The Vampire Diaries April 19 recap: Heart of Darkness


April 19 – Several characters from the past made return appearances, a new allegiance was forged and Damon made some serious progress in his bid to win over Elena’s heart in the latest episode of TVD, “Heart of Darkness.” The Salvatores and Elena decide they need to get to Jeremy in Denver before Klaus now that Klaus has discovered his whereabouts. Stefan suggests that Elena and Damon will hit the road alone while he stays home to watch over Alaric and wait until his evil alter ego reemerges with the secret to the location of the dagger that can kill Klaus. Stefan thinks Elena needs some time alone to assess her feelings for his brother. Bad idea! When Damon and Elena find a studly Jeremy at a batting range, they explain to him that they need to trace the lineage of each Original vampire since killing an Original will destroy all the vamps he or she sired. Getting in touch with Rose, through Jeremy’s gift, is their next step. Naturally, danger follows Jeremy wherever he goes and a friend he’s expecting turns out to be Kol, who’s thirsting for a rematch with Damon. Damon manages to outmaneuver Kol and the three hide out at a local motel. Jeremy manages to conjure the spirit of Rose in her cute little shag haircut and she reveals that her sire was not Klaus but a woman named Mary Foster, whom Damon refers to as “Crazy Mary.” She also clues Jeremy in on the developing bond between his sister and Damon. Elena is touched to learn how Damon compelled the dying Rose to imagine herself spending a final day in the sun as a human rather than feel the pain of her impending death. Elena realizes that, although well hidden, Damon still has his humanity. This is very bad for Stefan, folks. We all know there’s nothing sexier than finding the soft side of a bad boy vampire. That night, a vigilant Damon watches over Elena, shirtless of course as his chiseled body shines in the moonlight. Damon is uncomfortable when Elena brings up his good deed for Rose, but reaches out to her, sensing that it’s brought them closer. Although torn, Elena can no longer fight her attraction to Damon and the two melt into a steamy embrace as they devour each other in passionate kisses! This ain’t no chaste “Twilight” scene, folks. Team Delena cheers. Team Stelena hisses. Our collective screams are interrupted by Jeremy, of course, with the news that Mary Foster is living in Kansas. When the trio arrive at her home, they discover it’s more like she’s dead in Kansas, staked by Kol, who beats Damon up but inexplicably doesn’t kill him. Afterward, Damon senses Elena pull away from his caress and discovers that she expects him to do something to ruin their new bond. Realizing their trip was a test of her feelings, Damon’s disappointed, hurt and tells her he won’t make it easy for her to choose Stefan over him. The choice between the Salvatores is one she will need to make on her own. As the trio head back home, Damon and Elena stew in uncomfortable silence while Jeremy gets another visit from Rose, who explains to him that Damon deserves his chance to win Elena because he challenges her in ways Stefan does not. Image

Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Rebekah clash over competing ’70s and ’30s themes for the upcoming decades dance (another excuse to put the cast in cute costumes I’m sure) and Matt sides with Becky.  What the Beckster doesn’t realize is that Matt and Caroline set up the argument to distract her while Caroline sets out to meet a returning Tyler.  When Matt drops Becky off at her home, she discovers her mom Esther there. Mother and daughter have a tense confrontation that ends with Esther collapsing. Klaus arrives and Becky tells him their mother is dead. Is she really? Tyler, randy as ever, has a vigorous naked reunion with his voluptuous vamp but is disturbed to learn that his life is on the line if his sire Klaus is offed. He’s even more upset to discover that Klaus is putting the moves on his gal and Caroline may not be totally immune to his attentions.  Alaric goads Stefan into beating the crap out of him to set loose his dark side and indeed, Bad Ric emerges and tells him that the stake with Klaus’ name on it is in the cave where vamps can’t enter. Trouble is that Klaus and Rebekah are in the living room and know it, too! Rebekah takes Bad Ric down to the cave to retrieve the dagger while Klaus and Stefan have a little chat. Klaus plays it all big and evil, trotting out the usual threats against Stefan and all those he holds dear, but Stefan sees right through his theatrics. He knows Klaus doesn’t really want to kill him and Klaus counters that it’s only a matter of time before The Ripper returns to his side. In the cave, Bad Ric decides he doesn’t want to return the dagger to his captors, but Becky does him one better by stepping into the cave! She’s actually Esther inhabiting Rebekah’s body and she wants to team up with Bad Ric to get rid of the Originals once and for all!

