The Vampire Diaries April 26 Episode Recap: Alaric’s Fate is Revealed!

Elena gave Stefan a chance to catch up to Damon in the race for her heart.

The annual decades dance at Mystic Falls High School is the backdrop for the death of a longtime TVD friend and the birth of a creature that makes Klaus look like a lightweight in the newest episode of The Vampire Diaries “Do Not Go Gentle.” Esther reveals to Bad Ric her plan to turn him into a super vampire whose mission will be to destroy the Originals with the remaining stake, which she makes indestructible by enchanting the melted metal of Ric’s protection ring. She reclaims her body by having Ric dagger Rebekah’s, reversing the body-swap spell. Poor Becky’s gonna have even bigger mommy issues after this latest indignity. The only thing Esther needs to complete Ric’s transformation now is Elena’s blood so you know she’s going to be making an appearance at the dance. Caroline teases Elena about her makeout session with Daman during their roadtrip and convinces her to invite Stefan to the Roaring 20s dance since it should be his turn to romance Elena.

Klaus has bigger problems than Tyler now that Alaric's a super vampire-killing vampire.

Caroline may be firmly in Team Stelena’s camp, but she’s got her own love triangle to worry about. Tyler shows up at the dance decked out like a gangster and he and his blonde flapper make a cute couple on the dance floor, until Klaus cuts in and makes another play for Caroline’s heart. Hurt by her rejection, Klaus swears to her that she will never be satisfied with a small-town life with Tyler when she could have the world by his side. Caroline keeps mum about the fact that Klaus’s sire bond with Tyler has been broken to protect Tyler, but the look on her face reveals that Klaus may not be so off base in his statements as she would hope. Damon discovers that Ric hasn’t been taking the magical meds that Bonnie whipped up to keep his alter ego in check and alerts Dr. Fell. He clues in Stefan and Elena and suggests they kill Bad Ric to put Alaric out of his misery. Jeremy won’t stand for it. Esther shows up at the dance and whisks Elena away to “save” Ric, but the Salvatore brothers are unable to cross a line of salt that Esther has placed around the school to keep the vampires captive inside while she cooks up her latest dish of revenge. Elena refuses to contribute her blood for Esther’s cauldron so Esther just waves her hand and takes it. Bad Ric gulps down the concoction despite Elena’s pleas not to do it and Esther stabs him to initiate his vampire transition. Back at the high school, Klaus threatens Jamie in order to force Bonnie to break Esther’s binding spell but Esther’s power is peaking and the Bonster can’t weaken her resistance. Jeremy and Matt, meanwhile, surprise Esther armed with a rifle and crossbow but the powerful sorceress takes control of them. Just as she’s about to force them to kill each other, a rescusitated Ric stabs Esther from behind, releasing the vamps from Mystic Falls High. Klaus takes his treacherous mother’s body while the gang gathers to bid farewell to their noble friend Alaric, who has decided not to complete the vampire transition and die a dignified death as a mortal. Jeremy and Elena are heartbroken as is Bonnie, who is comforted by Jamie. Meredith gives Ric sedatives to ease his pain while Damon maintains vigil, giving his unlikely pal a last drink of booze in his final moments. But just as it appears that Alaric will go peacefully into the night, Esther’s spirit (who just won’t quit) summons Bonnie to go to him and feed him her blood, instantly completing his dreaded transformation into a bloodsucking, super-Original vampire hunter! Or something like that.

The Vampire Diaries March 29 Sneak Peek Photos: The Murder of One

Stefan and Elena are headed for more heartbreak.

Get set for a tense March 29 episode of TVD as the Salvatore brothers hatch a new plan to get rid of Klaus and recruit the help of Elena, Caroline and Matt.  Klaus had better watch his back because he may be distracted with two plots of his own. He threatens someone close to Bonnie (hmm, I wonder who that could be?) to force her to work on a spell he needs and he works with Rebekah to convince wayward brother Finn (guest star Caspar Zafer) to cooperate with them. Rebekah, meanwhile,  has a brutal plan to take revenge on Damon. Like brother, like sister! Last but not least, Stefan’s emotional turmoil leads him to a dangerous confrontation with Klaus (is there any other kind?) and another heartbreaking moment with Elena.  Photos courtesy of The CW Network, LLC.

