The Vampire Diaries April 26 Sneak Peek video!

Alaric is gonna continue to get more screen time next week (Yay!) as this sneak peek footage from The CW shows. Looks like Ric is planning some time out of town after his run-in with Esther-as-Rebekah in the cave. Damon has a bad feeling about Alaric’s plan. I do, too. Is it really Bad Ric pretending to be Good Ric to lure Damon into a trap? Tune in next week, TVD fans!

TVD fans can win prizes at Buddy TV’s annual holiday trivia contest! #TVD

While millions of TVD fans make do with repeats and support each other through our Stelena/Delena withdrawal on Twitter, the folks at Buddy TV are doing a very cool thing. They’re running their annual holiday trivia contest, which offers some great Vampire Diaries prizes and other goodies for fans of a bunch of TV shows.  The TVD prizes are pretty sweet. They include a  2012 calendar, a necklace, tote bag and Season 2 on DVD!  To participate, just sign up on BuddyTV, leave a comment so they know you’re playing and then answer as many questions as you can about The Vampire Diaries. Not only is there the chance to win swag signed by the stars who donated to the contest, but everyone has a chance to win iTunes gift cards and complete season DVDs.  The contest goes until December 18 so check it out here and let me know if you won anything ’cause you heard about it here. Good luck!

Vampire Diaries February 17 Sneak Preview: Damon sets a trap for Elijah!

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) seems hesitant to enter a room. Does he sense a trap?

Guess who’s coming to dinner? A tall, dark and nasty supervamp named Elijah, that’s who. Blah! Hopefully nobody will gag on their food – or their internal organs! The CW hints at a new confrontation between Elijah, who’s spending a scary amount of time around Jenna under the watchful eye of Alaric, and Damon, who just learned from John Gilbert the secret to killing Originals. Damon lures Elijah to a dinner party at Jenna’s place along with Ric and Damon’s new fling, TV reporter Andie, played by guest star Dawn Olivieri of Heroes and True Blood fame.  It turns out that some last-minute information will throw a wrench into Damon’s plot. So what else is new??!!  Might the sneaky John have omitted some crucial bit of information from his remedy for killing Originals? Hmmmmm. Meanwhile, the Bonnie-Luka storyline takes center stage as Luka has a heart-to-heart with his warlock father Jonas, who’s been protecting Elena’s chums on Elijah’s orders, but is creeping out Bonnie – and me — big time. Bonnie’s not digging the warlock father-and-son act intruding in her life and perhaps Luka is having second thoughts about his dad’s plan for her. Stay tuned, folks!

Photos copyright 2011 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Alaric (Matthew Davis) is watching Elijah closely.

Jonas and Luka have a chat. Do they disagree about Bonnie?

Have Damon (holding the moonstone!) and Stefan moved Katherine to a new prison or is that Elena in that scene?


Are you Team Damon or Team Stefan? Does it matter?


February 3 Vampire Diaries Recap: The Salvatore brothers have a showdown with werewolves!

Jules and her wolf pack nearly killed the Salvatores. Bad doggies!