The Vampire Diaries January 12 recap: Tyler bites Caroline!

Is Caroline bound to Klaus now that she drank his blood?

January 12 – Klaus did a very nice thing, for a change, Stefan went way too far in his high-stakes game with Klaus and it’s hinted that Alaric’s new love interest may be a murderess in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries. Damon and Elena deal with the ramifications of last week’s boffo kiss in drastically different ways. Damon is all smiles and shirtless as he basks in the afterglow while Elena is wound tighter than a drum, exercising like a mad woman to work off the sexual tension. Sorry Miss Elena, but I think you have a bad case of Damonitis and no amount of jogging and kickboxing is going to help you outrun its delicious symptoms. Besides, why would you want to?  Elena gets a slight respite from her guilt courtesy of Bonnie, who’s helping her plan a 17thbirthday party for Caroline, a year the blonde vamp will be celebrating for eternity, mind you. Bonnie’s not digging that Elena had Damon compel Jeremy to move to Denver to keep him safe from Klaus. Bonnie’s been having dreams about the coffins containing Klaus’ slumbering siblings. Damon is frustrated by his inability to crack them open while Stefan pressures Klaus to send his hybrids out of town, even boldly confronting him on his own turf. The two trade threats and Stefan beheads Klaus’s henchwoman Mindy to prove he means business.

Elena (Nina Dobrev) was devastated by Stefan's willingness to endanger her to beat Klaus.

Damon is concerned that Stefan has become dangerously unpredictable, with good reason. “To beat the villain you’ve got to be the better villain,” a scarily icy Stefan tells his brother. Proving his point, Stefan grabs Elena, feeds her some of his blood and calls Klaus from his speeding car and tells him he’ll run the car off a cliff to convert her into a vampire unless he banishes the hybrids. Klaus gives in and turns his attention to Tyler, commanding him to kill Caroline. Tyler refuses but nearly does the deed accidentally when he crashes the drink-a-thon set up by Elena, Bonnie and Matt to cheer up a down-in-the-dumps Caroline, who’s feeling ambivalent about being an eternal teen vampire. Tyler finally tells Caroline he loves her but in the heat of their passion he nicks her by mistake (remember, folks, hybrid hickies are lethal for vamps)! Klaus shows up at Sheriff Forbes’ house and feeds her his blood, assuring her that life as a vampire ain’t so bad and can be filled with an eternity of art, culture and the occasional slaughter of innocent humans on the side for kicks. OK, I added that last one for fun. He later sends Caroline a more expensive piece of jewelry to outdo the cute charm bracelet Tyler had given her. Does this mean Klaus is sweet on Caroline now? At the very least, she is bound to him by blood, just like Tyler.  Elena is understandably heartbroken by Stefan’s latest descent into Bad Guy Land. Although Stefan assures her he knew Klaus would give in, his poker face is too good for Elena’s taste. He’s playing too rough and Damon is poised to catch Elena when she falls. The two almost kiss again (darn!), but Elena doesn’t think it’s right for them to proceed. “It’s right, just not right now,” Damon tenderly assures her. Last but not least, Alaric runs into Meredith, the hottie doctor who treated him for his wounds at the hospital, at a Founder’s Council meeting at Mayor Lockwood’s house. She certainly gets around. Seems Meredith is a council member and Ric steps in when he comes upon a prickly altercation between her and a blandly cute dude named Brian Walters. Brian later turns up dead with a big, nasty blood stain on his chest. Is Meredith a serial killer? Perhaps she’s a soul-sucking succubus? Given Alaric’s track record, I wouldn’t be surprised.

The Vampire Diaries January 5 recap: Jeremy leaves Mystic Falls (and Damon kisses Elena again)!

Damon is tired of feeling guilty for "wanting what he wants."