Caroline looks ready for action!

The gang mobilizes against Klaus yet again.

Rebekah plays a deadly game of revenge with Damon.

Like brother, like sister.

The Vampire Diaries November 3 Episode Recap: Mikael is Klaus’s father!

Rebekah and Klaus have a seriously twisted family history.

November 3 – This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Ordinary People, was, um… kind of ordinary. Don’t get me wrong, I realize we learned a few important nuggets of information that shed light on Klaus’s family history – correction, the history of vampires, period – but I’ve grown accustomed to the high-octane action that’s been taking place week after week lately. I like my vampires snarling, pouncing and tearing a few heads off here and there. Last night the focus was on family issues and boy, does the Original Family have issues!  Our NCIS team of Alaric, Damon and Elena figure out that the hieroglyphics in the Lockwood family cave tell the story of Klaus’s Viking family: Rebekah, Elijah and another  ill-fated brother (more on him later), mom Esther and (surprise!) daddy dearest Mikael, whom we all know ends up a vampire-hunting bloodsucker.  After Ric takes pictures of the cave markings to create a map of clues for the terrific trio to decipher, the gang split up. Ric works with Bonnie to figure out the Original Witch’s role in the whole Klaus family drama, Damon looks after the captive Stefan, and Elena pressures Rebekah to fess up about what makes Klaus tick. A loyal Becky ain’t too keen on givin’ up the goods on her big bro at first since they’ve been on the run together forever, but realizing the extra amount of camera time she’d get by narrating the tale (and perhaps winning a role on her own CW show down the line after she inevitably gets offed), she warms up to some girl talk with Miss Elena. OK, so maybe I editorialized that bit. Blondie shares that daddy was a strict Viking ogre who was especially tough on poor rambunctious Klaus – or Nicklaus as he was originally named. As Elijah had told Elena,  Mommy Original had a little somethin’ somethin’ with one of the neighboring werewolves and the result was Klaus, who got his baby brother killed by rampaging werewolves they were spying on during their transformation. This started a war between the wolves and Daddy, who got the bright idea that having a witch turn his family into bloodsucking supernaturals would give them a fighting chance against their lupine foes. When the family’s witch confidante Ayana refused to cooperate with his twisted plot he made mom, who conveniently was also a witch, do the deed. Rebekah was told by Klaus that their father later killed their mom in a fit of revenge but it was really Klaus who killed her after he got wind of the fact that Mom had suppressed his werewolf nature with a well-meaning hex.

Will Rebekah (Claire Holt) really help Elena and the gang defeat Klaus?

Elena figures out this part of Klaus’s secret and spills the beans to Rebekah, who is devastated by the Greek tragedy that is her family history. A psychotherapist stands to make a mint off these kids, folks. While Elena wears down Rebekah’s defenses, Damon takes Stefan to a bar to loosen up over some beers, feed on a hot blonde, and compare bad-boy notes.  Damon berates Stefan for being a wimp for Klaus and Stefan hits a nerve by telling his brother that his guilt over putting Stefan in the Klauster’s service is a sign that he’s going soft. Damon pummels his smug brother, but Stefan was only saying what we all know. He’s going all gooey-squishy inside. The Salvatores are distracted from their bickering by Mickael, who shows up and forces Stefan to summon Klaus back to Mystic Falls by nearly ripping Damon’s heart out.  At least we know where Klaus gets his negotiating skills. Damon surprises Elena in her bedroom (fully clothed, alas) and the two share their respective victories dealing with Mikael and Rebekah. Turning to the subject of Stefan, Elena tells Damon that, ultimately, it will be Stefan’s love for Damon that will pull him out of the darkness rather than his love for her.  A sweet scene for sure, but I still want to know what’s going on with Katherine.  I suspect we’ll find out on the mid-season cliffhanger next week.

