The Vampire Diaries January 19 Recap: Damon resuscitates Elijah!

Will Abby let Bonnie down again?

It was parents’ day on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries as Bonnie tracks down her long-lost mother Abby and Caroline’s father Bill turns up to set Tyler straight about putting his daughter in danger. Bonnie has been plagued by nightmares about those pesky coffins and her inability to open them with her magic. In one especially spooky dream, she is buried alive and is rescued by the mother she hasn’t seen in 15 years. Could it mean her mom holds the key to opening the coffins? Damon pulls some strings and gets Abby’s address in North Carolina but Elena forbids him to join her and Bonnie on their road trip. Bonnie picks up on the tension between Elena and Damon, who gleefully clues her in on their kiss. Klaus confronts Damon about getting the coffins back but Damon holds on to one that he figures out contains something more valuable to Klaus than his relatives. Klaus sends one of his hybrid henchman to put Abby under Klaus’ control by compelling her handsome young charge Jamie (played by Richard Ri’chard) to kill himself if she fails to help get the coffins back. Things get ugly fast as Stefan shows up only to get shot by Jamie, who ties up Elena while Abby overpowers Bonnie. Talk about a Mommy Dearest!  As the hybrid looks on, Abby begs Bonnie to help her find the coffins to save Jamie, but discreetly shows her a text message on her cell phone to warn her friends. She’s good after all, it seems, but is practically powerless since her magic has slowly abandoned her over the years. Can Bonnie really trust her? Elena tricks Jamie into untying her and knocks him out. As she removes the bullet shrapnel from Stefan’s body he comments on her new strength. She counters with the news that she kissed Damon. Awkward moment alert! Stefan pops Damon in the face when he returns to Mystic Falls and is peeved to learn his brother returned the coffins to the Klauster. On top of that, Damon pulled a dangerous move involving one of those mystical daggers.  Tyler apologizes to Caroline for biting her, telling her he suspected Klaus compelled him to do it even after Tyler had refused his orders to kill her. Realizing he needs to break Klaus’ sire hold on him, Tyler recruits Caroline’s dad Bill to administer some of his aversion therapy on him. To free himself from Klaus, Bill says, Tyler must willfully transform without pain thereby attaining full control over his lycanthropic half. That’s easier said than done and Tyler nearly kills Mr. Forbes when his chains prove too weak to hold his werewolf form. At the hospital, Bill tells Tyler he has a long way to go before controlling his curse and won’t be allowed to get near Caroline until he succeeds.

Is The Vampire Diaries' sexy doctor Meredith a healer or a killer?

Daddy Forbes was saved by hot doc Meredith, who turns out to have a few secrets of her own. While Alaric remains warm for her form, Damon thinks she’s a homicidal maniac who kills her lovers. When Damon confronts the good doctor she shoots him full of vervane and draws his blood, using it to save Bill’s life when Ric comes calling for an explanation on her attack on Damon. It seems the healthcare hottie uses the regenerative powers of vamp blood to heal good folks on their death beds. This is why she’s fascinated by Alaric’s protection ring but he wisely stops her from removing it from his finger. Just because she uses vamp blood for a good cause doesn’t mean she’s not a crazy-pants black widow! At Casa Klaus, the Viking vamp barely has time to celebrate the return of his siblings’ coffins when the heart of his hybrid lackey is ripped out by a resuscitated Elijah, freshly un-daggered and sporting a sleek new haircut!  This cannot be good.

TVD’s Fierce Females: Why Bonnie Bennett is TVD’s hero.

Kat Graham is TVD's guardian angel as Bonnie Bennett

I guess I should have used the word heroine in my headline, but I think Bonnie stacks up to the guys when it comes to mixing it up during TVD’s action scenes so please forgive my grammatical fudge. This week I’m paying tribute to the ladies of The Vampire Diaries and any shout out to girl power in Mystic Falls cannot be complete without showing some love’ to our Miss Bonnie. When the show debuted I thought Bonnie was uptight. Mind you, she had an understandable aversion to those of the undead, bloodsucking persuasion, regardless of how hot-looking they might be. Her sorceress roots put her at natural odds with the Salvatores but it’s admirable how she has come such a long way to collaborate with them and understand, or at least tolerate, Elena’s love for them. As her powers have grown stronger, she’s emerged as the gang’s resident guardian angel. She keeps a watchful eye on Damon — rightfully so — but has teamed up with him and Stefan to fight off the real baddies like Tyler’s original wolf pack and Klaus. I particularly loved how Bonnie came up against Klaus at Mystic Falls High to protect Elena despite the prediction that she would die during the encounter.  Bonnie laid it all on the line for her best friend and doesn’t hesitate to risk her life repeatedly for her friends. Just don’t cross her. Jeremy found himself in the doghouse after giving in to his old feelings for ghost girlfriend Anna while Tyler and Damon were reminded of her awesome power when she broke up their most recent brawl with a mind zap. When the show resumes next month Bonnie will have some new storylines to distract her from the heartbreak of Jeremy’s betrayal. Former Girlfriends star Persia White will play Bonnie’s mysterious mother Abby and hunky Robert Ri’chard comes aboard as Jaime, a new love interest for Bonnie.  Will Jamie have super powers? Time will tell, but a Google image search reveals that he certainly has super looks. Check him out here.

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