January 5 – Jeremy goes through some major changes and Elena makes “A New Deal” with Klaus to protect someone she loves as The Vampire Diaries returns from its holiday break with a twisty, action-packed episode. The Mystic Falls gang is feeling antsy waiting around for Klaus to retaliate in response to Stefan’s theft of the coffins containing the remaining members of his slumbering family. Bonnie is haunted by a spooky premonition of finding the coffins while Elena has an unsettling encounter with a handsome stranger who turns out to be one of Klaus’s hybrid henchman stalking her as she jogs. Damon gets tipsy drinking alone at The Grill while he and Alaric try to figure out what Stefan and Klaus are up to. Meanwhile, everyone is concerned about Jeremy’s behavior in the wake of his breakup with Bonnie. Elena’s baby brother has taken to cheating on this schoolwork, got fired from his job at The Grill and, most alarmingly, is suddenly buddy-buddy with Tyler. When the trio springs an intervention on Jeremy it backfires and he invites Tyler into the Gilbert-Saltzman home. Now a dangerous hybrid under the influence of Klaus has complete access to their home, Elena worries. Although Tyler assures the gang he’s not a threat to them, Klaus activates a deadly plan B from afar when his ploy to win Damon’s cooperation in getting the coffins back from Stefan fails. To wear down Damon and Elena’s resistance, Klaus compels Jeremy to stand in front of an oncoming SUV driven by his henchman but Ric pushes Jeremy out of the way and is “killed” temporarily while Elena tends to her confused brother. Jeremy is fed up with the daily threats to his life and confronts Tyler about weaning him off vervane to make him vulnerable to Klaus’s influence. Tyler, in turn, is miffed at Klaus’s willingness to sacrifice Jeremy to achieve his goals. Bonnie discovers that Stefan is hiding the Originals’ coffins in the abandoned house haunted by the grouchy witches from the past and clues Elena in. When Elena asks Stefan for his help to protect Jeremy, she’s disgusted by his refusal and slaps him! Damon endures the agonizing sunlight unleashed by the witches to keep him out of the house and drags Stefan outside where he beats his younger brother into admitting he spared Klaus to save Damon’s life. The Salvatores agree to cooperate to work against Klaus while keeping Elena out of the line of fire. Elena, however, has other ideas. She reveals to Klaus Rebekah’s daggered body in exchange for his pledge to not hurt Jeremy. He promises to keep Rebekah from hurting her but Elena warns him that he will need protection from Rebekah as well since she now knows that he killed their mother back in the good old days. Klaus somberly decides to keep his unpredictable sister daggered, which leaves the door open for the eventual arrival of Klaus’s two other brothers Finn and Kol, played by Casper Zafer and Nathaniel Buzolic, respectively.

Have we seen the last of Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen)?

When Ric comes back to life his protection ring fails to cure him of his internal injuries from the car accident and Elena calls an ambulance. The paramedics, however, turn out to be under the control of Klaus’s henchman, who demands to be let inside in order to save Ric. Just as it looks hopeless, Jeremy shoots him with a crossbow and decapitates him in front of his horrified sister. At the hospital, Ric’s regenerative power catches the attention of a sexy doctor played by Paul Wesley’s wife Torrey DeVitto, who’s rockin’ a serious Angelina Jolie vibe. Will the hot doc help Ric with his damaged power or will she complicate matters? Stay tuned! After cleaning the latest blood stains off her porch, Elena decides to take drastic action to keep Jeremy out of harm’s way. Damon compels Jeremy to leave Mystic Falls indefinitely as a tearful Elena looks on. Feeling guilty when a grateful Elena cozies up to him, Damon admits that Stefan didn’t really betray them when he saved Klaus then he indulges himself by giving her a red-hot kiss that’s worth feeling guilty over. The kiss leaves Elena breathless and Stefan one step closer to losing his gal. Watch out Team Stelena!

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TVD’s Fierce Females: Caroline is the Wonder Woman of The Vampire Diaries

It's easy to understand why Matt and Tyler love Caroline so much.

