Vampire Diaries February 17 Sneak Preview: Damon sets a trap for Elijah!

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) seems hesitant to enter a room. Does he sense a trap?

Guess who’s coming to dinner? A tall, dark and nasty supervamp named Elijah, that’s who. Blah! Hopefully nobody will gag on their food – or their internal organs! The CW hints at a new confrontation between Elijah, who’s spending a scary amount of time around Jenna under the watchful eye of Alaric, and Damon, who just learned from John Gilbert the secret to killing Originals. Damon lures Elijah to a dinner party at Jenna’s place along with Ric and Damon’s new fling, TV reporter Andie, played by guest star Dawn Olivieri of Heroes and True Blood fame.  It turns out that some last-minute information will throw a wrench into Damon’s plot. So what else is new??!!  Might the sneaky John have omitted some crucial bit of information from his remedy for killing Originals? Hmmmmm. Meanwhile, the Bonnie-Luka storyline takes center stage as Luka has a heart-to-heart with his warlock father Jonas, who’s been protecting Elena’s chums on Elijah’s orders, but is creeping out Bonnie – and me — big time. Bonnie’s not digging the warlock father-and-son act intruding in her life and perhaps Luka is having second thoughts about his dad’s plan for her. Stay tuned, folks!

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Alaric (Matthew Davis) is watching Elijah closely.

Jonas and Luka have a chat. Do they disagree about Bonnie?

Have Damon (holding the moonstone!) and Stefan moved Katherine to a new prison or is that Elena in that scene?


Are you Team Damon or Team Stefan? Does it matter?


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