Photos courtesy The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Vampire Diaries October 13 Episode Sneak Preview Pictures: The Reckoning



The action on the next episode of The Vampire Diaries takes place on Senior Prank Night before the new school year begins at Mystic Falls High School. Caroline has the school spirit and wants to share it with Elena, Bonnie, Matt and Tyler, but with Klaus and Stefan back in town, I have a feeling the night’s pranks will take a seriously dangerous turn.  So what else is new? Damon turns to Jeremy to tap into the other side to find a way to stop Klaus. Let’s just hope they find a way to stop him before he forces Stefan to drain Elena like this week’s commercials are showing.

Photos courtesy of The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Bonnie is back in action and beautiful as ever.


Caroline tries to rally the gang's spirits for Senior Prank Night.


Caroline rallies the gang's spirits for Senior Prank Night.


The gang come under attack at school.


Will Matt see some action on Senior Prank Night?

The Vampire Diaries September 15 Season Premiere Recap: Stefan kills Damon’s girlfriend Andie!

Andie has joined Jenna in the great beyond.

September 15 – Picking things up two months after last spring’s season finale, the gang in Mystic Falls ponder their lost loves in an episode heavy with aching hearts and violent confrontations. Stefan, who agreed to serve as Klaus’s henchman to save the lives of Elena and her friends, has accompanied the powerful vampire-werewolf hybrid to Memphis on a hunt for werewolves, leaving a bloody trail of victims in their wake. Klaus adopts an American accent to approach a young woman at a remote house, compels her to gain entry and learns the location of a werewolf named Ray from a second woman. He then has Stefan slaughter them in savage fashion. Klaus and Stefan find Ray at a bar and torture him with wolf’s bane-dipped darts to get him to reveal the location of his pack. Klaus feeds him his blood and snaps his neck to transform him into the first recruit to this planned army of super-powered hybrids. Back in Mystic Falls, Klaus’s movements have been tracked by Elena, who’s getting Sheriff Forbes’ inside information from Caroline, and Damon, who’s using his reporter girlfriend Andie’s contacts at the TV station. It’s Elena’s birthday and a flirtatious Damon, freshly scrubbed and naked from a bubble bath he just shared with Andie, surprises her in the living room. Elena orders him to cover up, but I’m not sure she’s totally sorry it happened. Who would? Damon gets serious when he drives to Ray’s house with Alaric riding shotgun. Inside, they find blood-soaked walls and a trap-door leading to a hiding place with a werewolf’s telltale restraining chains. We also learn why Damon refers to Stefan’s dark alter ego as The Ripper. A guilt-ridden Stefan had meticulously recomposed the bodies of the two women he had slashed to pieces! Klaus’s local spies report Damon’s presence in Memphis and a protective Stefan convinces Klaus to let him dissuade Damon from continuing his search. Caroline puts together a raucous party for Elena and has a tense encounter with Matt, who quizzes her about her relationship with Tyler. The sexual tension between Caroline and Tyler is building and she’s not happy he brought a date to the party. Matt and Jeremy share some pot to work off stress in the den and Jeremy admits he’s been seeing things ever since Bonnie brought him back from the dead with her magic. He leaves out, however, that he’s seen Matt’s dead sister Vicky. At the TV station, Andie is surprised by Stefan. When Damon arrives to pick her up, Stefan warns Damon to back off his quest to free him from Klaus’s control. When Damon refuses, Stefan compels Andie to jump off an elevated catwalk and prevents Damon from saving her. When a distraught Damon arrives at home he’s confronted by Elena who has discovered his board tracking Klaus’s movements. Elena’s mad at Damon for keeping her in the dark about Stefan’s whereabouts. It’s too late for Stefan; the trail of victims belongs to him, not Klaus, Damon tells a shocked Elena.

Caroline and Tyler gave in to their animal attraction.