It’s December 31 and I’m getting ready for tonight’s New Year’s celebration. Before I ring in 2012 I am continuing my tribute posts to the ladies of The Vampire Diaries by giving a huge shout out to Candice Accola as vamp-in-training Caroline Forbes. While the Salvatore brothers swapped personalities and revealed some new sides of themselves to TVD fans this season, it’s Caroline who gets my vote for the Mystic Falls resident who has changed the most over the years. The decision to turn Caroline, the stereotypical vapid cheerleading-captain-slash-homecoming-queen, into a feral vampire was a shocker. We all thought she might go the route of Vicki and be another of Damon’s short-term victims (although technically it was Katherine who completed Caroline’s transformation). Then the TVD writers pulled a switcheroo, to our huge benefit, and gave Candice the juicy opportunity to take us on her journey from confused baby vamp holding on to her dumb-blonde traits to confident, caring vampire coming to terms with who she is and using her new strengths — both physical and emotional — to protect the people she loves. I loved the scene in the Ghost World episode where she took on the ghosts terrorizing the crowd at the Founder’s Day festival. She jumped right in and started tossing those guys around like Wonder Woman.  Candice also shines in scenes where she confronts her parents with the reality of who she is and how becoming a vampire has helped her grow up. Her love scenes with the muscular Michael Trevino as Tyler crackle with a sensuality perhaps more suited to cable shows, but they reveal the many layers of this talented young actress.. quite literally! Let’s not forget what a great singer she is, too. Who can forget her serenading Matt with a killer rendition of The Bangle’s “Eternal Flame?” I suggest the TVD writers give Caroline a job as a singer at The Grill so we can hear Candice sing more often. I’m sure Matt wouldn’t mind.

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The Vampire Diaries November 10 Episode Recap: Klaus kills Mikael and frees Stefan!

The scene is set for a Stefan - Klaus showdown when The Vampire Diaries returns January 5.

Nov. 10 – The title of The Vampire Diaries’latest episode “Homecoming,” has a double meaning as Mystic Falls High gets ready for the homecoming dance, which sets the stage for a deadly family reunion between a returning Klaus and his daddy dearest Mikael. It’s a labyrinth of plots and counterplots where the players literally stab each other in the back and it’s hard to keep track of who’s on top. The Salvatores and Elena enter an uneasy alliance with Mikael to lure Klaus back to town and set up an elaborate plot in which Mikael lets Elena stab him with one of the mystical daggers that puts vampires in suspended animation – an undead coma of sorts – so that Stefan can call his master and deliver the news of his father’s death without needing to lie and risk ruining the plan. Rebekah, having learned how merciless Klaus can be, joins in the masquerade and tells him on the phone that the coast is clear for his return to Mystic Falls. Becky is still hurting over her recent trip down bad-memory lane with Elena and berates her father for destroying their family after Elena brings him back to undead life. Later, Rebekah, looking super hot in a red strapless dress, opens up to Elena again as she prepares to be escorted to the homecoming dance by Matt. Suspecting that Rebekah could endanger their plot, Elena daggers her in the back. Damon is proud of Elena’s new-found treacherous streak, but she admits she doesn’t really have the killer instinct and fears she may be the weak link in their team when the showdown with Klaus finally comes. Damon confides to her that he has a top-secret plan. Nobody realizes that Klaus has one, too. Caroline and Tyler bicker over his oafish behavior now that he’s a macho hybrid devoted to Klaus. She’s particularly peeved that Tyler set up Matt with Becky, whom she refers to as an evil blood slut. With Rebekah on ice, Elena takes her place as Matt’s date but a suspiciously timed flood at the school moves the party to a new location where Tyler sets up a festive “wake” – complete with a performance by the rock band My Morning Jacket — for Klaus’s not-so-lamented father. To ensure that Stefan doesn’t interfere with the plot against his master, Mikael bites him into unconsciousness.

Katherine did a great job pretending to be Elena while Matt looked hot, as usual.

At Klaus’s celebration, Tyler learns that his sire has surrounded the gang with an army of hybrids prepared to retaliate should anything happen to Klaus. Fearing a bloody showdown, Tyler stabs Caroline with a needle full of vervane to knock her out and asks Matt to get her out of danger. He next tangles with Damon, driven by his instinct to protect Klaus, but their fight is ended by a powerful mind zap from Bonnie. Damon has the dagger to end all daggers crafted by Mikael using wood from the tree that helped create the Original Vampires. This, folks, is the Super Dagger. Mikael finally shows up at the festivities but cannot enter the house that keeps Klaus safe. Daddy discovers that Klaus’s minions have encircled him and are on orders to tear him apart at the snap of Klaus’s fingers. Unfortunately for the Klauster, his daddy outmaneuvers him and reveals that he has compelled the hybrids’ vampire sides to do his bidding, overriding Klaus’s orders. He pulls out Elena and threatens to kill her to deprive Klaus of the precious blood he needs to grow his hybrid family. Check and mate. An emotional Klaus trades insults with his fiendish father and calls Mikael’s bluff. Mikael promptly stabs Elena – in the back, of course – momentarily distracting Klaus so that Damon can tackle him and kill him. Just as Damon is about to deliver a final blow, Stefan stops him and Klaus grabs the dagger and plunges it into Mikael’s heart. Once again, Klaus is top dog in Mystic Falls … so to speak. It turns out that “Elena” was really Katherine doing a great impersonation of her virtuous lookalike and, after lobbing some wolf’s-bane grenades at Klaus’s cronies, the Kat hightails it out of town to escape Klaus’s wrath. Tagging along with her is Stefan, whom she convinces to get back in touch with his humanity, even if it’s just to get even with Klaus. Damon is angry with Stefan for ruining his plan to kill Klaus, not knowing that it was a move Stefan made to regain his freedom and save his brother. Stefan’s first act as a newly free man is to swipe the treasured caskets of Klaus’s family. It’s Klaus’s move now. To be continued on January 5. Groan.