February 3 – This episode was action-packed! The vampires and the werewolves finally got down to some serious butt-kicking and it all revolved around the interspecies friendship between Tyler and Caroline, which by episode’s end doesn’t survive the turmoil. Tyler confronts Caroline about her role in Mason’s murder and she confesses knowing that Damon and Stefan were involved. When a betrayed Tyler storms off Caroline warns Stefan so he can intervene before Tyler endangers himself by retaliating against the Salvatores.  Stefan pays Tyler a visit to reason with him but the junior wolf calls Jules for help and she recruits her newly arrived hunky mate Brady. The two kidnap Caroline and lock her in a cage, where the vampire-hating Brady tortures her with wooden bullets and liquid vervain. Meanwhile, John Gilbert finds Mystic Falls a most unwelcoming place as everyone from Elena and Jenna to Damon and Jeremy give him grief about his return. He tells a threatening Damon that he’s back to protect Elena from super vampires Elijah and Klaus. Neither Damon nor Elena believe the weasely Gilbert — with good reason — but Damon relents in leaving Elena in John’s care while he attends to Caroline’s predicament. Damon and Stefan are the picture of cool when they show up with Tyler in the woods after Jules demands to swap Caroline for Tyler. The crafty Jules has planned for reinforcements and the Salvatores face off with a band of roughneck werewolves in an adrenaline-pumping scene that has the supernatural creatures running at superspeed, doing backflips and fending off sharp wooden objects. The sexy vamps win the first round and just as it appears the wolves are turning the tables on them, Luka’s dad Jonas, who’s still bothering Bonnie, knocks them unconscious with a piercing, high-decibel spell. He tells the Salvatores he’s honoring Elena’s deal with Elijah to keep her friends safe.  Nobody’s revealed what the terms of that deal are just yet, but it gives me the shivers just thinking about what she promised him to save Stefan & Co. It’s got to be big.  John Gilbert may just have a hint since he shows up at Damon’s and tells him the Originals can be killed by stabbing them in the heart with a dagger dipped in some mystical ashes. Apparently Elena’s bookish mom Isobel discovered this fact during her obsessive research into vampire lore while searching a way to become one herself. John then gives Elena a charmed bracelet that once belonged to her adoptive mom. Elena’s touched, but still suspicious of him. Tyler visits Caroline, who is understandably upset that he stood by while his fellow werewolves nearly killed her and the Salvatore brothers. Their friendship is over, she screams. She later fibs to Matt that she’s hanging out with Bonnie, not knowing that he can see her flirting with Jeremy at the club.  Luckily for Caroline, Stefan brings Bonnie and Elena to comfort her over her trauma with a sleepover. Dejected over Caroline’s rejection, Tyler turns to Jules and Brady, sharing with them that Mason had returned to Mystic Falls to find a moonstone. Suddenly, the werewolves aren’t in such a hurry to get out of town. The question is whether John Gilbert is after it, too, since he shows up at the tomb where Katherine is biding time and tells her that he’s working on a plan to spring her from her prison! Looks like everybody was right about Mr. Gilbert. Then again, he may be luring Katherine into a trap so he can avenge her maiming of him at the beginning of the season. What do you think?

Sexy new Vampire Diaries YouTube video asks: “Got Wood?”

When the folks at The Vampire Diaries say “things that go bump in the night,” they probably mean boots because there seems to be a whole lot of horizontal action planned when the show returns tomorrow after a  l-o-o-o-n-g winter’s break.  From Stefan, Damon and Elena to Caroline and umm, somebody (Tyler? Matt?) … everybody’s body temperature seems to be rising… even the vampires! Check out the new footage from The CW and let the games begin! Welcome back, gang!

Footage copyright 2011 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Ian Somerhalder talks new Vampire Diaries plot twists in interview on Cambio!

Did you all see Ian’s new interview on Cambio? He hints at a few plot twists that, quite frankly, we all knew about (well, those of you who read this blog, anyway! wink). Still, he looks supercute as always and plays it coy when asked about being selected one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Hunks. Gotta hand it to People, they always get it right. Check out Ian’s interview here.

Screen capture image copyright Cambio. All rights reserved.

Sneak Peek at scenes from the February 3 episode of The Vampire Diaries! Jonathan Gilbert returns!

Jules may be looking to recruit a vulnerable Tyler to her wolf pack.

The CW has released some sneak peek shots from the February 3 episode of The Vampire Diaries “Daddie Issues,” and it looks like Tyler is going to be smack in the middle of the action.  The pictures make me think there will be a struggle between the Salvatores and Jules for Tyler’s allegiance. If he learns of Mason’s death at the hands of Damon, it may put him in Jules’ camp. She’s got the advantage given that she’s a fellow werewolf. But does that make it right for him to be with her? She’s trouble.  She proves it in a scene that seems to depict a hostage tradeoff. Word from the CW has it things will get violent really fast during the confrontation. Will Feb 3 be the last we see of Jules? In other news, Jeremy comforts Bonnie after she has a disturbing chat with Luka’s dad Jonas, who’s in cahoots with Elijah. Elena, meanwhile, gets an unpleasant surprise when her dad Jonathan shows up. If he’s back for revenge against Katherine for maiming him we know where she can be found. Stay tuned!

Photos copyright 2011 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Salvatore brothers seem to be bargaining with Jules using Tyler. Is it a trick?

Is Jules in for a nasty surprise?

A lineup of supernatural hunks!

Tyler has his first wolf transformation and Rose gets bitten by a she-wolf!