Getting ready to drive home from the party, Jeremy gets a quick flash of Vicky, who asks him for help, and Matt hears him say her name. Jeremy admits to seeing her but Matt thinks it’s just Jeremy wishing he could see her.  He doesn’t realize that Jeremy truly sees dead people. As night falls, Alaric, feeling like a failure, leaves Elena’s home for good and a grieving Damon trashes bedroom furniture. Stefan sneaks a call to Elena but is rendered speechless when she picks up her cell phone. Sensing it’s him, she tells her tortured lover to cling to their love to make it through his ordeal. Having a better evening are Caroline and Tyler, whose supernatural hormones are raging as they fall into bed together. The next morning, Caroline attempts to do the walk of shame but is stopped in her tracks by tranquilizer darts fired by Tyler’s mom. Mrs. Lockwood isn’t as helpless as she looks!  I have to say it was hard to watch the scenes where Stefan savagely took human life and killing Andie to get Damon to back off was a cruel way to “protect” his brother from Klaus. I wonder how this will damage his relationship with Elena. What do you think?

Photos copyright 2011 The CW Network LLC. All rights reserved.

The Vampire Diaries Cast Photos at September 10 The CW Fall Premiere Party

Matt Davis, Katerina Graham, Zach Roerig, Candice Accola, and Steven R. McQueen lookin' mighty fine at the CW bash.

If ever anyone ever doubted that The CW has TV’s most gorgeous casts, these photos from the network’s recent Fall Premiere Party, sponsored by Bing, should provide irrefutable proof.  The president of the CW, Mark Pedowitz, joined the nubile young stars of the network’s new slate of shows plus the VIP players from established shows like the #1-rated The Vampire Diaries.  Our Mystic Falls favorites present at the soiree include Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, among others.  Check out these hot pics from the party and tune in September 15 for the third season premiere!

Photos copyright 2011 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Nina Dobrev and Steve R. McQueen welcome The Secret Circle's pretty Britt Robertson to the CW family. Check out Nina's braided 'do!

A gorgeous Paul Wesley nearly outshines Lindsey Fonseca and Melinda Clarke from Nikita.

CW President Mark Pedowitz with The Vampire Diaries executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson.

New Vampire Diaries Comic-Con Sneak Peek Season 3 Video: Damon Flashes Elena!

The CW is whetting our appetites for Vampire Diaries with some great sneak peeks premiering at Comic-Con and season 3 is looking JUICY!  I really love this new guy Klaus.  Well, I hate him of course because he’s so evil, but that’s what keeps things interesting, right? The plot twist that has Stefan returning to his ripper ways is going to be very heartbreaking to watch.  The latest video shown at Comic-Con reveals that he will have moments where he is fully aware of the horror of his bloodlust and has no way to stop it. Damon, meanwhile, will recover nicely from his near-fatal werewolf bite last season. He’s lookin’ mighty fine in the final scene of this video. Like I said, juicy.

The Vampire Diaries April 7 Sneak Preview Photos!

Are Isobel and Elena at the grave of Elena's adoptive mother?

Are you as excited as I am about The Vampire Diaries returning on April 7? It has been a l-o-n-g month of reruns, indeed!  The folks at The CW have released some photos from the episode, which marks the return of Elena’s prodigal mother Isobel. She’s a complex character and I’m not quite sure whether she should have any role in Elena’s life, especially if she’s screwed up enough to have a romantic relationship with “uncle John.” Isobel’s return stirs up all kinds of trouble amongst the denizens of Mystic Falls, which we like. Elena and Alaric read John the riot act because Jenna is feeling left out in the cold. I say Jenna should find a spine and drive a stake through Issy’s black heart. That will solve everything; but perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself! Bonnie works with Damon and Jeremy to harness her ancestors’ power. No doubt she’s getting ready to help the Salvatores defend Elena against big bad Klaus. Finally, Caroline is again in the cry-baby dumpster over Matt’s decidedly negative reaction to learning she is undead. Girlfriend, you just need to give the dude some breathing room, for goodness sake! Also, Stefan and Damon realize they have a new secret weapon. I wonder what it could be?  Photos courtesy The CW Network.