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The Vampire Diaries October 13 Episode Recap: Klaus turns Tyler into a hybrid!

Klaus discovers that Elena is more valuable to him alive.

October 13 – A new twist emerges in the hybrid curse mythology, Klaus the hunter becomes the hunted, and Matt spends a lot of time dripping wet –not that it’s a bad thing– on a slam-bam episode of The Vampire Diaries called “The Reckoning.”  On the eve of Senior Prank Night, Matt is working up a sweat at the Mystic Falls High gym and is surprised by Caroline, Tyler, Elena and Bonnie, who are setting up some mischievous surprises to celebrate their senior year. The pranking turns to panic, however, when Klaus leads an assault on the school after learning that Elena’s still alive. Rebecca shows that she’s cut from the same nasty cloth as her brother by stabbing Stefan in a jealous fit over Elena and capturing Caroline and Tyler after interrupting their heated makeout session. As the lone werewolf present, Tyler is chosen as Klaus’s newest candidate for hybrid conversion while Bonnie is challenged to fix the glitch in Klaus’s process in time to save Tyler’s life. Tick tock! The clock is ticking for Elena, too, when Klaus regains control over a rebellious Stefan and forces him to slay two of the episode’s disposable extras while Elena watches in horror. Matt and Bonnie race to find a way to save Tyler. Sensing that the ghost of Vicki has been trying to contact him, Matt decides to pull a Jeremy by drowning himself in the school pool to be revived by Bonnie with the power to contact the dead. Bonnie dives in like a champ and rescues him without using witchcraft. I just love that gal! She kicks ass. A soaked Matt may have done a stupid thing but his ploy worked. Vicki shows up and tells him about Elena’s role in the failure of the hybrid ceremony. Vicki looks beautiful and happy to see her brother again, but is there something sinister lurking behind her toothy smile as Anna had suggested to Jeremy?  

Tyler is half werewolf and half vampire now, so he's twice as hot!

In another pulse-pounding scenario, Klaus compels Stefan to drain Elena when the gym clock counts down to zero. In a heartbreaking scene for members of Team Stefan, Elena pleads with him to fight his bloodlust to no avail. Elena later comes to in the hospital hooked up to an IV harvesting her blood.  Acting on a hunch, Klaus stops Stefan from killing her and feeds a vial of her blood to Tyler, who successfully converts into a were-vampire. The process gives Tyler a buoyant sense of power. Klaus deduced that the Original Witch lied about the doppelganger needing to be killed for the hybrid curse to be broken so that Klaus would never to be able to create a race of hybrids and would spend eternity alone. Rebecca teases Klaus about his fear of ending up alone. Maybe he should try being a nicer guy? I’m just sayin’! Just as it looks like things are looking up for Klaus, Damon returns from a road trip with Katherine with news that the mysterious dude who trailed Klaus in Chicago, Michael, is back on the prowl. Klaus hightails it out of Mystic Falls but leaves Stefan behind to watch over Elena – or more specifically, her valuable hybrid-makin’ blood. Katherine borrowed Jeremy, stuffing him in the trunk of the car she and Damon were driving, to tap into his ability to speak with Anna, whose mom knew the secret of the mysterious Michael. Inexplicably, Michael is a vampire who is also a vamp hunter and is jonesing to kill Klaus (then again, who isn’t?).  Damon rescues Elena from the hospital and eases her pain over Stefan’s betrayal, vowing to never leave her alone. Swoon! Meanwhile, Kat and Jeremy find Michael’s tomb and wake him. Will Michael the vampire hunter be a danger to our favorite sexy vampires?

