’s season finale?

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The Vampire Diaries April 28 Recap: Damon Suffers a Werewolf Bite!

Has Damon gone too far in his quest to save Elena from Klaus?

April 28 – The day of Klaus’s ritual has arrived and there are so many crazy plot twists in tonight’s episode that it’s hard to tell who’s a vampire and who isn’t by the time it’s over. Damon realizes more and more that he can’t bear to lose Elena and is cracking under the pressure of the coming deadline. Elijah has a plan to protect Elena by giving her an elixir that will make it seem like she dies during the ritual, which requires a witch to activate Klaus’s werewolf side with magic while a vampire and a werewolf are killed and Elena, the famous doppelganger, is drained of her blood by the Klauster. Damon doesn’t believe the elixir will work and demands that Elena let Bonnie sacrifice herself by taking on Klaus again with her super magic. When Elena refuses, Damon resorts to force-feeding her his blood. Stefan pulls him off her and the brothers fight with Stefan ending up stabbed by his volatile sibling. Alaric, who’s been released by Klaus, brings Stefan some blood bags but it’s too late to reverse what’s going to happen to Elena. When she dies, she’ll come back as a vampire! Stefan takes a tortured Elena on a nature hike to give her a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be a vampire. He gently gets a sobbing Elena to admit that she doesn’t want to become a vampire… like him. Damon, meanwhile, takes action to foil Klaus’s master plan. Klaus’s warlock hexes Mrs. Lockwood to call Tyler back to town and tosses her over a staircase railing to land her in the hospital. Caroline has an awkward reunion withTyler outside the hospital while Jules gives them a moment of privacy and the two are captured by Klaus’s warlock and witch. When they come to, they’re chained in the tomb where Katherine was previously imprisoned and, fearing it’s their last moments on earth, confess to each other their mutual affection. Might a werewolf-vampire romance still be possible? Don’t count Matt out just yet, folks. He hesitates to fully believe that Caroline is all bad despite what Sheriff Forbes may say. Realizing that the Mattster still has feelings for her daughter, the law woman relieves him of his double-agent duties. After Klaus warns Damon that he has most of the components of his ritual in place, Damon recruits Alaric to help him gain access to Klaus’s lair and find out from the captive Kat where he’s keeping his vampire and werewolf. The warlock is standing guard at the tomb when Damon shows up and the two start to tussle but Matt shoots the warlock before he can finish Damon off. Damon kills the man-witch and knocks Matt out before freeing Caroline and Tyler. While Damon is busy putting a wrench in Klaus’s plan, the Original Vampire grows suspicious that Katherine is no longer under his control. As a test, he orders her to stand in sunlight and Kat endures the agony long enough to fool him. As Damon leads Caroline, Tyler and Matt to safety, the full moon rises andTyler’s transformation kicks in at an alarmingly fast rate and he attacks Damon.

Have things changed forever between Elena and Stefan now that she's confessed she'd rather be human?

Caroline and Matt lock themselves in the cage Mason set up in the Lockwood basement just in time to escape a snarling Tyler preparing to pounce in wolf form. Stefan tells Damon that Klaus arrived to pick up Elena and the hot-headed Salvatore brother makes a beeline to confront Klaus. When he cockily informs the ancient baddie that he has freed his vampire and werewolf sacrifices, Klaus reveals that he had a back-up plan all along. He doesn’t need Tyler because his witches also swiped Jules at the hospital. Klaus knocks Damon out and just as it appears Damon will be standing in for Caroline, he wakes up to learn from Katherine that Jenna has been turned to serve as the vamp sacrifice for the ritual being set up by Klaus’s back-up witch (who turns out to be Luka’s missing sister)! What’s worse, Klaus passed Damon over for the honor because Tyler managed to bite him during their scuffle in the forest! Will Damon meet the same fate as Rose?

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