I wonder if John will be happy to see Isobel.

Team Damon springs into action!

What's up with the floating leaves?

The Vampire Diaries February 17 recap: Katherine is freed from the tomb!


Stefan's friend Lexi appeared in a flashback to his savage days.

February 17 – He may be Elena’s biological daddy, but Jonathan Gilbert is one major jerk. Weaselly, as Damon likes to describe him, is most appropriate because he scurries about poking his nose in everybody’s business, claiming to have Elena’s best interest at heart (that is SO debatable), and generally causing all kinds of chaos along the way. Last week we discovered that he’s been plotting to free Katherine from the tomb and tonight’s suspenseful episode let us in on his plan.  There’s a lot of flashing back in time as the Salvatore brothers and Elena delve into the boys’ early days as vampires after being turned by Katherine. Elena reads the diary of Jonathan’s ancestor, which details his horrific slaying by none other than Stefan. In an ironic case of role reversal, it turns out that Elena’s sweet-natured boyfriend was quite the bad boy back in the old days, killing innocents with voracious glee as a reluctant Damon pleaded with him to rein in his savage nature. It wasn’t until Stefan’s dearly departed bestie Lexi came on the scene that he took a turn toward becoming one of the good guys. Still, his walk down memory lane gives Elena the shivers.  Her Prince Charming has the potential to be the Prince of Darkness.  Jeremy sets up a candlelit magic “practice session” with Bonnie after she’s confronted by an angry Luka about what transpired during his drug-induced blackout at her doing. Later, just as things are heating up between the young Romeo and his magical Juliet, Luka’s angry dad Jonas bursts in and drains her of her powers. Will Jeremy still be hot for her without her magic? Damon visits a famished Kat and she seemingly inadvertently confirms Jonathan’s claims that the dagger dipped in oak ash will indeed kill an Original vampire. Fearing that she’ll be stuck in the tomb forever if Damon kills Elijah, she begs him not to do it. Damon, of course, becomes even more determined to end the well-coifed fiend. Elijah creeps out Alaric by spending way too much time with Jenna sharing his knowledge of Mystic Falls history. He lost one lover to vampirism and is not about to risk having that happen again! 

Damon realized the gang goofed!

Damon plots to have Elijah over to Jenna’s for dinner with the gang, including Damon’s newscaster bimbo Andy, not knowing that he would destroy himself by using the dagger against the Original, a fact Jonathan conveniently left out of his explanation to further his vendetta against the Salvatores and their kind. Luckily for the blue-eyed bad boy, Stefan alerts Ric to Jonathan’s plot and Ric does the honors himself and Elijah goes bye-bye. Not so fast! Elena comes across a passage in the diary saying that the small print in all this vampire mythological mumbo jumbo says you gotta leave the dagger in the Original for him to stay dead — which Damon & Co. fail to do so next thing you know Elijah is back in action and drops by the lake house to collect from Elena. The two engage in some tense negotiations and Elena stabs herself, forcing Elijah to again promise not to hurt her loved ones in exchange for keeping her intact for the sacrifice to Klaus. Catching Elijah off guard, she stabs him with the dagger. Damon suggests they leave it in the newly dead bad guy this time.  The smug vampire’s mood changes quickly when he returns to his pad to discover an equally smug Katherine making herself at home. It turns out Jonathan’s ruse to get Damon to off Elijah was the key to freeing Kat from her tomb. The Kat is back! It’s about time.

Photos copyright 2011 The CW Network LLC. All rights reserved.

Sexy new Vampire Diaries YouTube video asks: “Got Wood?”

When the folks at The Vampire Diaries say “things that go bump in the night,” they probably mean boots because there seems to be a whole lot of horizontal action planned when the show returns tomorrow after a  l-o-o-o-n-g winter’s break.  From Stefan, Damon and Elena to Caroline and umm, somebody (Tyler? Matt?) … everybody’s body temperature seems to be rising… even the vampires! Check out the new footage from The CW and let the games begin! Welcome back, gang!

Footage copyright 2011 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

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