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The Vampire Diaries September 29 Episode Recap: Katherine Returns!

Stefan was devilishly handsome - and just plain demonic - back in the Roaring Twenties.

September 29 – In an episode full of glamorous flashbacks, The Vampire Diaries explored dysfunctional family dynamics as Caroline literally got some tough love from her father and we met Klaus’s twisted sister Rebecca. In the wake of his failed attempt to create a community of hybrids inTennessee, Klaus takes Stefan to their old haunts from the Roaring Twenties – Chicago – to get answers about why the curse wasn’t broken from a powerful witch named Gloria. Little does Stefan know that he’s going to find out a lot more about his past – and his relationship with Klaus – then he bargained for. Chicago was the site of some seriously bad vampire action for Stefan during his Ripper days. He was a dapper demon who enjoyed making his victims suffer and memorialized his victims by keeping a list of their names in a wine closet he kept in his apartment. Worse still, he and Klaus were friends back then! Also delving into Stefan’s colorful past are Damon and Elena, who are tipped off about Stefan’s location by Katherine. Klaus’s witch friend tells him she needs to speak with his sister Rebecca in order to make contact with the Original witch who could reveal why the hybrid transformations aren’t working. Are you still with me? This hybrid curse mythology is getting more and more convoluted. The problem is that Rebecca is dead. Klaus, who went by the name Nick in the Twenties, staked her after she had fallen for Stefan and chose him over remaining with her brother. Klaus finds Rebecca’s coffin and removes the stake, leaving a compelled guard to serve as her first meal upon her resurrection. Arriving in The Windy City, Damon and Elena check out Stefan’s old pad and Elena is spooked by the alarmingly long list of Stefan’s victims. Like Damon said, Stefan’s not in town to visit Oprah! While Damon drops in on Gloria at her bar, Klaus takes Stefan on a trip down memory lane by stopping by his apartment and nearly catches Elena hiding in the wine closet. Luckily, Stefan is the one to peek in and covers up for her. The Stefan she knows and loves is still there… for now, anyway. Outside Gloria’s bar, Stefan reads Damon the riot act about bringing Elena to Chicago and demands he get her out of town. Elena, however, tries to convince him to return to Mystic Falls with her. Not only does Stefan refuse, but he catches her trying to drug him with a tranquilizer. He’s over her, he lies. Elena is finally starting to believe him.

Will Gloria uncover the fact that Elena is still alive?

Inside, Damon distracts Klaus to give Elena time to rescue Stefan, but the ornery hybrid tires of their witty banter and tries to stake him but Gloria intervenes. She won’t have blood spilled in her establishment, she commands. I like that gal! Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline is having a very bad day. Her dad is hell-bent on curing her vampirism by giving her aversion therapy. He triggers her hunger by showing her blood bags then, after removing her protection ring, repeatedly exposes her to searing sunlight as she screams in agony. Luckily, Tyler enlists Sheriff Forbes’ help in finding Caroline and they rescue her from her deluded dad. Safe at home, Caroline breaks down while Tyler comforts her in his arms. When Rebecca finally wakes from the dead, she’s understandably peeved at her bro for staking her but she’s even more freaked out that a special necklace she needs to contact the Original witch is missing! Is there no single piece of jewelry on this show that doesn’t have a mystical purpose? Maybe Tiffany needs to get in on this vampire legend stuff. Elena, who has a growing collection of magical bling, is now in possession of the necklace, which of course gives Klaus and his growing band of merry monsters even more reason to be hot on her trail. Sure to complicate matters further is our favorite evil twin, Katherine, who is also in Chicago (big shock) and happened to be at the Cotton Club-style establishment that Klaus and Stefan frequented the night it was raided by the cops  in the Twenties. The cops were shooting wooden bullets, revealing that somebody was hunting vamp siblings Klaus and Rebecca.  Kat looked super cute in a flapper wig like the one Catherine Zeta-Jones wore in the musical Chicago. It’s a great look for Nina Dobrev. What’s Kat up to this time? Is she still chasing after Stefan? With Rebecca back in action, she’ll have to get in line.

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The Vampire Diaries September 29 Episode Preview Pictures: Stefan and Klaus visit Chicago.