This was the one, folks. The one where we finally got to see what a werewolf transformation really looks like in all its bone-crunching, gut-wrenching glory. Trust me when I say it was not easy to see Tyler experience this sad rite of passage. At least he had Caroline to help him through it. She held him and everything. Looks like the newbie wolf and vamp will become a newbie couple very soon.  Tyler gets spooked by the video Mason left behind of his own metamorphosis and leaves a message on Mason’s cell phone that is picked up by the new gal in town, Jules, who clues Tyler and his mom in on the fact that Mason did not go to Florida as they had been led to believe. Jules is pleased to report to an accomplice that Tyler is a werewolf. The question is whether she is one, too. It’s a question Damon and Alaric are determined to answer as they team up at The Grill to trick her into drinking beer laced with wolf’s bane.

What did Jules' bite do to Rose?

After some playful small talk that feels more like a cross-examination, Jules puts down her glass, reveals herself to Damon and issues him a warning. The she-wolf has “marked” Mystic Falls’ sexy bad boy! While Elena is imprisoned at home, where Bonnie keeps her safe from harm’s way with a sealing spell, Damon delivers blood to Stefan, who’s trapped in the tomb with Katherine. Kat projects some mighty sexy fantasies into Stefan’s still-vulnerable mind and almost gets him to cheat on Elena. Will she succeed the next time? Elena has more pressing concerns, however. Elijah adopts an American accent and wheedles an invitation into her house from eternally clueless Jenna and nearly gives Elena heart failure. Elijah makes her a mysterious offer to get rid of Klaus in exchange for something that we won’t learn until late January when The Vampire Diaries returns with fresh episodes, but something tells me it can’t be good. At least it gets Stefan out of the tomb and safe from Katherine’s clutches. That’s more than we can say for Damon, whose latest clinch with Rose (snooze!) is interrupted by Jules in wolf form. Jules lunges at Damon but Rose pushes him out of the way and gets bitten! After the she-wolf escapes, Damon tends to her wound, which is miraculously vanished. It’s not cured, however, as the two uncover it later to reveal bubbles sizzling on the surface of her skin. Is Rose a goner? I’m not her biggest fan, what with the mannish haircut and all, but she’s not such a bad girl. I feel bad about what lies ahead for her.

Photos copyright 2010 The CW Network, LLC.  All rights reserved.

Sneak peek at December 9 Vampire Diaries: Tyler’s first werewolf transformation!

Michaela McManus guest stars as mysterious hottie Jules. Is she a female werewolf?

Get ready for The Vampire Diaries to get a lot hairier on December 9. Tyler is finally going to turn into a werewolf during a full moon with new buddy Caroline at his side to help him through the ordeal. Hopefully she will have him well tied up with strong chains. Something tells me that seeing Tyler go through the agonizing pain of a werewolf transformation will bring Caroline much closer to him. Cue the meaningful glances! Meanwhile, Damon’s cover up of Mason’s murder will be jeopardized when a gorgeous woman named Jules (Michaela McManus) shows up in town looking for Mason. From these scenes released by The CW it appears that she encounters Damon in a chummy-looking scene. Is she cozying up to him because she suspects he was involved in what happened to Mason? As Shakira might ask, might she be a she-wolf? In emerging couple news, Bonnie and Luca collaborate on a spell but keep secrets from each other. I wonder how Jeremy will react to the magical duo’s latest venture. More importantly, how much longer will it take him to punch Luca out? Finally, that nasty, well-coifed vampire Elijah pops up again with an offer that promises to be a major game changer.

Photos copyright 2010 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Jules toasts with Damon. Are they wicked birds of a feather or playing a game of cat and mouse?

Elena will continue to give Damon and the gang trouble in their efforts to protect her from Elijah and Klaus.

Can Jeremy compete with a guy who can practice magic with Bonnie?

December 2 Vampire Diaries episode preview: The Sacrifice

I”m going through some major Vampire Diaries withdrawal. No fresh episodes until December 2. At least the good folks at the CW Network have posted an exciting extended preview of the next episode on YouTube.  Of course there are a few moments of witchery going on and Jeremy is growing more concerned about the nosebleeds plaguing Bonnie. Alaric gets caught in his birthday suit (It’s about time!). Meanwhile, Elijah is closing in on Elena, who doesn’t want to cooperate with the gang’s efforts to protect her. Looks like Damon may have to throw her over his shoulder and carry her away like a caveman. And if Elena were truly honest with herself, she’d admit that she’d like it… just a little.

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