Stefan and Klaus check out a bar called Gloria's in Chicago.

On September 29, The Vampire Diaries takes another trip back in time to flash back to Stefan’s past in the Chicago of the Roaring Twenties when Stefan and Klaus take their werewolf hunt to the Windy City.  Stefan runs into a vampire, played by Claire Holt of “Pretty Little Liars,” who is nursing lingering feelings for him. The skinny from The CW is that this sequence will show us more shocking facts about Stefan’s Ripper days. While Stefan takes a trip down memory lane, Damon and Elena get a hot tip about his whereabouts and hit the road to find him. Tyler, meanwhile, takes his concerns about Caroline to Sheriff Forbes. He should just ask his mom.

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Charmin Lee guest stars as Old Gloria. I wonder just how old she is?


Paul Wesley cuts a dashing figure as Stefan in a sequence set in the 1920s.


Will Damon and Elena find danger in Chicago?


The Vampire Diaries September 15 Season Premiere Sneak Preview Pictures

Damon looks intense -- and sexy -- in the September 15 season premiere of The Vampire Diaries.

The third season premiere of The Vampire Diaries is just around the corner (hooray!) and the CW has released some behind-the-scenes shots showing what’s to come for the gang in Mystic Falls. Klaus seems to be settling in to his new contemporary digs. A new character named Ray, played by David Gallagher, has some dealings with Klaus which seem pretty tense by the looks of these pics. The love triangle between Caroline, Matt and Tyler looks like it will continue, which I like, and the gang as a whole looks gorgeous as ever. Can we ask for anything more? Tune in September 15!

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Klaus rocks some cool boots in his new contemporary look as Mystic Falls' new bad boy.


Is the gang plotting strategy to rescue Stefan from Klaus?


Klaus lays down the law to Ray (David Gallagher). Is Ray one of Klaus's henchmen?


Caroline continues to weigh her feelings for Matt against the ones she has for Tyler.


Hot-blooded Tyler is still in Caroline's romantic picture.

Tyler has his first wolf transformation and Rose gets bitten by a she-wolf!

This was the one, folks. The one where we finally got to see what a werewolf transformation really looks like in all its bone-crunching, gut-wrenching glory. Trust me when I say it was not easy to see Tyler experience this sad rite of passage. At least he had Caroline to help him through it. She held him and everything. Looks like the newbie wolf and vamp will become a newbie couple very soon.  Tyler gets spooked by the video Mason left behind of his own metamorphosis and leaves a message on Mason’s cell phone that is picked up by the new gal in town, Jules, who clues Tyler and his mom in on the fact that Mason did not go to Florida as they had been led to believe. Jules is pleased to report to an accomplice that Tyler is a werewolf. The question is whether she is one, too. It’s a question Damon and Alaric are determined to answer as they team up at The Grill to trick her into drinking beer laced with wolf’s bane.

What did Jules' bite do to Rose?

After some playful small talk that feels more like a cross-examination, Jules puts down her glass, reveals herself to Damon and issues him a warning. The she-wolf has “marked” Mystic Falls’ sexy bad boy! While Elena is imprisoned at home, where Bonnie keeps her safe from harm’s way with a sealing spell, Damon delivers blood to Stefan, who’s trapped in the tomb with Katherine. Kat projects some mighty sexy fantasies into Stefan’s still-vulnerable mind and almost gets him to cheat on Elena. Will she succeed the next time? Elena has more pressing concerns, however. Elijah adopts an American accent and wheedles an invitation into her house from eternally clueless Jenna and nearly gives Elena heart failure. Elijah makes her a mysterious offer to get rid of Klaus in exchange for something that we won’t learn until late January when The Vampire Diaries returns with fresh episodes, but something tells me it can’t be good. At least it gets Stefan out of the tomb and safe from Katherine’s clutches. That’s more than we can say for Damon, whose latest clinch with Rose (snooze!) is interrupted by Jules in wolf form. Jules lunges at Damon but Rose pushes him out of the way and gets bitten! After the she-wolf escapes, Damon tends to her wound, which is miraculously vanished. It’s not cured, however, as the two uncover it later to reveal bubbles sizzling on the surface of her skin. Is Rose a goner? I’m not her biggest fan, what with the mannish haircut and all, but she’s not such a bad girl. I feel bad about what lies ahead for her.

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